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DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, in association with the regional veterinary community, provides 24-hour emergency, critical care, education and community outreach. Our highly-skilled professionals are dedicated to: Improving the condition of animals needing emergency and critical care. Strengthening the ties with, and extending the reach of, the veterinary community. Promoting the well-being of animals and the human-animal bond throughout the community at large.
Jun 12, 2013

New Doctor Candidates Delivery Our Message


In March we wrapped up our recruiting for a new staff veterinarian position. When we
have an opening on our staff it is always interesting to talk with candidates--candidates
who come from various parts of the US and other countries as

Not only are these some of the “best-of-the-best” in their field, but they also
remind us what a great reputation DoveLewis has in our industry. I think a lot
of people mistakenly think our doctors are Portland locals before working at Dove. That
is almost 100 percent the opposite of reality--most of our doctors and
technicians come from outside of our area to work at DoveLewis.

Candidates we interview remind us that our reach in terms of quality medicine and a
hospital to strive to work for extends beyond our borders.  Why is this relevant? Because I hope it gives
you peace-of-mind knowing that when you come to DoveLewis you are not just receiving
care from the best local emergency veterinarians, but some of the best in the
field period—veterinarians who came to Portland specifically to work at our
hospital and provide expert care to the animals that need us most. That’s experience you can trust.

Jun 12, 2013

Nudge's Stray Story

Sometimes, the biggest and most powerful stories come from
the smallest of survivors. Survivors like Nudge, a tiny Chihuahua weighing less than 5 pounds and found
all alone; cold, lost and injured. Hit by a car while fending for himself on
the street, Nudge had nowhere to turn and little hope of survival until a
guardian angel brought him to DoveLewis.

Nudge’s story is just one of many dramatic true tales of how DoveLewis Emergency
Animal Hospital is here for the animals in need in our community. 

Nudge’s history with DoveLewis started on a dark January night - on the streets far from the warm, loving home where a precious little dog like Nudge should have been. Barely larger than a squirrel, he was not going to
be readily seen.

The worst thing that could have happened did. Nudge wandered on to a busy road and an unsuspecting
driver hit him and didn’t even realize it.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan witnessed the accident and watched Nudge roll underneath the vehicle and out the back. With little time to waste, the Good Samaritan brought Nudge to the only place they knew could help
him, DoveLewis.

Once he arrived, Nudge was admitted immediately with traumatic head injuries. He needed specialized, around-the-clock attention and was in our care for three, long days. This tiny, sweet little ball of fur quickly won over
the hearts of everyone who met him.

Soon he was eating and drinking and was transferred to the care of our partner, Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) where he was transferred to the care of a skilled foster family. With the help of a quick-acting Good
Samaritan and the dedicated teams at MCAS and DoveLewis, Nudge is now fully rehabilitated and on his way to his forever home.

As the only non-profit, 24-hour emergency and ICU animal hospital in town, we treat not only your animals but also injured strays and wildlife that have no other hope.

Nudge’s live-saving treatment was made possible through the support of DoveLewis’ Stray and Wildlife fund - a donor-funded program supported by people just like you. Whether you choose to make a gift to Stray and Wildlife, the Velvet Assistance Fund for low-income families, or any of our other crucial community programs, you can
rest assured that your gift makes a real difference in the life of an animal.

Please help us create more happy endings and save more animals just like Nudge. With your help we can continue to connect the healing hands of DoveLewis with those in need.

Make a gift to DoveLewis today to help animals like Nudge.

Thank you for your support.

Mar 20, 2013

Our 40th Year!

In our 40th year, it is through your support that we continue to offer the best emergency and ICU veterinary medicine in the region 24 hours a day, every day.  Our 100% donor-supported community programs are consistently lauded for their compassion, their effectiveness, and their celebration of the human-animal bond. For the sixth year, DoveLewis was named one of Oregon’s Top Ten Most Admired Nonprofits by the Portland Business Journal. This honor is one we share with all our community and veterinary partners, and especially donors like you.

In 2012, we saw a total of 12,284 animals at DoveLewis which included 7,493 dogs, 3,931 cats, 307 birds and 553
other animals such as rabbits, squirrels, pet rats, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, mice, gerbils and chinchillas, pet chickens and an iguana.

Thanks so much for your wonderful ongoing support that makes such a difference to the animals
being seen and treated here. We hope you have a wonderful 2013. If you have not had the opportunity to take a tour, we would love to take you behind the scenes and host a tour for you at your convenience.

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