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Our mission is to improve relations between the West and the Muslim world by working together to alleviate poverty and illiteracy via sustainable educational and economic development in Southwest Asia.
Apr 4, 2012

Vocational Training in Pakistan April 2012

Looking Towards a Brighter Future
Looking Towards a Brighter Future

Thanks to your support, Marshall Direct Fund is happy to announce that the Vocational Training program for the first 200 women will begin this September. After we implement the pilot program in partnership with Foundation for Social Change and train other trainers, our goal is to work with and train 1,000 deserving women in 2013.  Women participating in the vocational program will not only have an opportunity to double their existing income and gain business acumen and financial literacy, but there will be enough revenue generated to place a portion of the profits towards MDF activities to enable financial sustainability and long-term impact of the program for years to come. 

There is still time to donate or encourage others to donate to this project with a 50% matching opportunity through Safer World Foundation on the Global Giving website. MDF is one of a handful of organizations that are being matched and there is still $8,000 in funds available! We are also supporting an 18 day women’s trek in Kashmir for those who would like to get further involved. More information on this once in a lifetime opportunity can be found by visiting the Klimb for Kashmir website: .  

The World Bank identified a lack of marketable skills and vocational training as one of the three major barriers to Pakistan’s success in alleviating poverty. MDF is committed to the development of a program that teaches marketable skills that the population has identified that they want to learn. We have secured the necessary market linkages in both Pakistan and internationally to launch this program and look forward to sharing our progress with you. Thank you so much for being an active member of our community and helping to Pakistan to overcome these hurdles. Please contact us with any questions or concerns or to share ideas. Want to learn more or connect? Visit our website at or become our fan on facebook.

Jan 16, 2012

Schools: Global Kid Connect

We are starting to prepare for our third year of Global Kid Connect which we will implement between 100 students in the US and 100 students in Pakistan this March. Our first pilot year was between two classrooms and schools in the US and two in Pakistan. Last year we expanded to include three. This year we plan to incorporate four or five in each respective country. Through a blog, students post pictures of themselves and their family, upload drawings, videos and exchange questions and answers. It appears these kids are finding that they have much in common and are delighted to learn more about their counterparts in such a distant land. They explore what it means to be a leader, share their definitions of peace, compare their hopes and dreams and discuss topics related to family, geography, and culture. One girl and her sister in Pakistan were pulled from school because their father believed they were getting too old for studies (it is very common for youth in impoverished areas to attend a few years of school before helping their families in the home or by earning additional income). Despite the best efforts of the project manager, teacher and head mistress, the father was not convinced otherwise. It was not until the project manager shared a letter from his daughters pen pal in the US that he looked at the situation differently. You see, he didn’t realize that a young girl half way across the globe cared about his daughter and was proud of her achievements in school. This realization compelled him to change his mind and send his daughters back to one of the MDF schools where they now eagerly learn and look forward to connecting with their friends in America.

Please know this project is helping youth and their families to obtain credible education, critical thinking skills, and a safe place to learn and grow where they can also better respond to natural disasters in the future. Please help us generate awareness – Become a fan of our Facebook page, join us on Twitter, and share with your networks. If you would like to start a MDF Circle group in your community there are various one-time or re-occurring ideas and activities that we would be pleased to share. You can reach us at or +01             (970) 963-3150      .


Jan 5, 2012

Update on Vocational Training in Pakistan

Thanks to your support, Marshall Direct Fund (MDF) received $18,640 in donations and an additional $9,060 from the Safer World Matching Fund Drive for a total of $27,700! The Safer World Matching Fund continues with $12,270 remaining to match 50% of donations. Your donations have brought the Vocational Training program closer than ever to achieving our goals. MDF is partnering with the Foundation for Social Change, a non-profit organization that shares the values and objectives of MDF, to implement their eLife curriculum to train other trainers and provide job and business skills for 200 women in 2012, with the intention to reach 1,000 women by 2013! MDF is committed to empowering and enabling the women who participate. To ensure that our programs are meeting the needs of the community, we recently conducted surveys to ensure the training directly relates to their specific needs.

Marshall Direct Fund would sincerely like to thank all of our donors and supporters. MDF encourages your involvement and welcomes any ideas that would enable us to attract wider support. The project that you are supporting provides a safe place for mothers and their families to learn and develop skills that help make the world a safer and more secure place for all of us. Please help us generate awareness – become a fan of our Facebook page, join us on Twitter, and share with your networks. If you would like to start a MDF Allies in Action group in your community there are various one-time or re-occurring ideas and activities that we would be pleased to share. You can reach us at or +01 (970) 963-3150. Learn more about our activities by visiting our website at

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