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The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) works to empower all Afghans who are needy, especially women and children, providing them the knowledge and skills to care for themselves. AIL is expanding access to quality education and healthcare through community based programming, enabling communities to develop the capacity of their people. The goal is to create a foundation of quality education and health systems throughout Afghanistan which meet the needs of local people now and in the future. AIL was founded by an Afghan woman and is run by women, reaching thousands each year through health facilities, educational centers and training programs.
Feb 26, 2009

Update on AIL Teacher Training Program

During 2008 the Afghan Institute of Learning held 96 education workshops and seminars for a total of 1448 participants. About 80% of those attending these education training sessions were women.

At a recent pedagogy seminar, teachers in attendance were asked what they learned from attending the seminar. Here is a sampling of what they had to say:

“We plan to use what we have learned and practiced here in our classrooms. We learned that one lesson could be taught using many different methods. We learned how to plan a lesson, how to specify the duration and steps of a lesson. Also, we learned how to begin and end a lesson.” “We learned that a good quality teacher has responsibilities beyond just teaching; they also must establish a good relationship with their students.” “During our psychology lesson, we learned that we must understand our students and their problems. From this understanding, we have to find a way to solve their problems. “ “While discussing exams, we learned what they are, what their purpose is and the differences between exams and evaluations. We also learned how to make a question sheet, and answer key. “ “We learned how to prepare materials for the lessons we want to teach, and we came to understand that students must be the center of everything we do as teachers.”

Feb 26, 2009

Update on AIL Pre-School Programs

During 2008 738 children attended the Afghan Institute of Learning’s 5 supported Pre-School Education Programs.

Recently, a mother of one of AIL’s pre-school students had this to say about the program: “My son is a student in this kindergarten class since last year. During this time, I have realized that the management, caring of children and the teaching of the AIL pre-school teachers is outstanding. My son happily goes to pre-school every day. He never cries like other children going to other kindergartens; it is because the teachers, manager and other staff are nice to him. Everyday when he comes home, he seems to have grown up a little more. I cannot express my opinions regarding AIL’s kindness. My son will never forget his childhood in this pre-school and he will remember AIL’s kindness and he will understand the value of what he is receiving when he becomes a young man, and be able express his feelings to AIL.”

Feb 26, 2009

Update on Fast-Track Program

During 2008 AIL educated 14,408 women and girls in Fast-Track classes in its Women’s Learning Centers (WLC) and schools. The girls that attend AIL classes range from school age girls looking for extra help and to gain new skills to older women attending literacy courses. Many of the older women begin coming to the center to learn a new skill, such as sewing, and end up also participating in AIL’s literacy courses.

We would like to share with you comments from three of the female beneficiaries of AIL’s programs. The three women range in age from 14 to 45 and lead very different lives, but all have found AIL programs to be invaluable to improving their quality of live.

The first story is that of a 45 year old widow who has 6 children. She says “My oldest son is 23 and he works during the day. It’s been very difficult for all 7 of us to live on the money my son earns. I heard from a neighbor that there is a center near our village, and I decided to join this center to help my family. I would like to thank AIL for establishing such a center for the poor people of my village.”

The second story is that of a 14 year old girl that was struggling with her classes in a regular school. She says, “I am 14 years old and studying chemistry at this center. I am very interested to learn English and science, but I have a great deal of problems in chemistry, so I decided to first solve my problems in chemistry, then I will join other classes. I would like to thank the AIL office.”

That last story is that of a married woman who has come to an AIL center to continue her education. She says, “I am studying in a literacy class. I went to a regular school until 5th grade, but because of my situation I did not finish school. After a long time, I got married and now I have 3 children and could not go back to school, so I have started coming to the center to receive an education and solve my problems.”

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