The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is working on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty and hunger through a holistic approach to community development, education, and healthcare.
Aug 1, 2014

YOU are helping Olivia Soar!

Olivia dreams of being a pilot.
Olivia dreams of being a pilot.

The day her father died, Olivia knew her life would never be the same. He had been sick for a while. Even as a primary 2 student, she felt a change in her world. Olivia told us “I felt out of place. I lost hope.”

After the death of her father, her mother couldn’t afford to keep all of her children in school anymore. After just a few years of school, it seemed that Olivia’s education was finished.

“It was as if my life had ended. I was the first born at home and it was like my home was also perishing. My mum kept guiding me. I would work in the garden with her and I would wonder where my life was going to go.”

Then the Nyaka Primary School opened.

Olivia learned from her mother about the school that was opened for HIV/AIDS orphans. Olivia couldn’t contain her excitement. The deep longing she had in her heart to go to school spilled out in laughter and tears. She and her mother hurried to apply for the school and she was accepted.

“I am now living a better life. I am now in senior 6 and I hope to pass my exams so I can go to University next year. I want to help others in the future. I extend my sincere thanks to you for supporting me.”

Because YOU gave her the chance, Olivia and many girls like her will be able to graduate from High School and attend University. Olivia dreams of being a pilot. Thanks to YOU, she will get to live out her dream.

Thank YOU!

Two of our future Nyaka graduates.
Two of our future Nyaka graduates.


Aug 1, 2014

Training to Empower!

Grandmothers brainstorming during TOT workshop.
Grandmothers brainstorming during TOT workshop.

YOU are empowering grandmothers to change their lives!

Every day there are grandmothers in Southwest Uganda suffering from the loss of their son or daughter to HIV/AIDS. These grandmothers had worked very hard to give their children what they needed. In Uganda, parents do not invest money to pay for their retirement, they invest in their children. They work hard to give them the best education and opportunities they can to ensure that they are successful. The sign of success in Uganda is to be able to build your parents a new home. 

At a time in their lives when they should be able to finally rest and rely on their children to care for them, these strong women find themselves raising their grandchildren. Most grandmothers have about 7 grandchildren in their home. Some are raising as many as 12. Many grandmothers have taken in orphans who are not their grandchildren out of compassion.

Before Nyaka, they were forced to struggle alone. They had to return to the fields to work with aging bodies under the hot sun to keep their grandchildren fed. They lived in homes that were falling apart, cooked in unsafe kitchens, and relied on unsanitary pit latrines. Even after all of their work and sacrifice, many grandmothers cannot afford to send their grandchildren to school. 

But YOU are investing in YOUR grandmothers.

YOU are creating opportunities where there was once only despair. YOU are breathing life back into the community.

Thank YOU!

Just one of the ways YOU are investing in your Nyaka Grandmothers is through the Trainer of Trainers program.

Nyaka believes that empowerment and education are two of the most vital resources to ending poverty so we structured the Grandmother Project to focus on building up YOUR grandmothers through vital training and support.

Every Nyaka Grandmother is part of a group of women they call a Granny Group. Within their Granny Group, they elect leaders from within their group. Those Grandmothers are sent to the Trainer of Trainers workshops to learn vital skills like budgeting, business management, and agriculture. Those women are also given training to increase their leadership skills so they can return to their groups and spread their knowledge throughout their community.

Since The Trainer of Trainers Program began, dozens of grandmothers from YOUR 91 Granny Groups have become leaders.

YOUR support goes directly to creating real, lasting change in Southwest Uganda.

Grandmothers dancing during TOT Training
Grandmothers dancing during TOT Training


Jul 30, 2014

Ronald is so Grateful for YOU!

Ronald wants to be a teacher!
Ronald wants to be a teacher!

Imagine that you are a child—almost too young to keep memories—and one day your father, who has been sick your entire life, is gone. You never knew your mother but you know the same illness also took her away.

At the funeral, as you hold your younger sister’s hand, you hear the whispers. Slim. You don’t know what the word means but even your young ears can tell that it means something very bad.

What you know for certain is that now you and your sister are completely alone.

This is the memory that Ronald has of his early life after his parents passed away from HIV/ADS. His story begins very similar to the story of many children in Uganda. Luckily for Ronald and his little sister, Gloria, two amazing things happened to them.

The first was that their grandmother learned about her son’s death. They lived far away from but, as soon as she heard that her grandchildren needed her, she made the long journey to rescue them and bring them back to her home.

The second occurred shortly after. Although their grandmother loved them deeply and cared for them as well as she could, she could not afford to send them to school. Then The Nyaka Primary School opened in their village of Nyakagyezi. Ronald and Gloria were among the first students to attend.

They were given free education, uniforms (with shoes!), healthcare, and nutritious meals!

Because of YOU, Ronald and Gloria are now both in secondary school. In just a couple years, they will both be attending university and they will be able to repay their grandmother for the hard work and sacrifices she made while raising them. Ronald wants to be a teacher and his sister, Gloria, wants to be a lawyer. Thanks to YOU, they have the opportunity!

There are so many children whose stories YOU are changing every day. Precious little lives that would otherwise be trapped in a lifetime of poverty, unable to share their gifts and talents with the world.

Thank YOU for giving them this chance!

YOUR children are celebrating today because YOUR support during the last Global Giving Match Day raised $977! That’s Amazing! That will send 4 primary school children to school for a year!


August Challenge!

If you didn’t give to Nyaka during the last two Bonus Days (or if you want to see more lives changed), YOU have the opportunity to make your gift go further this August! If you make a new, recurring gift to Nyaka at some time during the entire month of August, YOU could help YOUR children win $1,000 from Global Giving!

If we raise $2,000 in recurring donation funds for August, Global Giving will award us $1,000!  

There are just a couple rules to remember:

  • It must be a NEW recurring gift. (That means that you haven’t made a recurring gift to this project before.)  
  • You must keep your recurring donation for at least three months so your donation will count.
  • It must be between $20 and $200
  • It start on August 1st at 9:00am (EDT) and lasts until August 31st at 11:59pm (EDT).

If we don’t make our goal of $2,000 in recurring gifts, we will miss out on the $1,000 prize! Please give starting at 9:00am (EST) on August 1st!

Ronald's sister, Gloria, wants to be a lawyer!


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