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The mission of Women's Global Empowerment Fund is to reach poor and underserved women in northern Uganda thru microfinance loans and educational programs, creating opportunities while strengthening families and communities. Our strategy is to provide women with the framesork necessary to create viable opportunities for themselves and their families. Our goal is poverty reduction, human security enhancement & women's empowerment.
Sep 17, 2013

Debating the issues...

Literacy class
Literacy class

The opportunity to read and write is one the most critical and transformative opportunities we provide. Most of our clients missed out on the opportunity when they were young due to the ongoing conflict. This year we were able to offer two levels of literacy classes, providing participants the opportunity to further study. 

Our 2013 class is coming to a close, with classes beginning again in February 2014. This year our literacy students are planning to host a debate on 'educating girls' and the value of education for women. This debate will offer the community a chance to learn about our program and the the issues surrounding literacy and education for women. In addition, this is a unique event, created by WGEF clients, enabling them to use their skills, build confindence and work together to address inequality in the educational system. 

"Other than improving my economic status, through the literacy program I learnt how to read and write, the event also made me discover my talents in drama and the other performances which made me very happy and in the end my health was also improved."  - WGEF client

To date WGEF has provided over 600 women literacy training. This training enables women to create a brighter, more secure futures for themselves and their families. When a woman learns to read and write her life changes and possibilities are created. 

Jul 29, 2013

It's On!

moving forward thru dance and theatre
moving forward thru dance and theatre

It's on! Our 6th annual drama festival, Creating a Voice for Women, Kikopo Pa Mon will be held on October 6th. This years theme is: Women, a force for peace security and democracy!

Every year WGEF hosts an important, regional event, elevating women's voices. The festival provides a stigma-free environment in which to talk about sensitive and critical subject matters; promotes unity, team building and offers women the opportunity to be creative and innovative and highlighting the power of theatre and storytelling.

By encouraging the idea of traditional music, dance, and drama in the local language, the culture of the area would be preserved, and the relevance of these issues to the community would be elevated. Due to the positive response and overwhelming success of the event, Women’s Global is committed to hosting Kikopo Pa Mon annually.

Storytelling, dance and song, is not just entertainment, but an effective way of communication and discussion. WGEF clients work together to create dramas that highlite challenges they face in their lives and communities. Creating a mechanism for conversation and discussion. This relevant mechanism enable women's voices to be elevated, challenging entrenched patriarchy, inequality and injustice.

The event is attended by hundred of people from around the region and country; tribal leaders, elected officials, community leaders and citizens gather to see and listen to women, creating new ways forward and addressing challenges. The performances are inspiring; women begin writing, producing, creating costumes, sets in the summer all leading up to a fantastic and meaningful community, regional event.

I hope you are inspired, and support this important effort. Thank you for your commitment to women's empowerment!


official guest
official guest


Jun 20, 2013

Removing Obstacles...

As women in northern Uganda rebuild and recover their lives and communities, it is critical to support community based projects and institutuions. There is not a more important system or institution than justice. Without access to a functioning and fair judicial system, women, and all citizens, face increased persecution, violence and voicelessness. 

WGEF strives to elevate women's voices, supporting community based programs that focus on equality and human security. Our Leadership Development Programs are critical to addressing systemic inequities and further marginalization providing women the mechanisms necessary to have a voice in policy development.

To address violence against women, gender bias, inequality, and gaps in the justice chain for women, this initiative strives to provide the critical information and resources, enabling women to know their legal and human rights within the justice system. 

Goals of the initiative are: 

*Define and address discrimination within the justice system

*Create an action plan; using grassroots organizing strategies, exploring formal/informal mechanisms (hotline, peace huts)

*Ensure government is held accountable for enforcement/impact of laws-oversight mechanisms

Our goal is to host the 3 day training in October 2013, and are continuing to raise funds for the project. So far we have been able to develop the curriculum and training agenda. The support of our Global Giving community is critical to our success and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

WGEF believes that women are natural leaders, and when given opportunities and access will be a transformative force for peace, democracy, security and equality.




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