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The mission of Women's Global Empowerment Fund is to reach poor and underserved women in northern Uganda thru microfinance loans and educational programs, creating opportunities while strengthening families and communities. Our strategy is to provide women with the framesork necessary to create viable opportunities for themselves and their families. Our goal is poverty reduction, human security enhancement & women's empowerment.
Jul 17, 2014

Access, engagement and leadership...

WGEF client, Grace runs for public office!
WGEF client, Grace runs for public office!

Our Access to Justice Initiative will be included in the Drama Festival Activities, in October this year. We will be able to serve over 40 women with the infomration and tools needed to access justice, remove obstacles that women often face, provide edcuation to women in their local vilaages and districts. Thanks in part to GG funding, women will recieve critical information and opportunities to become leaders, and facilitators in the search for truth, justice and equality. 

The training is a component to our Leadership Development Initiative and will contiue to provide unique, relevant opportunties to women rebuilding and recovering their lives. 

Thank you for your support of this endeavor, and please continue to support women's empowerment! 



Karen Sugar


Jul 14, 2014

Real opportunities, Real impact

Betty O.
Betty O.

While the cornerstone of our program is economic activity thru microfinance, WGEF has focused on key social capital programs in order to ensure success of the program supported by GG funding.  The first objective entails enabling women and their households in post conflict Gulu District to engage economic edeavors and productive small-medium scaled sustainable agriculture.  WGEF has given out over 277 agricultural loans women our first quarter and 127 so far in the second. 

The second objective is to improve food security and nutrition for women, children, and their households in the Gulu District through the production of high yielding crops, as well as access to nutritious food. Thru recent survey data, WGEF’s economic and agro data suggests there have been significant increases in food security at the household and community level, as well as more diversity and nutrition in participants diets

The third objective is to increase income through trainings and support. WGEF's trainings in business skills has informed and empowered over 250 clients in the villages that have taken part in the program.  These women have become well-equipped through their training to maximize their businesses, thereby securing their food quality, increasing their income, and empowering themselves to become sustainable business entrepreneurs. In addition, all loans are on track and participants having successful harvests, with zero projects at risk.


The final objective of the agricultural project is to provide opportunities, tools and support to empower women and elevate women's voices. Thru our literacy, leadership development and health initiatives, women are becoming advocates and leaders in their households, and communities. We believe that women are natural leaders and must have a voice in policy development and a place at the 'table'.  

Based on your answer above, how would you describe the project’s measurable impact so far on the
people you serve?

The skills and knowledge that women receive from our program are invaluable toward sustainable human development. They express hope and enthusiasm through testimonials (see below) of their growth into becoming self-sustaining business entrepreneurs, empowered leaders, and policy makers.  In a post-conflict area, these women have stated that they are able to feel secure, strong, and active in their community's recovery from conflict.  Clients are able to be a beacon of hope as well as a source of encouragement by providing for their community and families with food, financial security, and positive decision making.

WGEF client: 

"My name is Betty Ocan a widow and chairperson (Pie-Tek Women Group), I joined the Women, s Global Empowerment Fund in 2008 as a client to receive loans it was my first time and I was just been inspired by my neigbour who was getting the services too. I used to stay and sell tomatoes at home and have to suffer with my stress and all the problems in silence, I had no one to share with, and hardly solved problems that I had. Since I joined the WGEF my life changed, since I have my own group members whom we can sit and share with any issues partaining our lives, infct what I used to think they were impossible, they are! With the help of other group members (women).

I thank God for this program that provided me with the opportunity of being a peer counselor Imargin Im a leader who is recognised in the community not only by the women undergoing into the program but even other women in the community, now my home is ever full with visiters (women) who come to share and seek advise from me (who did not attend school) and now I fill I must contest in the upcoming elections to become a political woman, why not? There I will struggle to extend my services and make women more aware of their potantials."

working together
working together
Women Farmers, feeding their communities
Women Farmers, feeding their communities


Jun 23, 2014

Breaking the Taboo in 2014

Kikopo Pa Mon 2013
Kikopo Pa Mon 2013

Kikopo Pa Mon or Creating a Voice for Women, has become a vital, and meaningful annual event where the entire community/region participates over two days. It receives national media attention and highlights the challenges citizens of the northern region face as they recover and rebuild their lives. This event promotes and elevates the voices of women and families, shifting the conversation, changing the dynamic and creating a new way forward.

Funds received from GlobalGiving donors will be used to ensure we are able to host the community dinner, feeding over 150 people, providing a panel discussion promoting unity and dialogue. During the evening we will recognize the courage and effort of two women who have worked tirelessly in their community, awarding them the Women 4 Peace awards. The following day, after months of preparation, women will present dramas, songs and dances to the community around the chosen theme; hundreds of community members, elected and tribal officials will attend, providing women a unique opportunity to make their voices heard.

This years event will focus on women's health, highlighting our new initiative focused on menstrual health, The Healthy Periods Initiative. Here is a brief description of our new endeavor:

To address the issue of menstrual health, and the challenges women face with regards to access, hygiene and stigma, Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF) is launching the Healthy Periods Initiative – improving health, creating livelihoods.

The goal of this initiative is to provide information, access and opportunities with regards to menstrual health. In addition, WGEF is offering social enterprise opportunities, creating a viable business producing the sanitary pad product. Thru the purchase of a manufacturing unit WGEF will drive economic and socio-cultural changes thru enterprise and education. The first step in this relevant, exciting endeavor will be to launch a pilot project; including workshops, business planning, production, education and assessment. We envision the pilot project to last 6 months.

Statement of Need: Just imagine attending school without toilets or drinking water. Imagine attending a school with a single latrine for all the students, or that the latrine is smelly, with no toilet paper and the door no longer closes. Just imagine attending one of these schools when you have your period.

What is known as ‘Taboo’ in many parts of the world, menstrual health issues affect 26% of the total population each month for 4.5 days (52% of female population is of reproductive age, menstruating each month). In lower income countries (Global South) and areas where there is a lack to basic human services, sanitation, water, menstruation is significantly more challenging to manage hygienically and with dignity.

Because of inequality, gender taboos, and socio-cultural factors, menstrual health can be overlooked. Several surveys* have shown that girls feel embarrassed or ashamed during and because of menses. And often times, during menstruation women and girls are kept from cooking, sleeping in the house, community participation, and are not able to attend school.

Due to the lack of access and affordability of sanitary products, women and girls often use: cloth, leaves, mattress stuffing, and other ineffective and unsafe materials. These materials are unhygienic, uncomfortable, ineffective and unacceptable. Period.

This years Kikopo Pa Mon festival will focus on women's health, equality and justice. On October 3rd and 4th, 2014, WGEF will host our 7th annual event. The festival provides a stigma-free environment in which to talk about sensitive subject matters; promoted unity and team building; and offered women the opportunity to be creative and innovative and highlights the power of theatre.

By encouraging the idea of traditional music, dance, and drama in the local language, the culture of the area would be preserved, and the relevance of these issues to the community would be elevated. Due to the positive response and overwhelming success of the event, Women’s Global hosts Kikopo Pa Mon annually.

Kikopo Pa Mon enables women to challenge their communities to do better, to advocate for social justice and equality, elevating women's voices. Poverty is not just about not having means, it is about having choices and a say in your life.

We hope are inspired and continue to support this important and transformative project! Thank you!

Kikopo Pa Mon 2013
Kikopo Pa Mon 2013
festival guest
festival guest
elevating women
elevating women's voices - 2012 festival


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