St. Vincent de Paul Community Development Organization

The mission of the organization is to build a society where all children are provided the necessary love and care essential for growth. The organization is run by a small group of local volunteers, dedicated to improving the lives of poor and marginalized children in Kibera, Kenya by promoting their social integration into the community.
Feb 18, 2015

Safety and Shelter for Children of Kibera

     St. Vincent’s Nursery School recently selected thirty vulnerable children in need of safety and shelter for the incoming

school year. These children range between the ages of three to seven years old and are selected by our school social

worker. New children are chosen from five surrounding villages within the slums of Kibera which include: Gatweka,

Soweto, Kianda, Kisumu ndogo and Riala. Interviews take place within the children’s homes as a part of the selection

process for admission. These interviews are conducted to provide us with useful information about children who get

admitted into our Nursery School.

     All of our children live under difficult circumstances and extreme poverty within the slum settlements. Most of the

children that are accepted into our Nursery School have been orphaned, often due to HIV/AIDS, or have experienced

abuse and neglect in their homes. Fortunately, these children now have access to two nutritious meals a day, a better

education and medical attention. St. Vincent strives to give children a safe and loving environment while giving them the

hope and the determination to pursue a higher education. The new members of our Nursery School are very happy to

have found a safe learning environment where they can get the attention and the love they need.

Feb 9, 2015

Educate and Feed

     The St. Vincent’s Nursery School held an event for eighty five vulnerable children in Kibera, Kenya. The purpose of this

event was to provide meals for children who have been orphaned or whose parents are unable to provide proper

nutrition. Children received staple foods, which included: rice, flour, maize flour, sugar and oil. These distributions are

extremely important for our nursery school families, particularly those affected by HIV. The food baskets were meant to

last each child approximately one week. With prices consistently rising in Kibera, it is difficult for families and orphans to

obtain adequate food throughout the year.

     Typically, children at our Nursery School receive two meals per day while school is in session, and are usually the only

meals children have access to each day. This event made it possible for struggling children at our Nursery School to stay

fed even when they return home after school. Volunteers from St. Vincent’s Rescue Center were present and participated

by putting food baskets together and serving goods to children. The children were grateful and joyous throughout the

event and truly appreciated the goods that were given to them and their families.    

Jan 21, 2015

Holiday Food Baskets for Vulnerable Families

Holiday Food Baskets for Vulnerable Families 
St. Vincent's conducted a food basket distribution on December 8, 2014. Ninety families received staple foods, which included: rice, flour, maize flour, sugar and oil. The food baskets last each family approximately one week and are meant to help families put food on the table over the holidays when St. Vincent's Nursery School is closed. Families were mostly those of our Nursery School, as well as a select few from our outreach program that serves other needy families within the community. Typically, children at our Nursery School receive two meals per day when school is in session. These meals are often the only food that the children eat each day because of consistently rising food prices, which have made obtaining adequate food extremely challenging for the families we serve. When the school is closed for the holidays, families particularly struggle to keep their children fed.
During the distribution event, our nursery school children were present and participated in a graduation ceremony. Children continuing on to primary school performed a song and dance and wore their cap and gowns for the celebration. Volunteers from St. Vincent's Rescue Center were also present and participated by putting food baskets together and serving goods to families. All parents and guardians who attended the event also received lunch meals for the day. The children of Kibera were extremely grateful and joyous throughout the celebration.   

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