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Our main objective is to assist youngsters of Ethiopian origin with promise for excellence in innovative ("ground breaking") career paths to fully fulfill their potential and maximize their personal and professional growth. The creation of such success stories can have a great impact on their immediate surroundings by creating true role models for other Ethiopian youngsters and Israeli society in general. Excellence comes in many forms including studies, arts, sports and community leadership.
Feb 3, 2014

Activity Report

Technology and Innovations Workshops
Technology and Innovations Workshops

Dear Supporters and Friends,

I am pleased to submit before you the  activity report for the  project:   Assist Ethiopian Jews Bridge Socio-Economic Gaps.

First, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for standing by us, enabling us to continue working in order to promote excellence among young people of Ethiopian origin in Israel.

The report attached herein gives an update on recently launched workshops, unique empowerment activities, and information on cooperation with major corporations with our program

Thank you so much  for your contribution.

The Ariela Foundation's Star program is an intensive and continuous holistic program  that serves as a guiding body and  framework for personal growth,and academic and social processes.  The main goals for every studentincludes exposure and enrichment, developing tools and skills to succeedin life, conclude a quality high school diploma, completing significant military service and academic studies.  The following are updates and details concerning the main activities that have been carried out since our last report

Strengthening Meetings with the Coordinator

In this quarter as well, we have continued in holding strengthening workshops led by the educational coordinators according to the annual structured work plan dealing with moral and very important topics.   

 Here are some of the many activities that were held:

Strengthening meeting on the subject of breaking through:

in this activity, the participants learned how to cope with emotional blocks and  the elements that impede their progress. The students received tools for becoming more familiar with the strengths hidden within them  and how to use these strengths for change and personal growth.  During this meeting, the participants watched inspiring  video documentaries:  for example various handicapped people told about their difficulties and how, in spite of these challenges and against all odds, they made the impossible happen and reached  amazing and inspirational achievements.

Strengthening meeting on the subject on time planning and management:

In this activity, the students discussed with the coordinator the importance of time and its significance. They learned through activity and games that time has a large influences on our lives and that it is better to know how to use  it correctly and more effectively while acquiring practical tools  to do so.  The children were even asked to try their hand at  expressing positions on a high intellectual level during the discussion  by answering material and existential questions concerning the essence of life.

Quotes from the students: "this video of the man without arms and legs taught me that nothing can stop desire, and that I give up sometimes too fast and that is not OK”.

Tutoring and Mentoring Meetings  in Partnership Cooperation  with "ELOP"& “SAMSUNG” Company’s

Sharing a belief for takingsignificant action, ELOP and Samsung Israel opened their gates to the foundation's students and provided volunteers to be at their disposal.  These volunteers provide priceless individual tutoring and mentoring.At ELOP:  Star GaderastudentsGroupmeet every week in the company's offices located in the Nes-Ziona Science park.  Every student has a personal tutor that accompanies them throughout the entire year with the goal to create the best personal relationship possible, to advance them educationally  and assist them in acquiring additional skills, such as: study habits, organization, time management, and more.At Samsung: Star Tel Aviv students Group meet every week in the company's offices located in the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat Gan. The company subsidizes the transportation and provides a hot and nutritious lunch the students enjoy.  In the last quarter, 35 volunteer hours were recorded, which included additional study hours and assistance with homework.

A student: "It was worth it to come to Samsung today and sit together with the other employees for a lecture – it was a really good lecture and also the way it was presented and everything he  spoke about was very inspiring".

A student: "Wow, he is so nice and caring, he never lets me get away with anything! Even if it is hard for me, he doesn't let me go on until I solve the exercise".  Another student added "In the beginning it was hard for me with my tutor because he didn't explain things to me properly, but he understood and since then he really helps me."

Technology and Innovations Workshops

In partnership with the Appleseeds Academy, we began activity for promoting the field of technology among the program's students.The goal of the activities is to introduce the students to the digital and innovative world of technology - with all its facets, broadening their horizons and enriching them with topics of thought and the development of technological initiatives.  

Furthermore, the activity deals with providing tools, skills and techniques for the development and marketing of technological initiatives including actual support in all stages of its production: thought, planning, management, marketing, production and its contribution to various organizations.  In addition, during the course the students are exposed to inspiring technological lectures and tours at companies such as Microsoft, Google and WIX - that recently held a lecture given by a company employee that dealt with planning, designing and building an Internet website.

For completion of this report, we would like you to get to Know Our Educational Coordinators:

 Riki Marsha - Educational Coordinator -  Nes-Zionaand Gadera Group

Riki has gained rich professional experience in working with youth in various programs,

such as the ELEM (Helping Youth in Distress) Foundation and during her military service as a soldier-teacher. She holds a bachelor‘s degree in Behavioral Science from Ariel University along with instructor certificates for teaching art and computer graphics.

Riki is deeply familiar with the world of teenage Ethiopian immigrants which allows her to approach counseling with wisdom and sensitivity.

Josh Malada- Educational Coordinator-Tel Aviv-Jaffa Group

Josh is a graduate of Media and Management in the Academic track at the College of Management in RishonLezion. Josh's background is communication, media and advertisement, and he brings his experience fromcommunity and social work. The desire to change the social reality is whatbrought him to us; in the past Josh worked in a number of social programs with teenagers and youth in Israel and the USA, among them the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews and the Jewish Agency.

Once again thank you for your support!

Thanks to you we can  continue working determinedly on changing the lives of Ethiopian immigrants, their families, the community, and society at large.




Team Building Hike
Team Building Hike
Josh   with the group
Josh with the group
Riki Marsha - Educational Coordinator
Riki Marsha - Educational Coordinator
Technology and Innovations Workshops 1
Technology and Innovations Workshops 1
Strengthening Meetings
Strengthening Meetings


Jan 27, 2014

Activity Report

Counseling and Mentoring
Counseling and Mentoring

Promoting Excellence Among EthiopianJewry  in Israel

 We are honored to present our activity  report  

In this quarter we have continued working to promote excellence among Ethiopian Jewry in Israel through the foundation's two flagship projects - Star and Vision.  In this quarter we carried on with strengthening activities, personal mentoring, social responsibility and learning about the country.  In addition, we launched two workshops: one dealing in technology and one to prepare  for military service. 

 This year as well, we will continue to promote excellence among Ethiopian immigrants, and provide them the required tools, skills and direction so they will develop into outstanding, contributing and moral citizens, who will serve as positive role models.This comes from our vision to generate a change in individual‘s life, their family, in addition to the community and entire society

The Vision Program

The Visionprogram is a national program for promoting excellence among youth and teenagers with unique talent in various fields, based on individual tutoring and long term personal mentorship. The program's goals are to enable the participants to successfully join the field in which they excel or other quality fields of their choice, by providing the tools and resources that each student needs.The intent is to enableeach student to join organizationsand institutions where they can continue to develop and respectfully make a living.Within this program, we are supporting 28students with different talents and impressive potential, such as musicians; athletes; medical, law, cinema, engineering, and computer students, and more. The support includeseducationalor professional advice and guidance, personal mentoring, enrichment courses, scholarships, assistance in acquiring educational/professional equipment and support based on a broad social/professional network.

School Aged Students

These students have been received tens of hours of additional study hours over the last quarter, financial support in quality private schools such as the TzviaUlpana and also in enrichment activities, such as piano lessons.

In this quarter we began a series of meetings for students in the 10th – 12thgrades, whose goal was preparing for military service.    In the meetings the students learn about the military sorting process, the recruiting possibilities and preparing together for the interviews and various exams that  take place in their first  visit to the military..

 Students and Graduates

In this program, the participants are  bachelor degree students in the fields of law (Bar-Ilan University), music (Ramon Music School), computers (The Holon Technology Institute), Industrial and Management Engineering (Ben-Gurion University), medicine (Tel Aviv University), dentistry (The Hebrew University), economics and accounting (Tel Aviv University, Interdisciplinary Center and Management College).    In addition, there are two students who have achieved their bachelor's degree in cinema (Sam Spiegel Film School) and combined studiesin law, business administration and accounting (the academic track in the College for Management).  And finally, a student with a master's degree in child psychology (Tel Aviv University) and a MA student in civil engineering (Technion).

Social activity:

 As part of the Ariela Foundation's social commitment, the students contribute their effortsand talents for the good of society, with a large majority of these efforts being redirected towards the foundation's students. Here are a few examples: Ziona, a law student, hosted meetings for the parents of children from Ariela's Star Yaffo program where professional knowledge on topics of medical negligence and diagnosing learning disabilities was shared.Tali, a MA student of psychology, hosted  enrichment meetings on the subject of identity for the students of Star Gadera.  Samacho, a computer science student, provides tutoring hours and assistance to high school students, as well as being an Ariela tutor in mathematicsand preparing students for H-school matriculation exams. Hadasand Noa meet on a permanent basis

Counseling and Mentoring:

A central and significant part of the Visionprogram is the counseling and individual guidance done by the coordinators.During the quarter the students enjoyed tens of hours of personal consulting on several  areas of life, continuous support over the telephone and in one-on-one meetings, and tutoring with the help of social/professional networks. By doing this, in cooperation with Gaya, a leading organizational consulting company, an additional meeting was held during the quarter as part of an annual group workshop for all the students and graduates of the program whose goal was providing guidance for acquiring various life skills and becoming stronger.

New members of the program:

Zahava, a 12thgrade student in Eldad High School in Netanya.  Zahavais socially active and exceptionally motivated.  Itamar, is an 8thgrade student in Amit Middle School in Netanya, he  is a bright and pleasant student, and studies mathematics in the program for excellence at Bar-Ilan University.

Success Stories


from Yavne, is the youngest of afamily of eight.  They all made aliyahfrom Ethiopia in 1991 when she was five years old.    After completing her high school studies, Ziona continued to serve in the Scouts Movement in theNeyanya’sVitkinneighborhood and immediately joined the IDF in an officers' training program.  She was posted as a liaison officer in an engineering battalion and later served as a team commander in the professional portion (Personnel Corps) of officers' training.  During her service she received a citation of excellence from the division personnel officer.  After much indecision, Ziona chose to study law from the need to promote the field of human rights in general and medical rights specifically.  This follows a personal event that she experienced.  Ziona was accepted to law school at Bar-Ilan University and is now the middle of her third and last year.  Along with her studies, she works in the Isef Foundation -  in the beginning in a program for social leadership and reducing social gaps and during the past year as a leadership coordinator for 15 students.  At the same time, Ziona is a sponsor in the Atidim program, a program deferring military service for academic studies under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University.  Ziona completed her summer internship in one of the four leading law firms in the commercial field.


David (15), a new member at the Ariela Foundation, made aliyahwith his family from Ethiopia at the age of 3 and following a stay in an absorption center, moved to Jerusalem. His older sister passed away in Ethiopia before their arrival in Israel and he is now the oldest brother to 5 other siblings, among them 2 year old twins and an infant brother.  David studies in the BneiAkiva Yeshiva "NetivotHaim" for the Arts and Sciences in PisgatZe'ev in Jerusalem and completed the 9th grade with a grade average of 97.  David began his high school studies in the (expanded) electronics-mathematics track.David began training on the "SollelimYerushalim" team and achieved great results considering the short time he has been in training.

In addition to everything else, David is also a counselor in the BneiAkiva movement.  Following the afternoon activities, David makes his way to the neighborhood youth club operated by the ELEM Foundation, where he does his homework and studies.  His father studies and deals in silver crafting as part of the unique program affiliated with Yvel and completes his income in cleaning jobs, just like his wife, David's mother, does.  David's family is mired in economic distress and barely gets by, but his parents understand the value of education and push David to realize his potential in any field he chooses that will help him in the future. The Ariela Foundation provides support and personal guidance for David, which is expressed in financing running equipment and associated costs (travel, competitions, club payments, etc.).   Furthermore, there are additional lessons when needed with close  support that includes individual and group mentoring.  David dreams of serving in an elite combat unit and continuingon to higher education.

Student meeting
Student meeting
Tutoring and Mentoring Meetings
Tutoring and Mentoring Meetings
academic exposure
academic exposure


Nov 3, 2013

Ariela Foundation Update - October 2013


 Dear Supporters of the Ariela Foundation,

 We continue to be extremely grateful and appreciative of your donations that are helping to improve the lives of young Ethiopian Jews that will become future role models for their community.

 The Ariela Foundation promotes excellence amongst Ethiopian Jewry. Our goal is to create change in the lives of Israeli youngsters of Ethiopian origin who show potential to excel, as a way of fomenting full social and economic integration. We provide guidance, while nurturing personal growth amongst participants. We expect our participants to become outstanding citizens with high moral values, who contribute to society and serve as positive role models. All of this is aimed at creating change at the personal level, within the family, in the community and throughout Israeli society.

 In this quarterly updated, we would like to share one of our success stories, that of Yirus;

 Yirus, who just started the 10th grade at the Nativ Noam Darcha High School in Gedera, is a third year participant of the Ariela Star Program. She is one of the most mature, responsible and motivated participants in her group. She is opinionated, dominant in group dynamics, disciplined and full of ambition.

 During one of the group activities after she heard the personal story of Yael (an older participant of Ariela, role model and a graduate in accounting), Yirus said she was now convinced she could be an accountant and that she was so happy she could meet her and learn from her.

 As part of Ariela activities and throughout the school year, Yirus took part in weekly tutorial sessions with a volunteer mentor from the Conduit high tech company. During a follow up conversation with Yirus and her mother, they both expressed their high level of satisfaction from the tutorial lessons and the great progress that was made in the subject of mathematics. The mother said, “It’s mostly because of Ariela’s help. Yirus was having problems with mathematics and since having a mentor, there is improvement, Yirus talks about how satisfied she is. In general, it is very important for her to continue with Ariela because I can see how important the future of these children is for Ariela.”

 When she grows up, Yirus wants to be an accountant and said, “I am going to finish with a full high school matriculation exam and I will still be with Ariela after my army service. When I become a successful accountant or economist and make money, I will donate back to Ariela.”

 In addition, we would like to share with you our latest video that describes our activities. This video was actually produced by one of our graduates, Alamork. This is the link to the video:

 Thank you once again for your ongoing support that is helping to change the world.

 Eric Goldberg

Head of the Board of Directors

Ariela Foundation