Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD)

Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD) is a social community based organization was established in December 2001-2002 and registered under the Societies Registration Act: XXI of 1860 on 17 May 2003. Re-Registered on June 1st 2013 Vision To bring Peace, Justice, Unity and Harmony for all and to ensure availability of food for marginalized communities of Pakistan
Dec 23, 2014

YYoung Girls Ignored to send schools by rural families Pakistan

A Young girls of 9 years fetch drinking water
A Young girls of 9 years fetch drinking water


Young Girls Ignored to send schools by rural families Pakistan  

Women staff of AHD conducted baseline survey house to house visits to know the update situation of rural poor families and their young children particularly girls situation at house hold level is very adverse. Most of rural families do not send their girls to school and in most of villages unavailability of Govt. primary school or distance is about 1 to 1.5 km. overall situation in rural areas is still questionable. The future of hundreds of girls in minority families is same as their parents.

On this Christmas season, theses girls in rural areas needs all of us attention and timely support, we at AHD wants to support more girls for the enrolment in Govt. primary school and their skill training at village level.

At initial stage we will support some 500 girls in Jan –March 2015, your timely support will enable us to reach the unreached families 

To know more about this project direct write at or can call at Ph: +92-22-3860880 or can also email at, we will be happy to respond your questions

Girls situation near Matli
Girls situation near Matli
The Future of Young Girls and Boys in rural areas
The Future of Young Girls and Boys in rural areas
Dec 9, 2014

Women facing food and medical health facilities shortage near Jati


Women facing food and medical health facilities near Jati Sindh

Women of Jati costal area facing food & medical health facilities shortage near Jati district Sujawal. About 1000 small farmers residing near coastal belt near Raj Malik Zero & Point not cultivated rice crop as water shortage and now they facing food and medical shortage vulnerability. The farmers residing tail end of water canal not cultivated rice crop on their agricultural lands due to water shortage. AHD staff came to know about this situation during visits conducted last week Nov 26 to 28th 2014 by Mr. Mubarak Yaqub, program coordinator Climate Change & DRR of AHD shared field visit report to office and details about the water shortage and its consequences as other famers of Jati area now harvesting rice crop as they cultivated their rice crop during July to August 2014.

AHD committed to provide awareness about food security & short term food and medical support for women in these irrigation water shortage hit areas. Our project will 15 villages and direct families 600 with total estimated population about 3,600. We hope this report will help poor families facing food and medical shortage, as the Christmas thanksgiving season and we hope more donations & support for this project in this month.

For more please feel free to contact us at , we will be happy to share more info and reply with answer

With thanks

Dec 9, 2014

Women Happy to have meeting place at their village under Tree planted 2 years ago

Tree planted 2 years ago now giving cool breeze
Tree planted 2 years ago now giving cool breeze


Women Happy have meeting place at their village under tree planted by a women 2 years back near Matli


A Tree planted 2 years back by a women residing in a village Jagloo Klohi, now have a good space for meetings etc at her house. AHD women staff conducted a visit to know more about tree plantation in different villages and team happy to know that tree now grown and giving shelter pace for women and children can sit inside during hot season and in a day time.

The women of the village very happy & asking thanks to Global Giving donors and supporters provided help through donation in past 2 years.

The Green Pakistan projects aims to plant 20,000 tree in coming season Feb to March 2015.   For this purpose we need further US $ 5,000 to plant seeds and distribute seedlings during spring season 2015.

Please feel free to ask question to our Women Program Officer for Miss. Mariam Navoo, incharge tree plantation scheme in Matli at Ph: +92-22-3860880 or can leave a message at

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