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At IDV we believe that to provide meaningful relief and reconstruction assistance to disaster affected communities around the world we have to do more than reconstruct buildings. We need to understand and address the factors that made a community vulnerable to the disaster in the first place. Our work will be organised with these factors in mind so we can effect change that far outlives our presence.
Aug 6, 2014

On the road to recovery, thanks to you!

Kids like Shane have been cared for thanks to you!
Kids like Shane have been cared for thanks to you!

Thanks to your generous donations the Aram Learning Studio in Tacloban is now well on the road to recovery after being devastated by typhoon Haiyan.

In the first few months after Haiyan your support allowed us to repair the damage caused by the typhoon, and enabled us to re-equip the school with all the learning materials it needed to re-open.

Since then we’ve been continuing to support the Aram Learning Studio by helping to pay teachers’ salaries and other running costs, like electricity to keep the lights on!

Thanks to you this support is allowing the school to provide education and therapy to some of Tacloban’s most of vulnerable kids - those with developmental difficulties. Without you the needs of these kids would have been overlooked in the aftermath of Haiyan.

This month, there’s even more good news from the Aram Learning Studio. With the situation now stabilising in Tacloban many of the kids parents are now able to contribute to the school’s running costs. This means the school is becoming financially sustainable and that we’re able to scale back our own support.

We’ll be staying involved with the Aram Learning Studio and helping where needed, but this is likely to involve further investments in infrastructure rather than supporting running costs.

As a result we’ll now be folding this project into our larger work to Support Education in Tacloban. From now on reports for the Aram Learning Studio will be sent through that project.

As always, if you ever have any queries about how we’re using your donation, please don’t hesitate to email I would be delighted to hear from you.

Aug 6, 2014

Ready to respond to typhoons thanks to you!

Your donations providing hot meals during Glenda
Your donations providing hot meals during Glenda

On July 16th, typhoon Glenda slammed into Manila bringing hurricane force winds and rain. The community of Banaba is used to flooding, but Glenda’s strong winds made it particularly dangerous.

Thanks to you, the community leaders of Buklod Tao were ready and, as soon as it became apparent that Glenda would strike Banaba, they sprang into action.

We asked community leader Noli to tell us about his experiences of typhoon Glenda and the work your donations made possible. Here’s what he had to say:

In the evening of 15th July, during the calm before the storm [we] purchase needed food items so that we would be able to prepare food for the people who would probably need to evacuated. We also made sure that our community leaders had credit on their phones, so we could stay in touch during the storm...Monitoring of the river and the wind ensued all throughout the night and we relayed early warning to neighbors - especially regarding the perils of big trees being uprooted and might fall to walls and houses, and about the level of the river. Boats were readied, the vessels already prepositioned all year round in the peripheral communities prone to flooding.

In the morning of 16 July, the communities were whipped by the strong winds of Glenda coupled with strong rain. But the winds were more devastating than the rain. The rivers did not swell. Roofing materials and plywood or tarpaulin sheets  were blown away. People evacuated to four centers and our community rescue teams helped people reach safety.

We transported kids and mothers from sition Libis Riverside to safe evacuation centres. At midmorning we prepared two cauldrons of hot porridge and fed more than 100 people who had been forced from their homes.

As the storm calmed, we worked with the neighborhood President, Romy, to undertake a rapid damage assessment in the community. We found that 71 informal settler families had badly damaged homes and were in terrible need. We used our emergency fund to buy much needed repair and replacement of roof materials, plywood wall and construction nails.

No casualty was reported.

In times like typhoon Glenda, we remember our motto“In times of affliction, God and Preparedness are our protection”.

Thank you for making it possible for us to prepare!”

Without your donations, Buklod Tao wouldn’t have been there to ensure families reached safety, to provide supplies to make emergency repairs and to make sure families forced from their homes had a hot meal in their time of need. Thanks so much!

This almost certainly won’t be the last severe weather that Buklod Tao will have to cope with – and that’s why we hope you’ll give what you can today.

Thanks so much, and we wish you all the best.

Families who were fed thanks to you!
Families who were fed thanks to you!
Aug 6, 2014

Learning through fun at the HTDC orphanage

Saying thank you for being recognized!
Saying thank you for being recognized!

Thanks to your generous donations the kids at the HTDC orphanage are continuing to thrive!

The school year has just finished and all of the kids have worked really hard and done well. However, special praise goes to the six kids who “graduated” kindergarten and who will be moving onto elementary school this fall.

The orphanage held a special graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievement, and its partly by rewarding achievements in this way that the orphanage leaders teach the kids about responsibility while also having fun.

But, the orphanage leaders’ successful methods show every day, not just on special events like graduation.

The older kids continue to get involved with helping around the orphanage. For example, by helping organize “summer camp” now school is out. Also, Nathaelle, one of the eldest kids, is now helping to translate when English speaking visitors drop by.

The older kids also help the younger kids learn about responsibility by organizing competitions to see who has the tidiest room, or does their homework first. In this way all the kids at the orphanage helps out while also having fun.

It’s great to see the kids thriving this way and its all thanks to you. Before your help the orphanage lived from day to day. Thanks to you the kids can now enjoy being kids, while also learning important lessons about life.

As always, if you ever have any queries about how we’re using your donation, please don’t hesitate to email I would be delighted to hear from you.

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