International Disaster Volunteers (IDV)

At IDV we believe that to provide meaningful relief and reconstruction assistance to disaster affected communities around the world we have to do more than reconstruct buildings. We need to understand and address the factors that made a community vulnerable to the disaster in the first place. Our work will be organised with these factors in mind so we can effect change that far outlives our presence.
Hot Meals for Evacuees like Fe
Fe is 64 years old. She lives with her daughter and grandson just outside Manila, in the Philippines. Their house is made from bricks but it's dangerously close to a river. Every year there are floods, and Fe's house is often inundated. During floods Fe and her family have to spend days sleeping on the floor of an evacuation centre. With your help, we'll be there to provide hot meals and emergency supplies during those floods.
Provide a safe home for Haitian Orphans
This project provides a safe home for 27 orphaned children in Haiti. The 2010 earthquake destroyed the orphanage, leaving all of the children homeless. We've already provided them with a new house, and we're now meeting all their needs. Some, like 3 year old Germina, were abandoned when their relatives couldn't care for them. She was just 6 days old when she arrived. Others arrived at the orphanage after their parents died. All of the kids would be homeless without donors like you. project reportread updates from the field
Support Education in Tacloban
Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines in November 2013. It damaged or destroyed over 2,500 schools leaving the education of hundreds of thousands of kids in tatters. We're committed to helping kids get the education they need by rebuilding damaged classrooms, providing school supplies and by making schools safe and fun places to learn. project reportread updates from the field
Change Lives with English Education
The English in Mind (EIM) Institute is a non-profit, Haitian led English school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The school teaches English as a vocational skill to help students find the long-term employment they need to build a secure future. The school has around 200 students and also boasts a teacher training programme and networking facility to help students find work and develop essential job skills. project reportread updates from the field
Build Rescue Boats in Flood Prone Communities
The community of Banaba is struck by flooding several times each year. Residents of this small community just outside Manila live in constant fear of heavy rains which cause rivers to quickly burst their banks. They've organised themselves and are ready to respond when the rains come. But without rescue boats to use during flooding, many lives could be lost. project reportread updates from the field
Nepal Earthquake Relief and Recovery
On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. The disaster killed more than 8,000 people and injured many more. Millions of people were already in need of relief when a second earthquake struck on May 12. This second earthquake caused more deaths, injuries and property damage in areas already devastated by the first disaster. We're providing shelter and food aid but we need your help so that we can continue this relief, and also support long-term recovery. project reportread updates from the field
Give 30 Orphaned Children a Sustainable Income
The HTDC Orphanage is home to 30 children who lost everything in the 2010 earthquake. International donors have met the children's needs since 2011, but funds are running out and donor interest is moving on to new disasters. As a result, the orphanage needs to meet the kids' needs without appealing to donors. To that end, the orphanage directors want to invest in several businesses - one of them being a bus which will be hired out. After all costs, their bus will earn at least $750 a month. project reportread updates from the field
Help Families Recover from Typhoon Haiyan
Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall. It tore through the Philippines in November 2013, killing over 6,000 people and affecting 14 million in total. We're working with survivors to help communities rebuild and to take charge of their own recovery. But so much remains to be done, and that's why we need donors like you! project reportread updates from the field
Help Filipino Communities Prepare for Disaster
The Philippines is one of the world's most disaster prone countries. It is struck by more than 20 typhoons in an average year, and with the effects of climate change that number is expected to rise. By investing in communities before disaster strikes and helping them prepare, we can lessen disasters' impacts and ensure that communities can recover quickly and with less reliance on outside aid. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. project reportread updates from the field
Shelter for Earthquake Survivors Like Jiban
Jiban is thirteen and he's a survivor of two Nepal earthquakes. Jiban lives with his family in Tukucha area 4 of Kavre district. Their home was destroyed in the first earthquake and his family, and other families like his, urgently need shelter to protect them from the monsoon rains. These families are working hard to create their own shelter but they need your help so that they can finish the job and stay dry and healthy. project reportread updates from the field

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