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Riders for Health's mission is to strengthen health systems by addressing one of the most neglected, yet vital, aspects of development for the health of Africa - transportation and logisitics. We achieve this by managing vehicles on a reliable, predictable and cost effective basis, to support the work of our partners who reach rural communities with health care and and other vital services.
Dec 30, 2009

Thank you for all your support

Mandinari Uhuru
Mandinari Uhuru

Dear friends, Thank you for all your amazing support over the last few years. Due a large donation, this project is now fully funded which means that 7,000 Gambians will have access to water and health care. This is brilliant news and all thanks to the support we received through GlobalGiving. The Uhuru, a community ambulance which Riders for Health manages in the Gambia, plays a particularly important role as an emergency response vehicle for women who are experiencing threatening labours. Thanks to this local, affordable form of transport, mothers can be confident that if they have any difficulties during their pregnancy or labour, they can be taken quickly and reliably to the nearest hospital. This is a simple solution which can significantly reduce maternal mortality across rural the Gambia. “I was so tired, and in such great pain,” said Matty Jange, from Jahangka. Matty had been in labour for six hours when she discovered that her baby was breech, and that she was going to need to get to the hospital quickly. “Without the Uhuru to take me to hospital, I really think I would have died that day,” Matty told us. On behalf of Matty and hundreds of other mothers across the Gambia, thank you. For more information, please visit www.riders.org. With thanks and best wishes for 2010,

Astrid Jenkinson Fundraising Officer


Nov 18, 2009

Mobilising carers from grass-root organisations in Kenya

Dan Nyakundi, Riders
Dan Nyakundi, Riders' technician in Kenya

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your recent support towards Riders for Health and our work in Kenya. This has been an exciting few months for Riders and we are pleased to be able to share it with you.

I hope you will find this month's update of interest and will be as proud as we are of all that is being achieved by grass-root organisations in Kenya thanks to reliable transport.

You can read up on Priscilla Imali and how, thanks to their Riders’ donated motorcycles, the carers from Vumilia Community Based Organisation were able to reach her and care for her.

“HIV is not a death sentence; it’s a disease like any other disease. Being positive does not mean that you are dying the next day,” explains Priscilla. Having the necessary training and a reliable motorcycle has allowed Priscilla and the other women of Vumilia to help others to live with HIV, as they themselves were helped.

Read also about how your support has helped Riders to expand so much that we have now employed a full-time mechanic, Dan Nyakundi, to ensure that the motorcycles are thoroughly maintained and never break down.

“I wanted to work for Riders because I believe in change and that they can help Kenya make real progress,” said Dan.

Riders would like to thank all those who have supported our work in Kenya so far and helped us to the train the wonderful team from Vumilia and carers from other deserving grass-root organisations. Without your support, none of what we do would be possible and we are truly grateful for all the generosity we receive.

With thanks and best wishes,

Astrid Astrid Jenkinson Fundraising Officer Riders for Health www.riders.org

A carer from Vumilia on their motorcycle
A carer from Vumilia on their motorcycle


Aug 7, 2009

Access to health care for rural communities in the Gambia

Remote communities in rural Gambia are now benefitting from access to health care, thanks to Riders for Health and Global Giving

Thanks to the support of the donors of GlobalGiving, Riders for Health have been ensuring that communities living in rural Gambia can be reached with health care and helped in emergency situations. This has been done by providing them with an Uhuru.

The Uhuru is a multi-purpose vehicle that can act as community ambulance, water pump and freight carrier in a region isolated by great distances and harsh terrain. Thanks to the generous support of the Globalgiving donors, Riders for Health have been able to run these community ambulances, and ensure that health emergencies can be dealt with quickly.

Vehicle for referrals The Uhuru isn’t simply used in emergency situations. Because it is far cheaper and more reliable than the few vehicles that can be found in rural Africa, it is often used by people with chronic conditions.

The Story of Mr Sungano Mr Sungano has a chronic condition which requires regular visits to the clinic and a constant supply of medication.

“Before the Uhuru it used to be a nightmare to get to the hospital,” said Mr Sungano. “My family had to hire a vehicle, which would cost a lot of money and leave me feeling very guilty that I was eating a lot into the family’s savings. Sometimes I would miss my monthly hospital visits. This would cause me a lot of pain since I would run out of medicine.”

Things have been different since Mr Sungano started using the Uhuru. The community ambulance is not expensive and individuals he knows and who understand his condition operate it.

“What I like most about the Uhuru is that the riders were trained Basic First Aid and as a result they are very careful and courteous when transporting patients. I also feel that my wife and sister who look after me have been saved a great deal by the Uhuru as they now have more time to perform other important tasks such as working in the fields.”

Mr. Sungano no longer has to worry about transport now. He has agreed on a timetable with the local Uhuru rider on dates and time she has to come and pick him up for the hospital visits.

Thank you None of this would have been possible without the generous support we have received through GlobalGiving. On behalf of all the villages in the Gambia now benefitting from a community ambulance, Riders for Health would like to say “thank you”. For any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 00 44 1327 300 047 or on ajenkinson@riders.org.