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Appalled by the stark reality of 31 million orphans in India and shocked by the condition of institutions housing them, a few like- minded individuals got together to take serious action. This obsession was the seed which sprouted as Udayan Care, - which was registered in 1994, as a Public Charitable Trust. While our first initiative was the Udayan Ghar programme for orphaned and abandoned children, we gradually worked towards ensuring higher education for girls through the Udayan Shalini Fellowship. In 2004, Udayan Care also initiated an Outreach programme for children affected by HIV, as well the Udayan Information and Technology Centres to improve employability of under-served communities...
Sep 26, 2013

From the field- our fellows had an amazing camp!

Fellows at the Residential Camp
Fellows at the Residential Camp


Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme (USF)

Through monetary and mentoring support, girls from weaker sections of society are able to continue higher education. Since its inception in 2002, USF has supported 2678 girls. Today, we are proud that our girls, whom we call Shalinis, are pursuing fields like Engineering, Medicine, CA, Computer Sc, among others. Some of the unique features of USF are mentoring and regular motivational workshops to create a force of sensitive, trained and enlightened citizens. To become socially aware as well as socially responsible, they fulfill 50 hours of mandatory social work. USF is currently present in 9 cities in India.


Udayan Shalini Fellowships is for girls from weak socio economic backgrounds. However the Eligibility Requirements are as follows:


Due to the economic and social background the beneficiaries are able to avail limited opportunities and barely manage to finish their schooling before being forced to drop out to get married. The girls however, are ambitious, and due to the exposure around them are aware of the prospects they may venture into if well educated. As daughters of clerks, watchmen, drivers, shopkeepers they have been subjected to various monetary strains of the family. The family income of most of the households is between Rs. 2000 to 8000 monthly and the fellows face numerous societal challenges to break away from the conventional custom of survival. Such monetary strains and orthodox thinking induces a girl to drop out and give up on her education.



The USF Residential Camp 2013 was held at the Udayan Ghar in Greater Noida.The camp saw the participation of 27 fellows comprising of a heterogeneous group of school and college going fellows. This year’s camp was centered on the theme of “LEADERSHIP & PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT”.


  • To provide meaningful exposure to the fellows to interact, participate and engage on a common platform for mutually beneficial learning and recreation.
  • To promote direct personal experience of the fellows in both indoor and outdoor activities so as to exhibit their leadership skills and develop positive attitude
  • To serve as exposure trip for exciting and enjoyable learning to enhance their adaptability to cope with the rapidly changing life events.

The theme of the workshop was chosen with the specific purpose of inculcating a sense of leadership amongst the Shalinis and providing them with the necessary exposure to develop themselves into strong personalities.


  • PARTICIPATORY LEARNING-. The workshops conducted under four major themes of Leadership, Team Building, Life Skills Education and Personal Hygiene were not only about theoretical sharing of inputs but about practical applicative learning with interactive exercises and activities.
  • INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENTS- Role plays, group activities, group games and presentations were the tools adopted to enhance the impact of their learning. Activities like Crossing the River (TEAM BUILDING), Know Yourself (SELF AWARENESS) and Role play (LEADERSHIP STYLES) and many others were conducted to engage the fellows and draw their direct participation.
  • ON THE JOB EXPERIENCE-The fellows were engaged in the preparation of dinner on different days as part of their respective teams. The aim was to provide the fellows a real life space to work in teams to develop a sense of identification with one another as “Shalini Fellows” and work in a single direction.
  • CULTURAL NIGHT- The residential camp could not have been complete without a cultural closing ceremony. The objective was to make the fellows exhibit their talent and perform as a group. It was also an occasion for the children of the home and fellows to interact with each other and enjoy together. The fellows gave spectacular performances in their respective teams where they enacted a skit, sang and danced.
  • PERSONAL EXPERIENCES-. For some of the fellows the camp was their first “move” outside their homes while for some it was an experience of overcoming their own fears. For every fellow the residential camp was nothing but 7 days of different experience of “self learning”. 



  • Insight into Leadership Styles-The fellows were able to develop understanding of the leadership styles and its practical applicability in real life situations. The choice of theme as "Leadership" achieved its purpose when the fellows understood about various aspects including the role of a leader, and qualities to be possessed by a leader.


  • Learning By Doing-The camp achieved its real purpose with the active involvement of the fellows in every activity and exercise that was aimed for them whether it was understanding the importance of nonverbal communication or working in a team. The fellows who were reluctant to participate shed their inhibitions and displayed active participation by the end of the 7 day camp .The workshops like "Self Awareness" worked best on enhancing their own concept of self image and understanding each other as different personalities.


  • The seven day residential camp can be best summarised in the experiences of the fellows. For some the camp was their first “move” outside their homes. For many like Dolly, a fellow of 10th batch the camp provided a platform to shed her stage fright. 


Please let us know your feedback!  Please visit our website to know more about the programmes at www.udayancare.org. Please write to fundraising@udayancare.org if you have any question related to this projcet, Will be happy to answer them.

During the leadership workshop
During the leadership workshop
Girls preparing their assignments -at the workshop
Girls preparing their assignments -at the workshop
Girls doing Yoga at the residential camp
Girls doing Yoga at the residential camp
Training session of the fellows at the Workshop
Training session of the fellows at the Workshop
Jul 25, 2013

Quarterly update: Sunshine Home Programme

Our Success Story : Simmi
Our Success Story : Simmi


                                     Udayan Ghar report for Global Giving-Update of last quarters



Simmi Udayan, 18 years old girl who has been nurtured at Udayan Care from past 9 years is a confident, diligent and intelligent girl. She has become very ambitious & focused with due course of time & has set high standards for herself and works hard to achieve them. She wants to become a psychologist in her future.

 She scored 86% in her XII board from CSKM School, Delhi. Recently, she has completed her internship under Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, renowned psychiatrist. She had been shortlisted in three various reputed Universities to pursue her Graduation in Psychology from namely Ambedkar University, IP University & Punjab University. Eventually she got registered in Punjab University who has also proposed her Scholarship to pursue her graduation completely in her interested field i.e. Psychology.  Simmi also wish to become a Social Worker to be able to serve back to the society.

                                          WORKSHOPS WITH MENTORS & CAREGIVERS:

 1.     Workshop with caregivers on POCSO ACT (June 26, 2013)

This session was conducted by Mr. Lalit Kumar, Coordinator, Mayur Vihar Homes for caregivers who directly deal with the children at Udayan Ghars. It was conducted to enhance the knowledge about the various provisions in the POCSO Act, 2012. Under this act, government has been tried to set up the standards of international child protection rights against all types of sexual abuses like sexual harassment, penetrative or non penetrative sexual abuse and pornography. The act has defines child as a person below the age of 18 year old. This act was passed by the Parliament in May 2013 and was enforced on November 14th, 2013 which clearly defines the offences it covers, punishments given, procedure and provisions undertaken.

 With the help of this workshop the participants gained a wider prospect about the ACT named as POCSO, 2012 they also shared their professional experience & challenges while dealing with children who underwent some form of abuse, gained sensitivity towards the sexual harassed or assaulted children in terms of their distorted/ hampered psychosocial well being, Steps to be undertaken to deal with the various types of abuses taking place with children and ways to avoid them

 The caregivers understood the relevance of this act, especially in any kind of institutionalized setting such as Udayan Care and how are they also an integral component under this act. This workshop also enhanced the understanding of the roles, responsibilities & significance of caregivers at Institutionalized setting, Udayan Care.


2.     Workshop with Mentor on “Motivating the Caregiver” ( July 11, 2013)

This Workshop was conducted with the mentors and the coordinators of each home (except Jaipur & Kurukshetra). The purpose of this workshop was to motivate the caregivers. This workshop also enhanced the awareness of the participants about the various challenges they face while dealing with the caregivers & tried analyzing the issues the caregivers are facing giving it a 360 degree approach.

Thereby giving a 3D picture about the entire scenario so as to able to Motivate the Care Givers in a Scientific manner.

This gave a better clarity about various challenges faced by both caregivers and mentors, Enhancement of knowledge about how various other NGOS deal with such challenges while dealing with their care staff with similar objective (children as their beneficiaries)

The participant got a different angle to analyze and deal with various challenges in dealing with the caregivers, facilitated the participants to reflect upon their personal and professional issues and ways to deal with in. Thereby provided approaches & Ways to motivate the caregivers 



A camp was conducted by Inner Wheel Club, Delhi North (facilitated by Ms. Madhu the Mentor Mother) at Sant Parmanant Hospital, Civil Lines on July 3rd, 2013. A brief presentation was made by the President of the Club on Cervical Cancer after which the vaccination procedure started. The vaccination process started with Udayan Children followed by the children from other NGOs & places. There were in total 30 girls from Udayan Care (Ghar programme) from Mehrauli 2, Greater Noida & Noida homes between the age group of 12 – 21 who received the vaccination. This vaccination was provided free of cost with a minimal administrative cost of Rs. 300/- per child. After the vaccination the children were served snacks (biscuits, glucose, and juice).

Workshop with caregivers on POCSO ACT
Workshop with caregivers on POCSO ACT
Workshop with Mentor on "Motivating the Caregiv
Workshop with Mentor on "Motivating the Caregiv
Mentors Mothers meeting for motivating caregivers
Mentors Mothers meeting for motivating caregivers
Jun 27, 2013

Highlights of last quarter:Summer School for girls

Shalinis at the Summer School
Shalinis at the Summer School


                                       Highlights of the Last Quarter

 Summer School Academic Training Workshop-21 days for Udayan Shalini Fellows



The concept of Summer School Academic Training was drawn from the idea to improve the efficiency of academic learning and develop better orientation towards the career choices for the fellows studying in 12th std. It was envisaged as an extension of USF programme and an alternative to the conventional teaching methodology of school teachers.


v  To improve and enhance the academic preparedness of the fellows of 12th standard by providing them specialised guidance of experts from various fields. 

v  To serve as a platform of discussion based learning to the fellows to clarify their subject specific queries. 

v  To provide effective and goal directed career guidance to the fellows to make them aware of their career choices. 


38 fellows of science and commerce stream participated in the summer training at Mahavir Senior Model School. They were provided specialized guidance by experts for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics. The faculty members were professionals of their respective fields. For e.g. Vaibhav Bhatnagar provided guidance to the fellows of commerce stream.


For every subject, the focus of the experts was not only on completion of course but clarification of doubts. The faculty members laid emphasis on “smart learning” where the application of short cut methods in approaching the questions was explained to the fellows. All the important concepts were explained by means of educational games and activities where the faculty members facilitated the participation of the fellows.


The faculty members oriented the fellows towards preparation for various entrance examinations (esp. for science stream) so that they could understand the difference of pattern as compared to the school exams and prepare themselves accordingly. The fellows developed insight into career choices that they can make after their schooling. The basic awareness was regarding the courses that are available in their respective streams and the pros and cons of the respective courses.


In this method of training, the fellows were able to shed their inhibitions in asking questions and clarifying their doubts. The activity based learning approach adopted by the faculty generated interest and the fellows were able to grasp the concepts in an easier manner. Besides, the career based discussion developed a sense of career planning in the fellows in a way that they could give shape to their career related desires and take charge of their future accordingly.

Pls write to us at fundraising@udayancare.org about your feedbcak about this workshop and in whcih better way we can improve such campaigns!


Pls visit our website at : www.udayancare.org

All of their queries were Answered.
All of their queries were Answered.
Class going on for Summer School
Class going on for Summer School


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