Udayan Care

Appalled by the stark reality of 31 million orphans in India and shocked by the condition of institutions housing them, a few like- minded individuals got together to take serious action. This obsession was the seed which sprouted as Udayan Care, - which was registered in 1994, as a Public Charitable Trust. While our first initiative was the Udayan Ghar programme for orphaned and abandoned children, we gradually worked towards ensuring higher education for girls through the Udayan Shalini Fellowship. In 2004, Udayan Care also initiated an Outreach programme for children affected by HIV, as well the Udayan Information and Technology Centres to improve employability of under-served communities...
Jan 23, 2014

Update of the last quarter from the field-UG Prog

Kawalpreet-Our Success Story
Kawalpreet-Our Success Story

                                                             ABOUT UDAYAN CARE

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 19 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women. Udayan Care’s initiatives are focused towards regenerating the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged. Through the power of mentorship, we nurture children who are orphaned and abandoned in the warmth of a family at Udayan Ghars, our long-term foster homes; ensure young girls higher education through our education fellowships; enable underserved youth and adults to improve their employability skills in our IT & vocational training centers; and enable children affected by HIV to live with hope, through our Outreach programme.

In 19 years, we have served more than 10,500 people in 12 cities and advocate for children's rights in alignment with the Indian Constitution, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

                                                           Udayan Ghar Programme

Udayan Ghars are based on the belief that a loving family and home is the rightful privilege of every child. This belief took shape in 1996 in the form of L.I.F.E: Living in Family Environment, when the first Udayan Ghar was set up. This model enables erstwhile orphaned and abandoned children in Udayan Ghars to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of social workers, and resident care givers.

These homes are located in busy, middle class neighborhoods, so children can re-integrate themselves into society. Our children are receiving quality education in some of the best educational institutions. Since inception Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 291 children with love and protection in 13 Homes across Delhi, NCR, Kurukshetra and Jaipur. Presently, there are 164 (excluding aftercare) children across all homes.

                                  SUCCESS STORY OF KAWALPREET_ Special Olympics, Australia

Our joy crossed all boundaries when Kawalpreet, our child from Udayan Ghar Mehrauli, returned back home victorious with a Gold and Bronze medal.

 The sound of applause still echoes in the ears of Kawalpreet Kaur, our child from Udayan Ghar Mehrauli who made us proud in Special Olympics, Australia by winning a Gold Medal in 200 meter race.

 A round of excitement went all across our Udayan family when 2 months before the event, Kawalpreet told us that she has been selected by her school – Akshay Pratishtha, to represent India during Special Olympics 2013 in Athletics/Track and Field. Since then, she started her practice religiously by waking up at five in the morning so that she can easily juggle through her daily routine of going to school and doing her homework!

Her rigorous practice gave reward when at New Castle, Australia; she brought laurels to India as well as Udayan Care, by winning a Goldmedal in 200 m race and a Bronze medal in relayrace. She even secured a 5th position in Long Jump and a 3rd position in Practice. Kawalpreet was amongst the 68 other participants who went with their Coach Mr. Surender to represent India.

“I felt wonderful when the whole crowd cheered for me”, says Kawalpreet, who also brought lots of chocolates and chewing gums for her sisters and teachers as well.

 In Australia, she even managed to spare a few hours from her practice to savor the beautiful scenery of the beach and the beauty of the Nation Zoo. Back home she was welcomed with opened arms and loving smiles of her Udayan Care family. Her Mentor Mother, Ms. Dolly Anand, even in her late 70’s, waited with unmatched zeal for her daughter till late after mid-night at the Delhi Airport. Accompanying her with the same passion were Ms. Aneesha Wadhwa, Mentor Mother and Dr. Kiran Modi, Managing Trustee of Udayan Care.

Kawalpreet is now continuing her practice to nail the qualification round of Special Olympic (World) which is to be held this year in United Kingdom. When asked about her aim she says, “I want to be the next Milkha Singh of India.” She has already been nicknamed as ‘Milkhi’ by her friends and family and is really proud to have an India jersey which is her most valued possession and a source of constant inspiration.

We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to her school Akshay Pratishtha for giving her a chance to prove her mettle at the Special Olympics and also for the 12 day training camp they held to help her in her practice. Thank you for being her constant support!


WORKSHOPS WITH MENTORS, CAREGIVERS & CHILDREN (held at home level & at Head office):

 1.      Workshop with Children:

-          On Career Counseling by Social Potpourri on 12/10/2013

-          Workshop on Caring & Sharing on 28/12/13 by Dr Deepak Gupta

-          Workshop organized in coordination with IIIT, Delhi; a pilot study on “Digital Mysteries” on 14th & 14th December’13

 2.      Workshop with Mentors/ Coordinators:

-          Workshop on Email Etiquette by SOIL Volunteer on 01/12/2013

-          Workshop on Issues & Challenges dealing with CWC members on 10/10/2013

-           Workshop on SEX EDUCATION on 20/10/2013 by Dr. Shilpa Gupta  

-          Workshop on Caring & Sharing on 20/12/13 by Dr Deepak Gupta

 3.      Workshops with Caregiver:

-          Workshop on SEX EDUCATION on 23/10/2013 by Dr. Shilpa Gupta  

-          Workshop on Child Rights & Relevance of Communication Skills by Supervisor (carestaff) on 28/10/2013 


OTHER ACTIVITIES: (in collaboration with Corporate, being a part of CSR Events) 

 Mohalla Football Festival (CSR event) 

 The Football Link Trust, a Delhi based not for profit organization, and the Delhi Police jointly organized the Mohalla Football Festival 2013 from the 29th of October to 31st October at the Dr. Ambedkar Stadium and Delhi Armed Police Grounds, Vikaspuri.

Eight children from our Udayan homes for boys (Mayur Vihar, Noida, Gurgaon) assimilated to play football for the social cause of TFL at the Dr. Ambedkar Stadium. The excitement to do something good for society by the society was seen on our children faces. All dressed up well groomed and ready to push the other teams to their limit. The boys under 15 looked like little monsters after seeing the size of the trophy.

 Despite of some field restrictions it was a fun ride to go on a Thursday morning.  The Reporting time for all the teams was 8AM. Since it was a under 19 league match and our kids were making up to the age of 15 we didn’t lose hope, went for the first match fought really hard and won the match against Laxmi nagar with 4-3 in the penalty shootout. We reached the semi finals directly but the match was against TFL (the football link). The senior team who represents their club all over India secured a win over us with a score of 4-0. 

There were many NGO’s like Salam Balak Trust, Magic bus, Angels academy and Save the children were invited. It was a 24 minute match divided into two halfs. At the closing ceremony all the NGO’s received their participation and merit certificate.

 The chief guest reached at the closing ceremony and gave speech but the Udayan children were happy to be part of it.

                           Vatsalya Mela by National Commission Protection Of Child Rights, India

On 17th November 2013 National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), one of the organizers of Vatsalya Mela at Dilli Haat invited Udayan Care Children for Dance Performance for the event. The theme of the event was “Rights & Dignity of Women & Child”. The children of Mehrauli and Mayur Vihar participated with full energy and enthusiasm and performed in front of large audience who highly appreciated their talent. The duet dance performance by Sachin and Raja of Mayur Vihar Home made the audience groove to their tunes , the Udayan care children timely boosted up the morale of the performers by hooting and clapping which gave them confidence to pick up their steps again. Similarly the duet as well as the group dance performance added an element of entertainment in between the competitions and speeches organized by other organization/institutes.

 Udayan Care children also participated in Poster Making Competition the topic of which was “zero tolerance- for women” organized by Jamia Milia Islamia, Political Science Department and showcased their artistic skills as well. Various other activities were also conducted simultaneously such as Poster Making Competition, Extempore, Debate Competition, Skit Competition etc.

 Also, it gave the children exposure of performing in front of such a large live audience and getting direct responses from them. It increased their self confidence, self –esteem and boosted up their morale. The whole Udayan Care Team was highly appreciated by the audience and further they went for their snacks and enjoyed their selected item ordered at the food stall, clicked pictures  and had fun at the event.

 The children came back home with fun filled memories, loads of confidence and zest.

                                                     Christmas Celebration with Genpact

  The children from Sant Nagar Home 13 and Mayur Vihar were invited by Genpact, Gurgaon to celebrate Christmas Day on December 6th, 2013

 Activities undertaken are as followed:

  • Warm Welcome was done by Genpact Team/ Staff.
  • Christmas Cap and Frooti were served to the children.
  • Magic Show
  • Puppet Show
  • Santa Claus distributed gifts to the children
  • Christmas Cake Cutting
  • Santa Claus distributed toffees and gifts to the children
  • Tattoo and Pottery Making
  • Domino Pizza and Cold Drink was served
  • Photo Session

The children were really excited after receiving gifts from Santa Claus. The children had fun time while watching magic show and puppet show. Children shared that this event was amazing and full of fun and enjoyment. All children were very excited before going at Genpact, with the dream what new will happen there and really children didn’t disappoint with this event. They have got lots of fun activities, learning, gathering, snack and lots of games. Children expressed thankful feelings for Ms. Sohini and Genpact for this wonderful time.


Last quarter has witnessed so many activities in the lives of those children in their Sunshine homes.Please do let us know your feedback about the same. Please write to us about your thoughts at fundraising@udayancare.org.

Celebrating Christmas at a Corporate office
Celebrating Christmas at a Corporate office
Vatsalya Mela at NCPCR
Vatsalya Mela at NCPCR
Workshops for the Mentor Parents
Workshops for the Mentor Parents
Another Christmas celebration  at a Corporate
Another Christmas celebration at a Corporate
Football Time
Football Time


Dec 26, 2013

Update of the last quarter from the field-USF Prog

Anu-our sucess story
Anu-our sucess story

                                                     Udayan Shalini Fellowships (USF):

 The situation of education for girls in India is abysmal, the biggest hurdle being faced during transition from high school to secondary levels and then to college where dropout rates increase dramatically. Making a conscious choice to support higher education of girls, Udayan Care began Udayan Shalini Fellowships in 2002, in Delhi with 72 girls. Since inception, USF has supported over 3000 girls. Today, many of our girls, whom we call Shalinis, are pursuing fields like Engineering, Medicine, CA, Computer Sc, among others. Some of the unique features of USF are mentoring and regular motivational workshops to create a force of sensitive, trained and enlightened citizens. To become socially aware and responsible, Shalinis fulfill 50 hours of mandatory social work. USF is now present in 9 cities – Delhi, Kurukshetra, Aurangabad, Dehradun, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Haridwar, Phagwara and Jaipur – with Jaipur as its newest Chapter.

Succes story of Anu-on her Journey form a deserving, needy and ambitious girl to become a dignified woman


Course: (Pursuing Medical)

Institution: Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi

 When Anu was completing her schooling, her aspirations may have resembled her peer group but the desire to excel and prove her merit had always been much stronger. She had set in her eyes the ambition to pursue MBBS. Had she been brought up in a privileged family, the barriers to higher education would have been lesser. But, her father’s income as a street vendor in Azadpur wholesale market as the sole earning member of the family was sufficient only to support the daily expenses of the family. Funding his daughter’s dream of securing admission in a private medical college was not possible.

 It was Anu’s determination and uni-directional focus towards her goal that made her secure admission in Lady Hardinge Medical College such that the burden of financing the cost of her medical degree did not fall on her family. While she agrees that her preparation in 11th and 12th standard has not been up to the mark, regular study and working on the basics worked wonders for her. Scoring 58% in the first year of the degree, there is nothing that can divert her attention from performing to the best of her capabilities. Besides, the academic engagement, Anu is utilizing the knowledge gained to the best possible manner. Teaching Chemistry and Maths to young aspirants in the coaching institute where she herself studied, she is helping these students fulfil their dream. This effort has provided her the additional support of funding her younger’s brother’s medical preparation in the same coaching institute. With one goal achieved, Anu has already started aiming for the future where her goal is to become a Paediatrician.

Some workshops for our Shalinis in order to train them to decelop their overall personality:


 DATE: 6th October 2013

PARTICIPANTS: 239 fellows across all the batches

FACILITATORS: Gaurav Sharma, American Express Team

THEME : Time Management


 DATE:10th  November, 2013


 PARTICIPANTS:60(10th&11th batch)




 Theme:  Communication Skills

Date : 8th December 2013

Participants:  65 Fellows: 8th &12th batch

Facilitator: Poornima Narang


 DATE               : 10th November 2013

FACILITATOR    :  Mohd.Faheem Khan

PARTICIPANTS  :47 fellows of 12th Batch, 23 Senior Mentor Didis

We will look forward for your suggestion for any workshop theme that we can include ion our module for the overall perdsonality developments for our Shalini Fellows.

You can write to us: fundraising@udayancare.org

On her way to become a Paediatrician
On her way to become a Paediatrician
Small group workshops
Small group workshops
Quarterly workshops
Quarterly workshops


Oct 23, 2013

From the field: Glimpses of Last Quarter(Aug-Oct)

Disaster management workshop at the Home
Disaster management workshop at the Home

The Flagship Programme of Udayan Care : Udayan Ghars_Sunshine Home for Children

 Based on the belief that a loving home and family is the right of every child, Udayan Ghars, long term residential homes, nurture children, who are orphaned or abandoned in a simulated family environment through a strategy called L.I.F.E – Living In Family Environment. There are single and multi unit Udayan Ghars, wherein 12 children (6-18 years), constitute a unit to give individual attention to each child. This ‘Group Foster Care’ model ensures children love and care by a group of Mentor Parents – 40socially committed individuals (volunteers), who groom these children with a team of social workers, care givers and supervisors. Udayan Ghars are located in middle class neighborhoods to help children reintegrate with mainstream society. Children receive quality education in some of the best schools. Once they reach the age of 18 years, they move into our Aftercare facilities and continue higher education or vocational training. Since inception in 1996, Udayan Ghars have nurtured 291 children. Presently, 187 children and young adults live at our 13 Udayan Ghars and 2 Aftercare facilities, across Delhi & NCR, Kurukshetra and Jaipur. With a vision to reach out to more children, more homes are in the offering.

SIMMI-Our SUCCESS STORY of last quarter:

Neelam, along with her four sisters, was abandoned by her father after her mother expired and was handed over to Hope organization and further came to Udayan Care on June 2nd, 2004.

She very well cleared her class XII from Pragyan School with 66% marks. She is a girl with brilliant extracurricular skill such as debate and singing, rangoli making. She joined BCA( Bachelor's in Computer Application) course in Global Institute of Information and Technology Greater Noida. In her Final semester (VI) she scored 80% occupying 2nd position in the institute.

With the outstanding and dedicated efforts, Neelam landed at WIPRO, a leading IT Corporate with 14000/-p. m salary through college placement. Now she has decided to lead her life independently. Today she is a confident empowered and successful lady.

WORKSHOPS WITH MENTORS, CAREGIVERS & CHILDREN to address various aspects of the overall personality development :

 1.     Workshop with caregivers:

-          Cookery workshop on July 27th, 2013 by Social Potpourri 

-          Workshop on Effective Communication & Motivation, held on August 10th, 2013 by Mr. Amar, SOIL Volunteer

-          Dealing with Anxiety, held on August 10th, 2013 by Dr. Deepak Gupta (Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist)

-          Common Sense Parenting, an ongoing training started from July, held by Dr. Shilpa Gupta (Certified trainer on Parenting)

-          Challenges & Dilemma’s dealing with children in foster care, Sept 12th, 2013 by Dr. Deepak Gupta (Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist)

-          Fire prevention Training & techniques, Sep 12th, 2013 by Mr. Ankur from Classic Fire Protection

 2.     Workshop with Mentors:

-          Motivating the Caregivers, held on July 11th, 2013 by Dr. Deepak Gupta (Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist)

3.     Workshops with Children:

-          Career Counseling, held on July 13th, 2013 by Social Potpourri

-          Workshop on Disaster Management Strategies at Home, Sept 15th, 2013 by Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi, District Disaster Management Authority (South Delhi)

 4.     Workshops with Coordinators:

-          Workshop on Child protection Policy, Sept 3rd 2013 by Ms. Antra (Sr. Manager, Ghar Programme)

-          Workshop on POCSO Act 2012, Sept 10th, 2013 by International Volunteer (Constance)

-          Workshop on Effective Study Environment at Ghars, Sep 17th, 2013 by Alison (International Volunteer)

 OTHER ACTIVITIES: (in collaboration with Corporate, being a part of CSR Events)

  1. Foundation Day Celebration with STC Travels (CSR Event)

The foundation day celebration with STIC travels was held on 14th September 2013, at 35 Khanna farm, Silver Oak, Ghitorni. The event started at 3:30 pm and ended at 8:30pm. It was a four hour event.

 The company well known for their hospitality served the Udayan Boys N Girls with lots of love and joy. Twenty six Udayan Care Ghar children (home 3, 5 and 12) participated in the event. Two Udayan Care staff members (Mr. Uma Shankar, Supervisor and Mr. Ravi, Coordinator) facilitated the children. The venue was beautifully decorated as per the children’s needs and interests. Various other activities were arranged and planned for the children. The children actively participated in the games or activities like balloon and the bouncy jungle and put the ball in hole, hammering the ball, electric passage and the Art attack section. These games and activities acted as the stress buster. The children enjoyed themselves and had a nice time.

 The food provided to the children was delicious which cannot be compared with taste of any place. Different stalls were put up for different cuisines (Continental, South Indian and North Indian). In other words, the food which was provided was pizza, chat, aloo chat, pakoras of different flavor and varieties, dosas, fruit kabaab, stuffed fried vegetables, the cold drinks and different kinds of beverages. Children enjoyed only the food but the refreshing drinks as well.

 The children were introduced to the stage. They were gifted goodies like a pen, a bag and a tiffin set. All this made the children happy. The children showed their skill of talking and discipline they learn in Udayan Care. After all the activities   It was a lovely treat for the children as well as the staff members.

 As a social worker it was a good day for me as I made new friends from Mehrauli home and new sisters too. They wanted to award the children who took part in their Art Attack but due to lack of time we had to leave. They promised the kids to send their Painting Gifts to the Head Office.

 2.     HUDCO painting Competition (CSR Event)

 A painting competition was held on 8th September 2013, at 272, Asiad Games village from 11am to 3 pm. Udayan Ghar (Mayur Vihar 1&2, Sant Nagar 1 & 2, Noida BOY's, Mehrauli)  children (eleven) participated in the competition. The theme was Urban Mobility. Various other NGOs such as Salam Balak Trust, Don Dosco, Butterfiles, etc also participated in the competition. Overall there were 100+ children who participated in the event. This completion helped the students to build competitive skills. This competition not only provided children a platform to show their talent but it also enhanced their artistic skills. The children enjoyed the event. HUDCO has taken care of the transportation. The transportation was well organized.

 As a result three of our kids won prizes the list is as follows:

-          Madhur, 11yrs – 1st Prize, Jr. Group, Mayur Vihar 2

-          Santosh, 13 yrs – 1st Prize, Sr. Group, Mayur Vihar 8

-          Sandeep, 14 yrs – 3rd Priza, Sr. Group, Noida Home 6

 Please visit our website: ww.udayancare.org and please write to us at fundraising@udayancare.org for on any suggestion for other developmental workshop we can organise for our chilren and carestaff. 

Kids at the painting competition
Kids at the painting competition
Workshop with caregivers
Workshop with caregivers
Workshop with Mentor parents
Workshop with Mentor parents
Foundation day celebration with a corporate
Foundation day celebration with a corporate
Cookery workshop with the caregivers
Cookery workshop with the caregivers
Neelam_our success story
Neelam_our success story


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