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Appalled by the stark reality of 31 million orphans in India and shocked by the condition of institutions housing them, a few like- minded individuals got together to take serious action. This obsession was the seed which sprouted as Udayan Care, - which was registered in 1994, as a Public Charitable Trust. While our first initiative was the Udayan Ghar programme for orphaned and abandoned children, we gradually worked towards ensuring higher education for girls through the Udayan Shalini Fellowship. In 2004, Udayan Care also initiated an Outreach programme for children affected by HIV, as well the Udayan Information and Technology Centres to improve employability of under-served communities...
Jun 27, 2013

Highlights of last quarter:Summer School for girls

Shalinis at the Summer School
Shalinis at the Summer School


                                       Highlights of the Last Quarter

 Summer School Academic Training Workshop-21 days for Udayan Shalini Fellows



The concept of Summer School Academic Training was drawn from the idea to improve the efficiency of academic learning and develop better orientation towards the career choices for the fellows studying in 12th std. It was envisaged as an extension of USF programme and an alternative to the conventional teaching methodology of school teachers.


v  To improve and enhance the academic preparedness of the fellows of 12th standard by providing them specialised guidance of experts from various fields. 

v  To serve as a platform of discussion based learning to the fellows to clarify their subject specific queries. 

v  To provide effective and goal directed career guidance to the fellows to make them aware of their career choices. 


38 fellows of science and commerce stream participated in the summer training at Mahavir Senior Model School. They were provided specialized guidance by experts for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics. The faculty members were professionals of their respective fields. For e.g. Vaibhav Bhatnagar provided guidance to the fellows of commerce stream.


For every subject, the focus of the experts was not only on completion of course but clarification of doubts. The faculty members laid emphasis on “smart learning” where the application of short cut methods in approaching the questions was explained to the fellows. All the important concepts were explained by means of educational games and activities where the faculty members facilitated the participation of the fellows.


The faculty members oriented the fellows towards preparation for various entrance examinations (esp. for science stream) so that they could understand the difference of pattern as compared to the school exams and prepare themselves accordingly. The fellows developed insight into career choices that they can make after their schooling. The basic awareness was regarding the courses that are available in their respective streams and the pros and cons of the respective courses.


In this method of training, the fellows were able to shed their inhibitions in asking questions and clarifying their doubts. The activity based learning approach adopted by the faculty generated interest and the fellows were able to grasp the concepts in an easier manner. Besides, the career based discussion developed a sense of career planning in the fellows in a way that they could give shape to their career related desires and take charge of their future accordingly.

Pls write to us at fundraising@udayancare.org about your feedbcak about this workshop and in whcih better way we can improve such campaigns!


Pls visit our website at : www.udayancare.org

All of their queries were Answered.
All of their queries were Answered.
Class going on for Summer School
Class going on for Summer School


Apr 25, 2013

Our Miracle of Hope and Events of Last Quarter.

Sports Day
Sports Day

Quarterly Report for Global Giving

Jan-March 2013

The Genesis

Based on the belief that a loving family and home is the rightful privilege of every child, Udayan Care set up its first Udayan Ghar (Home) in 1996 on the model of LIFE: Living in Family Environment. This model enables erstwhile orphaned and abandoned children in Udayan Ghars to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of social workers, and resident care givers.

Since inception Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 290 children with love and protection in 13 Homes across 4 states of India. Presently, there are 192 children across all homes.


  1.  Capacity Building Workshops

Besides providing quality education to our children in some of the best educational institutions, and individual mentoring at homes, Udayan Care also lays much emphasis on a strong and effective Mental Health Programme for their overall well being. As part of this programme, several capacity building workshops and meetings are held not just for the children but also the entire team of Udayan Ghar care providers.

In this quarter, children came over to Head Office to attend workshops on -

-          Menstruation & related issues was conducted by a practicing gynecologist Dr. Manisha Arora. She talked about reproductive health system, myths and perceptions that prevail in the society regarding menstruation; and also encouraged children to speak up and get their issues sorted in this session.

-          Dealing with Exam Pressure was the demand of the examination season. This workshop was specially organized by Dr. Deepak Gupta, child & adolescent psychiatrist, for children about to appear for their Board classes. The children were asked to focus on their strengths and fight their fears with The Butterfly Therapy.

             For residential care staff across all homes, informative sessions on topics like Reproductive Health and related issues amongst Teenagers and Cervical Cancer were organized under the aegis of Udayan Ghar’s Mental Health Programme.


The mentors and professional staff also came around for workshops on Epilepsy, Building Resiliency among children; Emotional Abuse; Ethics in Research and Orphan Care in China. Two of the social workers attended a three day EMDR Training held at Sir Gangaram Hospital. It is a psychological tool to help the client to release the negative thoughts and images of the past.


  1. Major Recreational and Co-curricular Events
  • This year, on the 10th of February, everyone eagerly welcomed the 7th edition of the adidas Group Udayan Care Annual Sports Day, at The Banyan Tree School, New Delhi, where children from all 13 Ghars celebrated their Right to Play. Gracing the occasion were Mr. Erick Haskell, Managing Director, adidas Group and Mr. Unmukt Chand, the under 19 cricket sports star.

Our young comperes, Karishma and Deepak Udayan held the audience’s attention throughout the day. The event began with a March past represented by each of our 13 Ghars, the Torch Lighting ceremony and the Oath taking led by Mr. Haskell. Our young children also got an opportunity to play a friendly game of cricket against the adidas team with Unmukt by their side.

Thorough planning led to a vast array of games for all children in different age groups. Besides, the familiar ones like the Lemon & Spoon race, Sack race, and the 50mtrs/100 mtrs dash, and 3-legged race. This year the children were pleasantly surprised with the addition of certain innovative ones like the Turtle race, Newspaper game, Hen race, Skipping race and Trisome.  Also keeping in mind the young energetic boy and girls of our Homes, we also held some of the all time favorites like the Relay, 400 mtrs sprint, Hurdle race and our boys’ most favorite the Wheelbarrow race.

Like every year, this year too special games were organized for Udayan Care’s staff, mentors, international volunteers and guest from adidas group. These included 100 mtrs dash (male staff); throw ball (female staff) and 400 mtrs Relay (volunteers and adidas group). 


The event ended with prize distribution, a vote of thanks by UC Mentor and Trustee Ms. Aneesha Wadhwa, and the children proudly singing the Udayan Anthem. Children from all Ghars made it to the victory stand and returned home with haul of adidas bags, bottles and socks as there were 92 prizes to be won!


  •  The Art of Living Foundation has been organizing Bal Shivirs at our Udayan  Ghars. This quarter they visited Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar. The Shivir was very effective and children learnt asanas, breathing techniques and narrating mantra OM, apart from other yoga exercises.


  • At Udayan Ghar, Gurgaon, team members from EXL paid a visit to the boys. They assisted children in their Class 10th and 12th with their studies; and also organized matches of Football and Cricket with the boys. Later all sat down to snacks of everyone’s choice – wraps and burgers.


  • In March, the girls at our latest Udayan Ghar at Sant Nagar, were visited by an enthusiastic, enterprising group of young friends who have come together to form a group – The Eating Outing Group. They visited the girls on 26th March to celebrate Holi with the children. Together with herbal colors, they spent an evening filled with excitement and fun. They also gifted children bags, pencil boxes and hair clips to the children. They children were treated to special gujias and other snacks.


  • The children from Udayan Ghars at Noida, Greater Noida, Mayur Vihar and Sant Nagar on 26th March in the morning went to an amusement park – World of Wonders in Noida along with their care staff. The children had an exciting, gala time riding on amusement rides and spending leisure time with their friends.


Our Miracle of Hope: Nuruksha

The outcomes of our efforts put into ‘Regenerating the Rhythm of the Disadvantaged’ are innumerable. These are a result of the mentoring at the individual level of the Mentors and care staff at home; the counseling and different therapies brought in use by our professional staff; the successful implementation of the Mental Health Programme; and plenty of donors and well wishers from the community who engage our children in several recreational events and outings. 

One such Miracle of Hope is 10 year old Nuruksha. Over a year’s span, with constant love, concern and support from mentor, caregivers, other girls at this home as well as the tutors, the turnaround in 10 year old Nuruksha is hard to miss.

Having come to Udayan Ghar at Ghaziabad, straight from her family of ten members, she deeply missed her parents and siblings. She was very reserved, self-doubting; and the language barrier only added to the difficulty. Nuruksha, completely unfamiliar with English, regarded herself as being different from the others, leading to her self-imposed isolation.

After a couple of months of home tutoring, mentoring and counseling, Nuruksha was enrolled in English-medium Deep Memorial School. Her mentor ensured that the teachers encourage the child to speak in the class in Hindi so that at least she breaks her inhibitions and overcomes them. Soon, after a month’s time at school, Nuruksha began making friends, developing rapport with teachers and gradually started voicing her concerns not only at home but at school too.  

Now, the child, who detested school a year a year back, now looks forward to attending it every single day; and who feared participation in group activities owing to her low self esteem and language barrier, now participates in almost all extracurricular activities that come her way. In addition, Nuruksha has shown such maturity and responsibility, that her mentor regards as one of the most trust-worthy girls at home, entrusting her with special tasks. But to top all of these accomplishments, Nuruskha’s is now an enthusiastic learner of the English language, and tries to speak, read and understand it with all her might! 

Your support has made us achieve  this.....!! 

Please do let us know in your feedback what kind of reports do you like to read-so that we can incorporate the same in our reports.

Please follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UdayanCare

Nuruksha_Our Miracle of Hope
Nuruksha_Our Miracle of Hope
Workshop _Dealing with Exam Pressure with Children
Workshop _Dealing with Exam Pressure with Children
Art of Living Camp
Art of Living Camp
Apr 8, 2013

Shanu Agarwal-Our Success Story of last quarter

Our success story: Shanu Agarwal
Our success story: Shanu Agarwal

Shanu Aggarwal- Our Success Story of last quarter

Shanu is an ambitious and hardworking girl, who completed her B.Com (H) from prestigious Daulat Ram College, New Delhi. She resides in Haveli Haider Quli area of Chandni Chowk. Her father is working as a private accountant. With her father’s meager income, hardly he could afford Shanu’s college education.

Due to her dedication and hard work, in 11th standard, she was selected as recipient of the of Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme. With the fellowship amount she not only completed her honours degree in commerce but also taken up chartered accountancy, as her aim in life is to become a chartered accountant. During her stint with the fellowship programme, she had been provided with mentoring support through experienced and eminent personalities. This helped her to remained focus both in her career and her aim in life as well. It’s a proud moment for Shanu’s family and Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme that with timely and able support & facilitation of the fellowship programme, now she is able to become a Chartered Accountant.

Moreover she had been regular in the various workshops and campaigns organised during the fellowship duration. Not only she takes initiative in the activities of the workshops but also shares the learning with her other friends also. Because of these interventions she is now truly can be called as a Shalini (Dignified Woman).


Shanu's Dreams of being a Chartered Accountant has been fulfilled with the help from people like "YOU". 

Your consistent support will help more girls like SHANU realise their dreams!


Last Quarter also witnessed:

  • Workshop on" Managing Influnces" on 13th of January.
  • Feedback from all the Shalini Fellows on the workshops for the calender year 2013 has been taken .
  • Shanu Agarwal has  been a major contributor in organising a succesfull 2nd Alumnae Meet in Delhi on 3rd of February.


Please suggest us topics for Life Skill Training that we can organise for our Shalini fellows.

Please write to us at: fundraising@udayancare.org about your feedback .


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