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KIDS FOR KIDS aims to help children living in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan who live lives of inexcusable hardship and to give them the chance of a better life. We seek to enable families to stay in their villages in the midst of the conflict by helping to improve their lives and livelihoods and lifting them out of poverty. Our long-term aim is to give Darfur a chance by sustaining villages as vibrant institutions - without this people living in the camps will have nothing to return to once peace is restored.
Jul 16, 2014

Violence is increasing and children are suffering

A little boy waits for his next meal
A little boy waits for his next meal

Violence in Darfur is escalating. It is heartbreaking to think that more villages have been torched this year, than ever before, yet the world is silent, but this is not the worst problem the people of Darfur have to face.  Children are starving in the villages but no one is helping.  We simply have to do  everything possible to prevent people from forgetting Darfur.  There are so many other regions in the world who face tragedy but something Kids for Kids can say with certainty is that the help the you are enabling us to give to children in remote villages really is helping us to transform their lives.

Last year there were eighteen villages on our shortlist, when we were having to decide which five we would be able to adopt in 2014.  Of course we wished it had been all of them because each village leader reported children dying from starvation or malaria in 2013.  Although we could not adopt all eighteen, we have just completed delivery of mosquito nets to all of them, in time to combat the onslaught of mosquitoes with the coming rains. 

It is these simple grassroots preventive measures that are the key to so much of what we do.  Next month for example, paravets and first aid workers will start their training.  The result will be small health problems, in both animals and humans, prevented in many cases from becoming more serious. Anything we can do to help people so far away from assistance makes a difference.   Our goats continue to transform the lives of children and their families. 

Thank you for remembering Darfur. 

Jul 7, 2014

People are starving and praying for early rain

Deprivation hits children hard
Deprivation hits children hard

Our news channels have been showing reports of conditions in South Sudan yet the world remains silent on Darfur. The tragedy is that in the absence of virtually all Aid Agencies and their publicity machines, plus the impossibility of any journalist visiting, the news of Darfur is just not getting out. People are reporting famine in South Sudan yet ignored UNICEF’s warning that 80,000 children are already severely malnourished in Darfur. Without medical help, they will die and the chance of a new harvest is not for many months so this is just the beginning. That is why your support of this project means so much. 

Patricia Parker, Founder of Kids for Kids recently commented, "Years of neglect and violence, the creation of South Sudan, and the devaluation of the Sudanese Pound, have combined to cause soaring inflation and desperate poverty. in Darfur.  Families cannot afford to feed their children.   Many have one scant meal a day” said Patricia. “The average annual income has dropped well below the cost of living and families are struggling, out of sight, away from the media spotlight."  However you are showing that there is a way to help.  Our goat loans and simple things like mosquito nets, first aid workers, donkeys, lift families out of poverty and give them a chance.

In 2013, with your help, we provided 1,048 blankets and mosquito nets to families in desperate need.  This year, although we could only commit to adopting five villages out of a shortlist of eighteen, we have committed to providing mosquito nets and blankets to all on the shortlist so that they will at least have some protection against the harsh desert conditions. 

Thank you for remembering Darfur.

May 28, 2014

First kindergarten already impacting the future

Children in Abu Nahla see their first books!
Children in Abu Nahla see their first books!

It is scientifically proven that mental and physical faculties develop fastest during a child's earliest years.  Without proper attention, their educational development is stunted. “Children’s early childhood learning environments have large impacts on short and longer-term life outcomes” (Bassok D, Jan 2014).  Children in the West have attended kindergartens since they were introduced in the 1800s.  But not in Darfur where villages lack pre-school facilities – children there are missing out, trapped in extreme poverty.

Our first kindergarten has now been welcoming children for six months and the results are already impacting children's lives in Abu Nahla. Feedback shows that the whole community participated, especially women in the building of this project. They decided to increase attendance at the kindergarten by 50% to 151 children. So the pilot reached more needy families than anticipated and its value-for-money was dramatically enhanced. We will build on this experience for the construction of further kindergartens in other villages.

The process of constructing the kindergarten demonstrated the importance of the full commitment of the community and its ability to manage projects.  “I am so proud of what the people of Abu Nahla are achieving. When we discussed the plans for the school, they decided they would make the bricks themselves to save us money. As our funds come from ordinary people in England and elsewhere, that means a lot.”  Patricia Parker MBE, Founder of Kids for Kids.

The success of the project is already widely recognised. Kids for Kids have been asked to roll out the project across the other 65 villages already supported by Kids for Kids and to each of the 5 new villages who will receive our integrated package every year BUT, it will take time.  Each kindergarten costs $33,600 (£20,000) and so we are now fundraising hard so that more children will be given the chance of education - a proven way out of poverty. 

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