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Tomorrow's Youth Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works in disadvantaged areas of the Middle East, enabling children, youth and parents to realize their potential as healthy, active and responsible family and community members.
Jun 2, 2014

Meet the Entrepreneurs You've Impacted!

Entrepreneur Helene with TYO
Entrepreneur Helene with TYO's Nadine

Thanks to your contribution, TYO-Lebanon (TYO-L) has spent the last few months hard at work helping entrepreneurs in the Bekaa take their businesses to the next level! TYO-L is now working with 5 selected entrepreneurs on expanding their business networks, accessing finance to scale up their businesses and fine tuning their branding and corporate identities. We are happy to share brief profiles on these five women and their businesses:

  • Roula:Atmosphere.... Art & Design School & Gallery… Put Art in your Sphere!”

Roula is a practiced artist and currently has a small studio space and gallery that she would like to expand into an Art and Design School to service artists locally in the Bekaa. Through Atmosphere, Roula wants also to create a space for talented people to connect with potential art lovers companies and individuals, affording young artists a chance to display and sell their work!

  • Rola:Go Green Go – Live the ultimate warm eco experience!”

Rola will expand her businessby launching an environmentally friendly log, which will replace the traditional wood log by transforming houses into warm and happy homes using practical, effective eco friendly heating.

  • Helene: Helene d’Av.... l’espace beaute complet! Beauty... from the inside out!”

Helene is a charming, fresh, classy committed lady with positive energy shining from the inside out. Helene is a beauty specialist well known in the region for her quality work, her honesty and her distinguished simple personal approach to beauty. Helene is ready now to expand her existing beauty center into a more holistic women’s wellness center: the only one of it’s kind in the Bekaa!

  • Tilda:TILES & CO.... when a tile says it all!”

Tildais a serious, passionate, talented, dedicated & committed entrepreneur. Despite somewhat difficult family circumstances, she created a very small cement tile fabric and that she could manage and make profitable for herself     and her two children. She is now ready to take her business to the next level!

  • Rima: “RIYA ... Rima Sawaya’s spirit in landscaping & interior!”

Rimais a skilled and talented young lady, passionate about embellishing all living areas –starting by the public spaces in Zahle. She is specializing in interior design and landscaping and her projects address all the same issue: embellishing ecologically starting from the concept up! 

Again, we thank you on behalf of the hardworking Lebanese women entrepreneurs in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon!

Entrepreneur Rima with TYO
Entrepreneur Rima with TYO's Nadine
Entrepreneur Roula with TYO
Entrepreneur Roula with TYO's Nadine.
Entrepreneurs Roula with TYO
Entrepreneurs Roula with TYO's Nadine.
Entrepreneur Tilda and TYO
Entrepreneur Tilda and TYO's Nadine
Apr 29, 2014

Reflecting on Success

Busy at work in the computer lab!
Busy at work in the computer lab!

At TYO we're celebrating the end of another successful session of programming. Children enrolled in the Core Child Program completed 12 weeks of classes that were devoted to addressing the themes of  Me & My Community, Communication, and Collaboration.

When asked to reflect on the session, TYO Core Teacher, Mufeeda explained that she is reminded of the challenges faced in the first weeks and the resulting sense of accomplishment she now feels for having helped her kids through those first few weeks. Initially children some were hard to engage, refusing to speak in class. For some of these children it was the first time in their lives that they left their refugee camps or neighborhoods. It took a while to build their trust with these children and show them through positive modeling that someone outside their homes can be a role model and care for them.

She went on to explain that nothing makes her more proud and excited than watching those silent children open up over the duration of the session. She reports having three particularly unengaged students but when they at last they smiled, and by week seven even asked to hold hands, she felt immense satisfaction. Teachers at TYO work hard to ensure children aren't only supported in the classroom, but also in the home. As such, teachers make frequent calls to follow-up with parents and relay the progress of their children, notifying parents of any potential issues flagged during class. Mufeeda attributes much of the success she was able to achieve with her children this session to the inclusive approach TYO takes to addressing the needs of children enrolled in the programming as well as the integration of new learning tools.

Of great help this session in engaging students was the inclusion of IT classes in the Core Child Program. Each day children were exposed to age appropriate educational content and games in the computer lab. According to a study by the Alliance for Childhood, for children over 3, ‘some exposure to thoughtfully constructed media content can promote pro-social behaviors and contribute to learning, especially when a caring adult is actively involved.’ IT activities were carefully selected to hone their small motor skills, logic and reasoning skills, and spatial awareness skills. Learning games from sources such as PBS Kids, National Geographic, and Sesame Street provide children with colorful and engaging games from trusted content providers.

We've been so happy to watch children at TYO develop their skills over the last session and with your generous support we can ensure that we have the  necessary resources to provide children in the Nablus community with the robust learning environment they deserve. 

Teachers work  to provide individualized support
Teachers work to provide individualized support


Mar 4, 2014

Entrepreneur Interview: How Your Support Helps Roula!

Roula and fellow entrepreneurs.
Roula and fellow entrepreneurs.

A great deal in part due to your contribution, TYO-Lebanon has been able to assist women entrepreneurs in the Bekaa area of Lebanon to enhance their business skills and knowledge through training programs, one-on-one coaching and incubation. We are happy to share with you the feedback from an interview with one of our one-on-one coaching beneficiaries, Roula. Roula's business is based in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley and is called "Go Green Go". Her concept involves the creation and use of environmentally friendly logs, to replace traditional wood logs as a form of cost-effective and eco-friendly heating. 

1. How have you and your business benefitted from the support of TYO?

"My benefit from the project has been great. It has made me more aware of the potential success of my business and how best to position and market myself locally as a start and gain a more strategic vision for growth outside of Lebanon. The brainstorming sessions and business preparation course have been very helpful in increasing my knowledge of accounting management, the importance of human resources, how to source my materials most effectively and most importantly, the marketing of my business!"

2. How has working with TYO helped you to overcome the challenges that you face in growing your business?

"One of the main challenges that I have faced has been to source my materials. TYO helped me to identify local recyclable materials that I can use for the creation of my environmentally friendly logs, by the use of materials discarded by local craftsmen. TYO has also helped to connect me to potential partners who have similar experience in the creation of environmentally friendly products."

Roula is one of many women entrepreneurs benefiting from the TYO training and coaching programs in Lebanon and again, thanks for your support!

Roula receives business training support.
Roula receives business training support.
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