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Reach Global is an international nongovernmental, non-sectarian organization whose mission is to equip millions of very poor girls and women with the knowledge and skills to activate their most powerful asset-themselves. Reach does this by designing life changing education on health, livelihoods and family finance, and replicating its delivery in the world's poorest communities.
Nov 5, 2012

Exciting New Developments

Dear friends,

This Fall has brought some exciting new developments at Reach Global!

We've recently partnered with Equality & Opportunity Foundation to support a pioneering new approach to low-cost housing for poor women, girls and their families in India and Bangladesh. 

Poor quality housing leaves families vulnerable to financial, health and environmental hazards, which contribute to illness, low productivity and greater vulnerability. Moreover, current housing is very expensive for poor families. In peri-urban Dhaka, for example, a 120 square foot shelter of bamboo mat, tin, bricks and mud, costs $1,500 - $3,000 for a family that typically makes $1,000 - $3,000 per year. And sub-standard building practices mean a family faces this cost every 2-4 years just to maintain their structure. Reach Global is supporting Equality & Opportunity Foundation to provide houses that are:

  • Safe: built to withstand winds of up to 127miles/hour and earthquake force of 8.5, the houses are well lit, ventilated, and integrated with rainwater catchment, water filtration, mosquito netting, and a cook stove.
  • Affordable: houses cost $500 - $2,500—a range that millions of poor Bangladeshi households have already demonstrated they can repay in 12 months to microfinance institutions like the Grameen Bank.  When home ownership is affordable, other priorities, such as sending daughters to school, become more possible. 
  • Income-generating: mixed-use house designs support home-based enterprises, which enable a family to pay for the house within 12 months.
  • Customizable: component-based houses are assembled in 2-3 days and families can expand incrementally over time, based on their needs, preferences and budget.

Thank you for your continued support! It enables us to continue innovating on behalf of, and supporting girls and women. As always, your tax-deductible donation made online through GlobalGiving (see link below) or at Reach Global's website is quick, easy and safe.

Sean Kline

Executive Director

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Aug 3, 2012

Adolescent Girls: Agents of Change in Rural India!

Hope in Rural India
Hope in Rural India

More than 430 million people in India still live on less than $1 a day—the majority are rural and female. This picture is particularly grave for the estimated 100 million adolescent girls between the ages of 10 and 19 years who are often caught in a cycle of poor health and poverty.

Reach Global is currently developing new education for adolescent girls to equip them to make better decisions about their sexual and reproductive rights and health, including when to marry and when to have their first child. These two decisions have tremendous implications for girls’ health and livelihoods.

I look forward to communicating with you again when many community organizations across rural India have begun facilitating this education among groups of girls, and girls have begun acting on their newfound knowledge, negotiation skills and health practices. 

In the meantime, I want to share with you that a photo of one girl we met in rural India is a finalist in Global Giving's Photo Contest. If this photo wins this contest, Reach Global will receive $1,000 and be highlighted on Global Giving's Home Page. So, the single best way you can support our work today is to vote for this photo here. It's that easy! 

If you wish to provide additional support, as always your tax-deductible donation made online through Global Giving (see link below) or at Reach Global's website is quick, easy and safe. 

Thank you,

Sean Kline

Executive Director


Jul 5, 2012

Helping Srimati and Her Family Sleep Better...and Safer

Srimati with her husband and daughter
Srimati with her husband and daughter

Reach Global’s work continues at an exciting pace. Since 2007, we’ve equipped more than 1,310,732 adolescent girls and women in community-based savings groups (called self-help groups) with critical knowledge and skills about home-based health practices, livelihoods and money management.

These numbers reflect the importance we place on supporting many women, girls and their families. However, what reminds us most that this work is important are individual stories that bring the numbers to life, and exemplify the smart, important role each of us can play in the lives of others.

One special woman our education supports is Srimati Krisku, who lives with her husband and little daughter, Priya, in a rural village north of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). Srimati gathered with the other women in her group to tell us about the impact malaria education has had on their lives. "There is an awakening for us,” Srimati said. “We never knew how malaria works. The program taught us a lot and we are grateful."

Since joining her group, Srimati has seen many changes in her life. “Now there are no problems in the house to manage, because of our self-help group,” Srimati said. “The group comes to help if I cannot work in the field. We build houses together. If there is a wedding, everyone helps. We can solve our problems peacefully.”

When Srimati is not working in the field with her husband, she buys and then sells vegetables at her village market. She has saved enough money to purchase a goat. However, she’s pleased to say she’s even prouder of another purchase she made: a bed net. Reach's Learning Conversations education taught her to treat the net with insecticide to protect her family from malaria. Malaria is widespread in rural areas such as Srimati’s village. In one nearby village, 40 people died of malaria in less than a year.

“I use the mosquito net to prevent malaria. I put the ‘medicine’ on the net. We saw the mosquitoes and flies die. We could sleep better and we are happy.”

We know that when a woman changes the practices in her household the entire family benefits. Girls, the next generation of mothers and entrepreneurs, absorb these practices and integrate them into their future households. This is the powerful multiplier effect of investing in girls and women.

As always, your tax-deductible donation made online through GlobalGiving (see link below) or at Reach Global's website is quick, easy and safe. Your support is vital to our continued support to women like Srimati.

Thank you!

Sean Kline

Executive Director

P.S. You can follow us on twitter and facebook

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