Rain for the Sahel and Sahara

Rain for the Sahel and Sahara (RAIN) forges partnerships with underserved nomadic and rural desert peoples of West Africa to realize their ambitions for education and enduring livelihoods with a focus on empowering girls and women with learning and earning.
N25, Agadez, Niger
(16.97274, 7.98368)
Agadez City, Niger
N25, Agadez, Niger
(16.97041, 7.98028)
Agadez Niger
Nunavut X0A, Canada
(68.15984, -70.31250)
Agadez Region
Tchirozerine, Niger
(16.16324, 8.23975)
Agadez Region, Niger
N25, Agadez, Niger
(16.96548, 7.98234)
Agadez, Niger
N25, Agadez, Niger
(16.98358, 7.97732)
Agadez, center of Niger's Tuareg and Wodaabe peoples, is the distribution point for food going to hamlets and encampments the Air Mountains and the Azawak region.
N11, Agadez, Niger
(16.96338, 7.97441)
Air Massif
Tchirozerine, Niger
(18.37538, 6.78955)
Air Massif Region, Niger
Arlit, Niger
(18.28013, 8.00010)
Arlit, Niger
N25, Agadez, Niger
(16.96897, 7.98162)
Bilma, Niger
(20.17972, 11.07422)
N25, Niger
(18.52910, 7.57233)
In'gal Niger
Chemin de la Cure salee, Ingal, Niger
(16.79318, 6.93705)
Nassile region
N6, Niger
(12.85030, 1.58203)
Tchirozerine, Niger
(17.01477, 9.66797)
Niger Emergency Food Aid Fund
(16.79613, 7.93213)
Niger, West Africa
Tchirozerine, Niger
(17.71926, 8.92090)
Tchirozerine, Niger
(17.98437, 9.31213)
RAIN Learning Center and Dormitory
N25, Agadez, Niger
(16.96634, 7.98105)
School Market Gardens
N1, Niger
(13.58192, 6.67969)
N6, Niger
(12.81607, 1.81274)
The Tillaberi Region of Niger borders Mali. Tuareg, Fulani, Dzarma and Gourmantche live there, and receive little help.
Filingue, Niger
(14.65941, 2.81250)
The village of Foudouk is near Ingall, Niger
N25, Niger
(16.37999, 7.06115)
Ouallam, Niger
(14.44042, 2.45667)
Tillaberi Niger
N1, Niger
(14.22014, 1.45584)
Tillaberi Region, Niger
N27, Niger
(12.98814, 2.08740)
Tillaberi Region, Niger West Africa
Say, Niger
(12.41713, 2.68066)
Tillaberi Region, Niger, West Africa
N16, Niger
(14.17919, 6.02051)
Tillaberi region
Say, Niger
(12.83323, 1.88965)
Women Artisans Learning and Earning for Schools
N11, Niger
(16.63619, 8.08594)

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