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Apr 2, 2014

Thank you for all of your support

We want to thank you for all of your generous support through the Global Giving web site.


With your help, over the past few years, we have raised several thousand dollars to help parents become stronger advocates for their children with special needs by donating funds to many terrific organizations and by providing free resources to families such as The Special Needs Parent Handbook.


Since the bulk of our activity is centered around our web site, we are no longer using the Global Giving platform to raise funds and are therefore discontinuing this project.


Thank you again for all of your help in helping make lives better for children with special needs.



Jan 13, 2014

Special Defenders helping children like Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips

With over 7000 people following our Facebook page, a number of connections have been made between Special Defenders, volunteer advocates/attorneys and families that have children with special needs.
In one extreme situation, George from Georgia, who is a terrific dad, was arrested and charged as a terrorist. George Phillips was simply speaking out to protect his 7-year-old son Ian who has autism, from teachers who wanted to paddle him and deny him the right kind of education.
With the help of Special Defender Robin Lucas, who drove across Georgia to be their advocate, Ian will get what he needs and with any luck the charges against George will be dropped. Complaints will be filed with The US Department of Justice or Education for violations of Ian's civil rights.
Want to help the Phillips Family? Learn how at:
Thank you,


Oct 28, 2013

Helping fight for kids in AK, CA, GA, NJ, VA & UK

Special Defenders
Special Defenders

After a year-long and very public battle with Tenafly, NJ, on Facebook and via email with copies to hundreds in our community, we won in a big way.

There were no great celebrations because it wrecked our lives in many ways for the past year and we're just picking up the pieces but I would do it all over again - and get to the battle much more quickly and not let them slowly torture us like they did this time.

As a result of our experience I created The Special Education Bill of Rights - - and our local State Senator Loretta Weinberg, who is the Majority Leader, has sent it to Trenton for consideration of making it a bill.

One of the most important parts of the bill is our new initiative,, which is essentially providing public defenders to parents to help educate them on their rights and level the playing field against school districts.

Please help spread the word by Liking - we've grown from 200 to nearly 4000 followers in the past several weeks and are making connections to help many families.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Jon "Driven" Singer