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Oct 14, 2013

After helmets are donated: follow up visits to schools

Pham Minh Thuan
Pham Minh Thuan

After helmets are donated: following up with student and teacher crash cases

During August and September we revisited 32 Helmets for Kids project schools in the Ha Tinh, Dong Nai, and Quang Binh provinces of Vietnam to check on helmet use rates follow-up with road safety education. During these visits, we were told of 30 incidents of students (and 1 teacher) of project schools being involved in traffic crashes. In all 30 crashes there was not a single head injury- every individual walked away from the scene thanks to the helmet they received as a donation.  

As much as we love children’s excitement and joy at receiving helmet donations, seeing them continue to wear their helmets throughout the year and learning about instances that these helmets saved their lives never fails to move us.

Here are a few of their stories:

On September 14th, fourth grader Pham Minh Thuan was riding on a motorcycle with his sister near their home when another motorcyclist collided into them and they fell into the street.  Thuan sustained some scratches on his arm but no head injury thanks to the helmet he received as a donation. 

On August 26th, third grader Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung was riding her bicycle to school when she collided with another bicyclist and fell down onto the sidewalk. Her head hit the pavement but she was not seriously injured because she was wearing the helmet she received as a donation. Dung walked away from the accident with a few scratches and made it to school.

Second grader Phan Thi Khanh Linh was riding home from the park by motorcycle with her mother. A dog ran into their path and they were unable to avoid it. Linh fell off of the motorcycle and sprained her ankle. Thanks to the helmet she was wearing, she did not sustain a serious injury.

This July, Nguyen Thanh Huong, teacher at So 1 Thach Ha primary school in Ha Tinh, was travelling home to her village when she collided with a motorcyclist driving the wrong way down a one-way street. She fell from her motorcycle with such force that the hard shell of her helmet was broken. The helmet she received as a donation absorbed the full impact of the collision, and she walked away from the crash with only a few scratches on her arm.

These are just a few stories we collected. The helmets we donate always come with a lesson in traffic safety, and we hope that these lessons prevent most of our target population from even being involved in crashes to begin with.

In addition to providing helmets to students and teachers, we are expanding to donate helmets to as many mothers as we can. 

Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung
Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung
Phan Thi Khanh Linh
Phan Thi Khanh Linh
Nguyen Thanh Huong
Nguyen Thanh Huong
Jul 15, 2013

Protect Children from Injury

Long Short Walk in Hanoi
Long Short Walk in Hanoi

The week of May 6 to 12 marked the United Nations’ second Global Road Safety Week where events were held around the world to make roads safer. AIP Foundation participated in this movement by organizing activities across Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City, we held an exhibition opening and public event for our pedestrian campaign with Safe Kids Worldwide, which featured a photo contest for secondary students. More than 1,000 young people, volunteers, local and national government officials, popular Vietnamese celebrities, and community members attended. The event concluded with a Long Short Walk led by the Chief Secretariat of National Traffic Safety Committee where participants marched through main downtown streets to express a collective desire for more sidewalks, improved traffic signals, and other measures to make pedestrians safer. Advocacy for pedestrian safety is important, as pedestrians make up nearly one quarter of traffic fatalities. A post-evaluation of the event revealed that 86 percent of student participants reported enjoying the games we set-up, and many were able to recall the road safety messages featured.

We kicked-off the Week in Hanoi with a family event, which combined activities to improve child helmet use, as part of our ongoing campaign, with a Long Short Walk. We also hosted walks during April in Ha Tinh Province and in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

The second phase evaluation results of our three-year national public awareness campaign “Children also need a helmet” showed dramatic increases in children wearing helmets nationwide. Since baseline research was conducted in September 2012, child helmet use has risen from 17 to 47 percent across our three target cities of Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh City. The results in Hanoi were particularly impressive, with helmet use rising from 9 to 53 percent. However, there is still more work to be done to encourage all children aged 6-14 to wear helmets. AIP Foundation continues to promote the campaign at public events, on social media, and with TV and outdoor advertisements. We have also enhanced police enforcement and called to local partners for support.

As part of our efforts to increase the number of children wearing helmets in Vietnam, we have solicited pledges from Vietnamese parents to commit to putting helmets on their children. Between January and June 2013, 175,000 parents signed a commitment to put helmets on their children using Facebook, the campaign website, and direct flyer distribution at information sessions.

As the school vacations commence and our project cycle winds down, our team is spending time mapping out the next steps in each of our initiatives to increase child helmet rates in Vietnam.

Apr 12, 2013

Helmets Make Our Children Safer

Photo from HCMC Family Day
Photo from HCMC Family Day

To complement our ongoing public awareness campaign efforts, our Helmets for Kids projects, and enforcement campaign in target cities, AIP Foundation’s non-profit helmet factory, Protec, launched a helmet exchange program last month. This helmet exchange program responds to increasing government attention to the issue of helmet quality. According to recent estimates by the World Health Organization, of the helmets worn on Vietnamese roads, around 82% of them are of substandard quality. Starting in March and ending on 30 June 2013, people who have fake helmets can trade them for quality helmets at Protec’s showroom locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Danang; these quality helmets are sold for a reduced price equivalent to a 20% discount. Under this program, up to 300 helmets are exchanged per day in each showroom, making a tangible impact on the quality of helmets worn in Vietnam.

The enforcement campaign conducted in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the National Traffic Safety Committee which resulted in child helmet rates increasing from 22% to 50% has successfully expanded to Danang and Hanoi. The focus of the enforcement campaign is to encourage children aged 6-14 to comply with the law which requires them to wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle. We are hopeful that these enforcement campaigns will result in a sustainable increase in child helmet use.

Our Helmets for Kids projects are in full swing across Vietnam. We have expanded our work in Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Dong Nai, and Ho Chi Minh City, and are continuing to work in Hanoi, Cau Giay, and Hai Duong. Nearly 10,000 students have received helmets and road safety education in Vietnam alone. Extracurricular activities focused on road safety reinforce messages of staying safe on the roads learned in the classroom. In Vietnam, helmet wearing rates increase on average 79 percentage points through these interventions.

As part of our public awareness campaign, AIP Foundation hosted a Family Day event on March 24 called “Kids Love Helmets” at a popular park in Ho Chi Minh City. Children and their parents participated in road safety games, which included slow bicycle riding, helmet painting, and potato sack races (with road sign matching). The winners of the road safety games received Protec helmets as a prize. Other event highlights were the performance of a famous Vietnamese boy band, 365, and a  flashmob, where each of the core participants wore a helmets. A family day will be taking place on the May 4 in Hanoi to highlight the importance of child helmet wearing. We expect to continue to see increases in child helmet rates through the synergies of these four initiatives. 

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