Grassroots Empowerment Initiative (GEMINI)

GEMINI seeks to empower and build the capacity of marginalized communities through information-sharing, skills-building and training to enable them make informed choices.
Jul 26, 2006

Youth Program

Last year, the Advocates for Teen Mothers conducted a joint survey in Kenyan schools on how lack of reproductive health information has impacted their growth and what could be done to stem the rising numbers of girls dropping from school at an early age, prevent the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS and increase school retention rates.

The following report is the end of project summary of findings of this survey carried out in six secondary schools between April 2005 and February 2006.

May 18, 2006

Update on our Project!


Over the past two quarters, ATM received approximately US$665 from the Global Giving donors.

In December 2005, we visited over 115 families either infected or affected by HIV/Aids in Moi’s Bridge.

We were also able to increase the number of volunteers working for us and who provided our clients with counseling on a variety of issues including how to access Voluntary Counseling & Testing services, small scale business management courses, academic tutoring for children affected with HIV as well as community sensitization.

Read the attached report to see how 30 persons have benefited exclusively from Global Giving donations only even though we received funding from other sources e.g. the community, personal donations and program related services. We hope to share with all our donors the detailed financial reports once our auditors are through with the figures.

We wish to thank all the donors who supported us and who still continue to have faith in what small, under funded and grassroots based organizations can do to uplift the living standards of their communities.

Mar 1, 2006

Drought Update

Advocates for Teen Mothers has taken action in the recent drought in Kenya. Read for more information.