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Jan 10, 2014

Project of the Month Update: January 2014

Dear Project of the Month Club,

Happy New Year! With the generosity of you and all our GlobalGivers, organizations were able to raise $22 million on GlobalGiving for fantastic causes in 2013. Amazing!

Here to accompany that great news is a Project of the Month Club update:

In December, 182 Club members gave a combined total of $5,779 to a project by our partners at Friends of Burkina Faso called "Rainwater Catchments: A Solution to Water Scarcity ."

Your gift allowed the residents of Ramongo in Burkina Faso to engage in focus groups and discuss strategy around having rainwater catchment basins (RCBs).  These RCBs help bring water to areas where it is scarce, ensuring the people of Burkina Faso have water year round. They’ve begun research into how the landscape, current weather conditions, and water-flow will influence where they place the basins. They are also exploring how to divide the water collected among the community's needs. 

This month, your January donations will be combined to support a project called “Help Rescue 500 Battered Women and Their Children” by Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

Here’s what the Project Leader, Paula Lucas, had to say when we shared the good news with her:

“Wow! Thank you so much for choosing “Help Rescue 500 Battered Women and Their Children” as Global Giving’s Project of the Month for January 2014!  We are all doing a happy dance in our office! With these funds we will be able to rescue five American mothers and their children from domestic violence overseas and bring them back home to the USA. Thank you for believing in our life-saving mission and for giving these vulnerable women and children a fresh start back in the USA, away from violence.”

Looks like 2014 is starting off right! We look forward to sharing another update about an earth-changing project again in February! 

Happy New Year,
Mari and the GlobalGiving Team

Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, R.O.A.R. Supporters!

2013 was another great year for the R.O.A.R. campaign.  Since our last update, we hosted another matching campaign for our seven R.O.A.R. partner non-profits.  

Between October 14 and November 12, 2013, donors provided more than $130,000 in funding towards American Humane Association, Earthwatch Institute, EQUUS Foundation, Jane Goodall Institute, National Wildlife Federation, Petfinder Foundation, and Villalobos Rescue Center via GlobalGiving.  With generous matching funds and prizes totaling $140,000 from the Animal Planet R.O.A.R. program, more than $270,000 was raised to improve the lives of animals in less than a month! 

These much-needed funds are going to help save wildlife habitats; give orphaned chimps more room to roam; save the lives of shelter pets in North America; rescue, rehabilitate and retrain horses; save sea turtles in the Bahamas; treat pit bulls suffering from heartworm disease; and provide disaster relief efforts for animals throughout the world.

You can view the full details of the matching campaign here:

Thank you, to all of you who helped by making a donation in 2013. We’re looking forward to more great things ahead in 2014!

Dec 13, 2013

Update from our partners working in Syria

Photo Credit: Oxfam America
Photo Credit: Oxfam America

Escaping violence is no easy feat, and those who are able to run away from its grasp do not always find peace.  The Syrian Civil War has forced more than 2 million people to flee their homes, creating one of the biggest diasporas in contemporary times. However, thanks to your kind donation, GlobalGiving’s partners such as the World Food Program USA, Oxfam America, and Relief International were able to provide food vouchers, warm clothes, and education to refugees and refugee children. From all the corners of the world, these successful stories serve to exemplify how much a person can help, even from outside. Following are some great stories from our partners:

Jordan was one of the many countries where victims fled to after the conflict started. Today, around 110,000 people seek refuge in the Zaatari camp, a number that could exceed 10 million next year. The World Food Program USA has brought lifesaving relief and food aid to approximately 3 million people monthly living inside Syria, and 1 million refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey. Furthermore, the World Food Program has created a food voucher system in which families are able to purchase the products of their choice. Um Shadi, one of the many people in the camp stated families are now much happier because they can “buy what we want; we are very happy with the vouchers”. This great initiative also led to a small boost in the local economy.

It is important to understand that the quality of life of these refugees dramatically took a turn for the worse. These cold winter months have affected many of the people living in these camps; Oxfam America and its partners have helped thousands by providing them with warm clothing, blankets, heaters, rugs, and much needed plastic sheeting to weatherproof their shelters. Moreover, Oxfam America has been making great strides to improve the water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions. The Zaatari camp now possesses emergency latrines for 20,000 refugees and sanitation facilities (such as toilets, laundry areas, and showers) for 8,000 people. The long term goal for Oxfam’s technical team is to be able to assist up to 300,000 refugees through the improvement of water supplies and sanitation facilities.

While this period of conflict will end soon, it is the next generation that will decide the future path of the country. That is why education is of paramount importance. Over 1 million of the refugees are children, and they make up half of the current growing Syrian refugee population. Due to the conflict, their education has been interrupted, accompanied by the psychological trauma as a result of the war. These uneducated children who haven’t been attending to school in years are the results of the conflict and the future of the country. Thankfully, Relief International has been focusing on protecting these children by helping them catch up in school at the Relief International educational center, where they can feel secure while receiving psychosocial relief. Thanks to the many tireless volunteers, children receive classes and organize recreational activities. These kids are determined to continue their educational dreams, and your contributions continue to fuel and make those dreams possible.

 Though violence will continue, solidarity and peace will reign on. The evidence is in the thousands of GlobalGivers like you that continue to help GlobalGiving’s partners to provide clothing, sanitation, shelter, and an education to the millions who were misplaced. For the future of Syria is in the hands of its people, but the future of humankind lies in the solid concepts of cooperation and solidarity.   

Photo Credit: Relief International
Photo Credit: Relief International
Photo Credit: World Food Program USA
Photo Credit: World Food Program USA
Photo Credit: Relief International
Photo Credit: Relief International


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