Vision Africa

Vision Africa equips and empowers children and youths for a brighter future, ensuring that they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make a difference in their families and communities. The following principles guide our project partnerships and work. The emphasis will vary depending on the nature of the project. Provision - We contribute towards meeting the children's material and emotional needs. Protection - We protect the rights of children to have a happy childhood free from neglect, cruelty and exploitation. Preparation - We support projects that enhance educational opportunities and prepare children to fulfil their potential.
Jan 25, 2013

Opening for Business

Class of 2012 Nairobi
Class of 2012 Nairobi

In November, Seed of Hope reached the milestone of 1,000 girls graduating from the programme. We have already seen many of these girls go on to set up their own small businesses which have transformed their lives.

The staff at our four Seed of Hope centres are now in the process of working with the new graduates and their families to get their businesses up and running. The aim is to lay good foundations for each business so that it can grow over time. The graduates have been choosing who they will go into partnership with and working on their business plans. They then have to find a shop which can be rented before we can organise a trading licence and sewing machine. Their families also have to decide who will contribute the tables, stools, scissors, mirror, iron and other essential items.

Since the start of the year, our centres in Kisii and Kitui have each seen five businesses established. Kariti Seed of Hope has one business up and running. Work is underway to grow these numbers in the coming weeks as the graduates find business premises and their families settle on their contributions.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our Roots programme through Global Giving. You have helped ensure that our girls can have Dignity, Hope and Opportunity as they move in to the next exciting chapter of their lives.


Jan 17, 2013

End of Year Exams and New Year Begins

The end of last year was a busy time for Kibera Mpira Mtaani (KiMMta). This is the time of year when students at the end of their primary school education sit their final exams. The KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) results determine if students will be offered a place in secondary school and what level of school (National, Provisional, District) they are invited to join.

In 2012, KiMMta had sixty candidates for KCPE. This is where the after-school tuition plays a vital role as students are supported in their studies and have access to the all-important text books that can help them. With the extra tuition, students have a better chance of performing well and getting offered places at secondary schools than those who rely on the informal education offered in non-government schools.

Last year, KiMMta had around 200 students in schools throughout the country with about 150 of these being at boarding schools. 25 of their students sat their final secondary school exams (KCSE) last year and are awaiting their results along with the 60 KCPE students.

The ECD (Early Childhood Development) centre set up in the last term of 2012 is doing well. Sixty students are enrolled and have returned after their Christmas break. In 2013, the committee in charge of this project is looking to set up one or two income generating activities to make the programme sustainable in the future.

Thanks to all our friends at GlobalGiving who have supported KiMMta in their education programme. We look forward to 2013 being another great year.

Jan 15, 2013

Launching New Projects for Sustainability

Farm at Nyamwanga Primary School
Farm at Nyamwanga Primary School

Sustainability was a key focus of Vision Africa in 2012 and will continue to be in 2013.

Thanks to donations through Global Giving, we have seen some of our projects taken steps towards sustainability over the last few months.

Kandara Children’s Home has started a pig-rearing project to raise funds. A pregnant sow was purchased by the home using funds donated through Global Giving. Within a few weeks, she had given birth and there are eight healthy little piglets which are growing well. We were delighted that one of our Global Giving donors was able to visit the home and see for herself what her donation had done!

The children at Kandara Children’s now know to put all scraps of food in to a bucket in the kitchen which is used to collect food for the mother while her young are still suckling. Once the piglets have grown to a decent size, they will be sold to generate income. This is one of several farming activities at Kandara Children’s Home which also has dairy cows and chickens.

Nyamwanga Primary School in Western Kenya has also started farming. The school provides lunch for over 600 students on a daily basis. To help with their feeding programme, some of the funds donated through Global Giving were used to buy tools and seeds so that a portion of land could be cultivated. The rains have been favourable this season and we were delighted to get word that the school had harvested 400kg of maize and 60kg of beans. This will really help the school provide lunch for the students which in turn will help them study and encourage them to attend school.

These are just two examples of the work our projects have been able to do thanks to your support. We look forward to bringing you more success stories in the coming months.

Thank you for making a difference! We wish you all the very best for 2013.

Pig Rearing At Kandara Children
Pig Rearing At Kandara Children's Home
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