Vision Africa

Vision Africa equips and empowers children and youths for a brighter future, ensuring that they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make a difference in their families and communities. The following principles guide our project partnerships and work. The emphasis will vary depending on the nature of the project. Provision - We contribute towards meeting the children's material and emotional needs. Protection - We protect the rights of children to have a happy childhood free from neglect, cruelty and exploitation. Preparation - We support projects that enhance educational opportunities and prepare children to fulfil their potential.
Jan 15, 2013

Launching New Projects for Sustainability

Farm at Nyamwanga Primary School
Farm at Nyamwanga Primary School

Sustainability was a key focus of Vision Africa in 2012 and will continue to be in 2013.

Thanks to donations through Global Giving, we have seen some of our projects taken steps towards sustainability over the last few months.

Kandara Children’s Home has started a pig-rearing project to raise funds. A pregnant sow was purchased by the home using funds donated through Global Giving. Within a few weeks, she had given birth and there are eight healthy little piglets which are growing well. We were delighted that one of our Global Giving donors was able to visit the home and see for herself what her donation had done!

The children at Kandara Children’s now know to put all scraps of food in to a bucket in the kitchen which is used to collect food for the mother while her young are still suckling. Once the piglets have grown to a decent size, they will be sold to generate income. This is one of several farming activities at Kandara Children’s Home which also has dairy cows and chickens.

Nyamwanga Primary School in Western Kenya has also started farming. The school provides lunch for over 600 students on a daily basis. To help with their feeding programme, some of the funds donated through Global Giving were used to buy tools and seeds so that a portion of land could be cultivated. The rains have been favourable this season and we were delighted to get word that the school had harvested 400kg of maize and 60kg of beans. This will really help the school provide lunch for the students which in turn will help them study and encourage them to attend school.

These are just two examples of the work our projects have been able to do thanks to your support. We look forward to bringing you more success stories in the coming months.

Thank you for making a difference! We wish you all the very best for 2013.

Pig Rearing At Kandara Children
Pig Rearing At Kandara Children's Home
Dec 26, 2012

Season's Greetings from St Andrews Baby Unit

Santa Anne
Santa Anne

The festive season is upon us once again! It's a time when we reflect on the year gone by and look forward to what's in store for the coming year.

At the St Andrews Baby Unit, we have been delighted to see children being adopted in to loving families this year. In total, four children have now been placed with local families since the adoption programme began last year. We've also seen a number of children graduate from the baby unit in to Kandara Children's Home.

The latest graduate was the little girl who is in the main image for this project on Global Giving. Little Wanjiku was in a sorry state when she came to the unit as she was malnourished and had been neglected. Over the years she has blossomed in to a beautiful girl, full of energy and laughter. The staff at the baby unit have nurtured her since she was about nine months old and she is now a confident young girl who goes to the Baby Class at School and is loved by the older girls at the home due to her comical nature.

Just in time for Christmas, the unit has a new arrival. Little Moses was just a few days old when he arrived at the home as his mother felt unable to care for him. He is doing well and has a bright future ahead of him going by the success stories we've seen so far.

There are now twelve little ones living at the St Andrews Baby Unit. Today, they will be heading out on an adventure with the other children from Kandara Children's Home. This is the annual Christmas Tour where they have a trip on a bus and some exposure to the outside world. Today will see them visiting "Mamba Village" in Nairobi where the toddlers will get the chance to go on a boat ride, play on a bouncing castle and see some wildlife. The mothers who take care of the babies will get some well deserved treats too as they do such a fantastic job raising the children under their care.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the St Andrews Baby Unit throughout 2012. Your support has made it possible for the unit to provide care and shelter for many babies who had nowhere else to go. On behalf of the staff and infants at the unit, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Philanthropic New Year.

Moses - the lastest arrival
Moses - the lastest arrival
The Boys looking festive
The Boys looking festive
Wanjiku - the latest graduate
Wanjiku - the latest graduate
Dec 26, 2012

Season's Greetings from Seed of Hope

Class of 2012
Class of 2012

Season's Greetings from the staff and students at Seed of Hope.

The last few months have seen us reach a milestone in Seed of Hope history. Over one thousand girls have now graduated from the Seed of Hope progamme. That's over one thousand girls who have been given dignity, hope and opportunity through their two years of studies at one of our four centres. There were colourful ceremonies at each centre to celebrate this year's graduations. Students from both first and second year performed songs, dances and poems as well as sharing testimonies of how Seed of Hope has changed their lives. Check out the link below to read some testimonies from our Nairobi centre.

A number of our graduates have already started up their own small businesses in the weeks since they graduated. In total we expect around twenty new businesses to be started from the class of 2012. These will give the girls an opportunity to stand on their own two feet and provide for their families by putting in to practice the skills they have learned during their two years at Seed of Hope.

2013 looks as though it will be just as eventful as 2012. The year starts with the launch of a new course at Seed of Hope Nairobi. Over the last few years, some of our rural centres have diversified and started courses in Hair and Beauty Therapy and Computer Studies in addition to the core Dressmaking and Fashion Design course. In January 2013, our Nairobi centre will start to train girls in Homecare Management. Here they will learn skills in cooking, childcare and how to look after a home.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Seed of Hope by donating on GlobalGiving in 2012. Your contributions have allowed us to continue training girls and offering them Dignity, Hope and Opportunity.


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