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Cimientos is dedicated to promote equal opportunities in education through programs that encourage school inclusion and improve the quality in education for children and youth from low income families in Argentina.
Mar 15, 2011

Back to School for Argentine students!

Jennifer(right) w/ Daiana & our Executive Director
Jennifer(right) w/ Daiana & our Executive Director

*version en español a continuación

Dear Friends,

March has been an exciting month for us here at Cimientos, as classes have started back up and Argentine students that have the means to attend have headed back to school. One of these students is Jennifer, a college sophomore who was granted a scholarship to attend thanks to Cimientos’ support. Jennifer shares her inspirational story of personal empowerment, achievement and how Cimientos helped her surmount formidable barriers with us below.

In a month as important as March in Argentina, when so many kids are struggling to stay in school due to economic hardship, we are reminded of the importance of giving more students like Jennifer the chance to go to school, get a good education and escape poverty. By giving us your continued support by donating and spreading the word to your friends and family that also believe, like us, that education can change the world, you have the opportunity to give the gift of opportunity to those that need it most.

If you donate to low-income youth in Argentina TODAY (Wednesday, March 16th), Global Giving will match your donation by 30%, increasing your impact!

Thank you for helping make back to school an exciting and enriching time for anyone who wants to keep learning!

The Cimientos Team

Jennifer´s Story

“Thanks Cimientos!! Thanks to this wonderful NGO I got to go to high school…Not letting Cimientos down and not giving up on myself was a huge challenge. I received a scholarship for 5 whole years though to make it happen!!

Thanks to you, I now have the possibility of studying at a great university. I want to let you know that I love the place where I study and I´m trying to keep up with it. I’m studying Business Administration at the UADE University and I hope I’ll do really well! I´m gonna keep making an effort, studying and thanking Cimientos for all it did, does and will keep doing for me!!

Cimientos is one of the best things in life that can happen to you…if you take advantage of it!! Thanks Cimientos and thanks to its donors for making my life a life with bigger and better ambitions!!” - Jennifer

 ¡Alumnos vuelven a la escuela!

 Queridos amigos:

En marzo, los jóvenes argentinos comenzaron sus clases, tanto en la escuela como en la universidad. Necesitamos continuar recibiendo su apoyo para lograr que más jóvenes como Jennifer accedan a una educación de calidad y así puedan escapar de la pobreza.

¡Si hoy (miércoles 16 de marzo) haces una donación a jóvenes con bajos recursos económicos, Global Giving donará un 30% adicional y tu impacto será mayor!

Gracias por tu apoyo!

Equipo de Cimientos

Testimonio de Jennifer

“¡¡GRACIAS CIMIENTOS!! Gracias a esta hermosa fundación yo pude estudiar toda mi secundaria con un gran incentivo....No decepcionarlos ni decepcionarme a mi misma... ¡¡Fui becada durante 5 años!!

Gracias a ustedes, yo hoy tengo la posibilidad de estudiar en una gran universidad. Quiero contarles que me encanta el lugar en el que estudio y estoy tratando de adaptarme al ritmo universitario. ¡Estoy estudiando Administración de Empresas en la Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) y espero que me vaya muy bien! ¡¡VOY A SEGUIR ESFORZÁNDOME, ESTUDIANDO Y AGRADECIENDO A CIMIENTOS POR TODO LO QUE HA HECHO, HACE Y SEGUIRÁ HACIENDO POR MI!!


- Jennifer

Feb 4, 2011

A Hands-On Approach to Reducing Dropout Rates

Clarissa is a GlobalGiving In-the-Field Volunteer. She is visiting GlobalGiving's projects in South America and writing postcards to donors to let them know how their donations are having an impact. Read other postcards from the field here:

The numbers are staggering: Fifty percent of students in Argentina do not graduate from high school, and 25 percent of 18 to 24 year olds do not go to school or work! Even with a desire to learn, children are often robbed of the opportunity to attend school due to outside factors such as money, location, and access. If not for the work of Cimientos, a non-profit focused on improving Argentina’s education system, many of these children would simply become another sad statistic.

Over the past 13 years, Cimientos has helped over 80 thousand underserved Argentine high school students stay in school, receive quality education, and access the opportunities they need to succeed. They have proven successful due to their hands on approach and ability to understand the varying needs of each child and each community. Ranging from economic support to personalized monitoring to exchange opportunities, Cimientos has developed and implemented a series of innovative programs to keep kids in school. To ensure children’s ongoing success, they work closely with parents, families, teachers, principals, and community leaders, which aids in establishing a strong support system. The impact is clear and as the network of Cimientos graduates continues to grow, the organization is developing even more programs to help them succeed!

I had the pleasure of meeting with three Cimientos representatives to learn about their newest program, the Graduates Network, and how GlobalGiving donors are helping thousands of high school graduates realize their passions and achieve their goals. Started two years ago, the Graduates Network was created in response to a growing need to help students understand that graduating high school was not the end of learning, but perhaps just the beginning.

In the U.S. it is often understood that building a resume, establishing networks, and utilizing the internet to research opportunities are necessary to secure a job or attend university. These are skills we learn early and that are instilled in us by parents, teachers and peers. For a majority of students in Argentina, however, they are the first in their families to finish high school so they lack the knowhow and support needed to tackle future goals. As a result, Cimientos guidance is essential!

The Graduate Network’s staff - which by the way is an absolutely amazing group of individuals- works tirelessly to host job training workshops, research scholarship opportunities, and connect graduates with their growing network of professional contacts. Due to the caliber of students taking part in Cimientos programs, businesses and universities throughout Argentina are even tapping into the Graduate Network’s pool of students to fill openings!

The impact has been astounding and the proof is in the numbers – In the past year thousands of graduates received training to apply for employment or continue their education, 50 participants were granted scholarships to attend university, 28 students secured jobs, and over 300 new Cimientos high school graduates joined their peers in the Graduates Network. A stark contrast to Argentina’s norm and the success stories continue to pour in!

But, continued funding for the Graduate Network is crucial to keep up this momentum and continue to improve Argentina’s education system. To read personal success stories from Graduate Network participants and learn how a donation can shape the lives of Argentine youth visit the Cimientos project page on!

Jan 26, 2011

Keeping Our New Year's Resolutions

Students get their Job Training Diplomas
Students get their Job Training Diplomas

*versión en español a continuación

Dear Global Giving Friends,

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season. Last year we worked hard to keep our New Years resolutions to help our graduates, meaning that in 2010:

  • 1160 participants received useful information about education, employment or job-training opportunities.
  • 343 graduates received vital job training such as how to search for a job, computer skills training and accounting lessons.
  • 229 graduates are following our Graduates´ blog, which we created this year.
  • 50 participants were granted scholarships to further their education. 
  • 28 graduates found jobs thanks to our help.
  • 16 participants volunteered at Cimientos. 
  • 447 participants graduated from high school and Cimientos’ School Scholarship Program. 
  • 338 Cimientos new high school graduates became part of the Graduates Network. 

Like us, was one of your New Years resolutions to do a good deed for someone else? Now you can! Help us keep our New Year’s resolutions for 2011 and keep yours to give back by supporting us or spreading the word to your friends today!

Thanks for making it possible for low income Argentine youth to get jobs and further their education this year!

María and Sarah – Cimientos Graduates Network Team


versión en español*

Estimados amigos de Global Giving,

Esperamos que hayan tenido muy felices fiestas. El año pasado trabajamos intensamente para lograr nuestros objetivos del año y ayudar a nuestros egresados… Fue así como en 2010:

  • 1160 jóvenes fueron asesorados con información sobre oportunidades de formación, capacitación y empleo en todo el país.
  • 343 jóvenes se capacitaron a través de cursos de orientación para la búsqueda de empleo y de conocimientos específicos.
  • 229 egresados se suscribieron al blog de egresados que creamos este año.
  • 50 jóvenes estudiaron con becas universitarias y/o terciarias.
  • 28 jóvenes consiguieron trabajo por acciones realizadas desde la Red de Egresados.
  • 16 jóvenes fueron voluntarios de Cimientos.
  • 447 jóvenes finalizaron el secundario y su participación en el Programa de Becas Escolares de Cimientos.
  • 338 nuevos egresados ya se sumaron a la Red de Egresados.

Como en nuestro caso, ¿alguna de tus metas de 2010 fue hacer alguna buena acción por otra persona? ¡Ahora podés! Ayudanos a cumplir nuestras metas para 2011 y cumplí las tuyas apoyándonos y difundiendo nuestro proyecto con tus amigos!

¡Gracias por hacer posible que jóvenes argentinos con bajos recursos consigan trabajos y tengan más y mejor educación!

María y Sarah – Equipo de la Red de Egresados de Cimientos

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