Mzesa Day Care Center

To facilitate a critical mass of slum residents with knowledge and capacity to effectively deal with public health and environment issues, advocacy on various socio-economic issues including poverty eradication, child labour, girl-child education and welfare and HIV/AIDS treatment and awareness. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left many orphans and the girls are forced to be the breadwinner and are raped at unprecedented rates, thus Mzesa enrolls all students regardless of their HIV status.
Apr 5, 2010


Wednesday the 31st March 2010 was one of the best days in the history of Mzesa Day Care Centre! It was a day no one expected the Area Councilor to come and crown the "end term". Being a Patron to the Centre, he made an imprompto apearance with boxes of biscruites, bottles of juice and sweets. This has never happened at this centre and all children closed this term with joy! When all children left together with the Area Councilor, all teachers were talking to each other with joy and thanking God for the event.

Even though these children have closed for holidays, we have others who come back for their lunch and their ARVs during the holidays. We have others whose uniforms were torn and we hope that with the help of "GOOD HEARTED FRIENDS', we shall be able to buy them uniforms when we open for the second term in the month of May 2010. These wonderful ANGELS OF GOD needs food when the Centre opens. They need books, pencils, any other reading materials and shoes. Most of these children depends on your contribution dear! Our Centre intercessors pray for you... whatever you give is a blessing to these children! When they pray, they pray for you and God in heaven will richly bless you. All our thanks goes to all those who have send us their donations and please bear in mind that, ALTHOUGH YOU THINK WE DO NOT KNOW YOU, GOD KNOWS YOU AND WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING FOR THESE CHILDREN IS BEING SEEN BY GOD!! Thank you brother, thank you sister!!

Zipporah Sangiluh

Mar 26, 2010

Progress and a big thank you

Mzesa kids
Mzesa kids

This world can be very a bitter place to live in!! Just before the School closed for Christmas, we were visited by well-wishers who gave writing books, pencils, chalks, reading books and rubbers to the school. Since we do not have a proper Library, we kept the stuff on the shelves in our old iron-sheet library. We then concentrated on giving exams to the kids in order to grade them for the year 2010 classes.

On the 25th December (the Christmas day) we have very very heavy rains which pulls down electricity poles and trees which were planted next to the school. All these fell on the roof of the school, destroying 4 classes together with the library!! When we woke up in the morning, we found that all our books, pencils, chalks, etc are socked in water. This gave us a very hard time to carry these books out and open them wide in the sun in the hope that they will dry. We did not have any break for Christmas. We worked throughout to end of January 2010, trying to dry these books; some of which are completely destroyed; in which case, we are out again to look for more books so that we can equip our library again. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD COME FOR MZESA DAY CARE’S HELP AND BUILD A LIBRARY. We are desperately appealing for a sympathizer who can help please so that we don’t loose books again, please.

We thank God for all donors who contributed their funds through global Giving. We have managed to buy 100 pieces of uniforms for kids who did not have uniform at all. We have also managed to buy 7 sacks of maize, 4 sacks of beans, rice, cooking oil, firewood, and other utilities for the beginning of this term. You will also realize that this country is hit by shortage of drugs. We do not have enough drugs in our hospitals, dispensaries and clinic; and as 85% of these kids are HIV positive, we have had very rough time. We go from hospital to hospital, pharmacy to pharmacy, looking for their drugs which is now expensive. During this period, we have lost 2 children (aged 3 and 5 years), who have succumb to the illness. I AM SO TOUCHED. But we thank all donors and Global Giving to have come out to extend their hands towards Mzesa Day Care Centre; which has helped a lot during this term as we have a good stock of ARVs to take us to April 2010. May God richly bless you! When we opened the School on the 10th of January 2010, we have had a bigger number of children coming from dumpsites than expected. We have had our social workers going through various dumpsite a lot since the Government increased the demolition of shanty kiosks and encroachments. Street families are now running away from their encroachments, leaving their children to take care of themselves at a very tender age of 4 years, 5 years, etc. This action by the Government has increased helpless children and in turn has increased the number of Mzesa Day Care Centre from 360 kids to 492 kids. We have taken in kids which are ailing from multrition , malaria, Tuberculoses and HIV; but with regular clinic visits, we have seen some gaining their weight, some can now have a smile on their faces, others who were negative in their actions are now acting positively!. AND WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO GOD AND DONORS WHO ARE MAKING THIS TO HAPPEN. Recently we had a visit by our area councilor from the Government who, after going round the classes and compound commented that “FOR SURE FOOD, MEDICINES AND CLOTHES ARE VERY ESSENTIAL. NOW THESE CHILDREN LOOKS MORE HUMAN BEINGS THAN BEFORE” This comment gave us encouragement and made us feel the importance of us being their for these children. Some of these children have never seen their parents, as such, they need parental love, (which we graciously give).

Some of these kids run away from their uncles and aunties because of food, (which we provide), some of these children don’t have clothes when they join the School, (We try as much as possible to provide them with clothes).

On 21st February, 2010, we welcomed a volunteer (who happens to be an aunty to one of the kids). She came and begged to help us with dish washing job (in exchange with food)!! This means that the aunty and the kid she are taking are of eating their lunch at the School; and that this lunch is as well as their super!!!. (LIFE IS VERY CHALLENGING MY FRIENDS! WE HAVE TO BE KIND AND GIVERS IN ORDER THAT PEOPLE LIKE THESE ONES CAN LIVE). We have asked this lady to stay at School and work as long as she can.

With increased number of kids coming in for enrollment, we held a Management Meeting where we resolved to look for 2 more teachers; but the problem which faces us is where we can get their wages! But because God is the Provider, we believe that He will send us a donor, a granter, a Missionary, a good friend ………. Who will help us in this situation.

God bless you……………… wherever you are……………and whenever you take your lunch, super, snacks, drinks, ……….. please remember that these children needs you! Thanks and God bless you so mightily. Zipporah A Sangiluh

Nov 23, 2009


Now that we are at the end of the last term. The Centre goes for holidays on the 30th but our worry is for those children who depends on us for food - whether the Centre is closed for holidays or not! We have to feed them. We have to make porridge for their breakfast and rice and beans or maize and beans for their diner. Since ever, I have been going back to my rural area to carry beans and maize which I plant on my small plot. But because of the long drought, the maize did not grow and beans did not every germinate! Whatever small funds I give out of my monthly salary, assisted by my sister and the area concilor can not be enough to take us through this holidays but I am sure someone will come for the rescue.

I am also worried about uniforms. When children are in a uniform, they look smart (wheher the uniform is old or not) but what worries me is that some kids have uniforms which are torn beyond repair and when it comes to next year when we open, we might loose these kids because they will not feel comfortable to come to class without uniform. I dearly thank all who have taken initiative to support in any form; because we need clothes, drugs,for HIV, blankets (for the young ones), who sleep after their lunch meal, shoes, books (both for writing and reading) and above all LOVE! When we get visitors, these kids feel loved, they feel they are recognised in the society, they feel they are human being!

On Saturday the 21st I have 2 lady visitors who brought them sweets and biscuits. These ladies made a bigh difference in these kids lives. They danced around, sung and gave stories. I felt that surely life is all about love! If one does not get love from others, then for sure one feels rejected. They promised these ladies that "they will never forget taking their drugs" that they will always share the little food they are given, that they will love each other, that they always share their uniforms and that they will ALWAYS LOVE GOD - BECAUSE GOD LOVES THEM!!

When these ladies left, I called them at our Assembly Ground and asked them why they made these promises to these ladies, they they all replied in acorus and said they 'BECAUSE THEY HAVE BROUGHT US SWEETS AND BISCUITES - SO THEY LOVE US!! This showed me how these young ones feel. The question I ask my self is..... the children who expressed their feelings are from age 4 to 14 years! How about these small ones, say 1 year, 2 years and 3 years? Am still disturbed about what they are feeling. On 20th October (which was aholiday) we visited the Dumpsite where we collect these children and found a young girl (Ithink ag 14) carrying a baby. When this girl saw us approaching her, she ran away and dropped the baby. We tried to follow her so that we give her this baby, but she ran so fast and got lost in the slum. We stayed at the dumpsite for 3 hours waiting in the hope that this girl will come back, but she never did. We took this baby to a Police Station to report. After writing a statement at the police, the Police asked us to go with this baby because they do not have anywhere to take it. This baby is 1 year and she needs a mother, she needs motherly love, she needs milk, food clothese, she is tested positive, (which means she must be on drugs), she needs a blanket sweaters, etc. It is now Christmas Season, thes kids needs to eat something different apart from borridge, maize and beans. If they could have atleast tea and bread on the 23rd 24 and 25th December, it will make a huge difference. I am always in prayers that this year's Christmas will make a change in their lives, because I am sure they will feel loved! And that when it comes to January when schools will open, they will have school uniforms, shoes, and food. And I believe this in Jesus name!

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