Mzesa Day Care Center

To facilitate a critical mass of slum residents with knowledge and capacity to effectively deal with public health and environment issues, advocacy on various socio-economic issues including poverty eradication, child labour, girl-child education and welfare and HIV/AIDS treatment and awareness. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left many orphans and the girls are forced to be the breadwinner and are raped at unprecedented rates, thus Mzesa enrolls all students regardless of their HIV status.
Mar 15, 2011



P.O BOX 75941-00200




First of all acknowledge greeting from all at Mzesa Day Care Center Primary and Nursery School. We take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Easter and the Blessing at Peace, Joy and Love of the Risen Lord.


        i.            School opened on 3rd January 2011.

      ii.            Mid of the Term Exams 15th -18th February 2011

    iii.            End of the Term Exams 28th 30th March 2011

    iv.            Open Day 5th April2011 guardians  to collect reports books

      v.            The School Closes on 6th April 2011


        i.            Parents attended class meetings during the month of January 2011.

       ii.            Students’ performance in the mid exams was excellent but we need to improve on the upper classes on mean score, math and science.

     iii.            School participated in sports at zonal level organized by Embakasi Non formal school cluster.


                                i.            We have no resources to add more classrooms for standard seven and eight, though we painted all the classes,  the floors of the classrooms are in bad state.  We need to repair them.

                               ii.            Since we are approaching the rainy season, the area drainage system  has to be reopened during the month of April 2011/ first term.

                             iii.            We have purchased enough food stuff but will be exhausted by early May and the children  lunch have prices for food stuff has  increased.   There are many poor children around us who are deprival of  education due to poverty and other circumstances.  We feel it is our join responsibility to help these poor deprived children with  everything; food, clothing and as usual with medicines.

                            iv.            When we increase pupils who don’t pay anything for education, we get challenges on how to pay our teachers, and with inflation skew rocketing we end up losing good teachers who go  to greener pasture.   These destabilize the upper classes who are preparing to do STD 8 exams.

                               v.            Lastly, the school has no money for any expansion we need to build more classrooms and employ more teachers to meet requirement of the community,  but due to lack of funds, everything is at stand-still.

Lastly, we sincerely thank our donors who have enabled us face the challenges of the first term in terms of food and payment of our teachers salary, we need at least Kshs.80, 000/= per month for things to run smoothly. This is  just monthly expenditure to run the school.

Dec 22, 2010


We thank God for all donors who contributes  their funds through global Giving.   We have managed to buy 8 bags of maize and 7 bags of beans, 3 tins of cooking oil, poredge flour, sugar, salt and firewood for this  period .  We have bought 75 pieces of uniforms to  boys and girls.    As usual, the children are receiving their RVs drugs through the assistance of our rural clinic at a very subcidesed price. 

Because of this feeding program  this centre is facing a sharp increase of intake, especially this term when the price of food has gone up.  Although we have approached many local donors for food, it has been very hard for the locals to donate; although the Area Chief has promised some food in the future.

This term has also made a difference to the children as most of them has a chance to go SIGHT SEEING.  The kids were taken for a trip to go and see elephants, giraffe, lions, leopards, etc at the National Park.  This  has enlightened them so much that they have written many stories about the trip to the National Part in their English Composition.  Although Kenya has many animals, most children read about them in books and they do not physically see them.  By taking this children to the Park has made the word go round the slum, which has seen many children coming for admission at the centre even though the centre was about the close for Christmas Season.  This means that  next year (2011) will see us having more children to feed and clothe.   But our prayers are that we shall manage, with the help of God and our dear brothers and sisters who are loving and have tirelessly helped , they have seen these children through this year and we hope that they will continue with the kind heart to see them through next year. 

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who has donated to this Centre, may God, our Almighty  bless you and your entire family.  May God answer all your prayers.

We wish you God's blessings during this season and a prosperous 2011,

Sep 13, 2010


Mzesa Day Care Centre closed for the normal holidays on the 6th August 2010; although most kids don’t go home for their holidays because of the feeding program at the Centre. Since most of them depend on the mixture of maize and beans cooked at the school, it is hard for us to ask them to go away while knowing very well that they will eventually go back to their Dump-sites. We have tried ourselves and totally sacrificed all our resources in order to provide them with food and to see that these kids are kept away from the dump-sites and negligence by their guardians. When we opened the school on the 6th of September 2010, we were faced by a bigger number of children who are coming from dump-sites and other surrounding slum-houses. With the shortage of ARVs, a word has gone around that the School has an agreement with the local clinic to provide ARVs to these children at subsidized price, and this has made the intake of kids swell on the opening week! We have been forced to engage an additional councilor to take care of the children with emotional and mental disturbances, as most of them can not fit in the school because of their age and behaviors. Food prices have also gone higher than expected. We are now buying food double the normal price. We have made an appeal to the Area administration on the situation and our prayers that someone come to the help of these children before they think of going back to dump-site where they collect plastic bottles and sell for food. We have had our social workers visiting dump-sites a lot and we pray that these kids will get a chance and settle in their classes. We deeply and honestly thank our donors sincerely. Every penny that you donate makes a big difference in the lives of these children. You give them a day to be alive when they take their ARVs and a plate of food at lunch-time (which in many cases serves as their diner! You make them feel loved when they are given their school-uniforms. You make them feel like human-being when they put on shoes! MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU! Most of these kids are not lucky enough to see their parents! Most of them lost both parents because of HIV/AIDS and illegal drinks, but the parental care they get at the Centre is because of your donation! THANK YOU. On 9th September 2010 we came across black plastic papers in front of the gate, on checking in the plastic papers, we found small babies; I think 1 (one) day old. The mother could have given birth at night and threw the children at the gate. We collected these babies, and with the help of our counselors, area chief and the community, we have taken the children to the hospital. We are monitoring their situation and growth. When they will be out of danger, we shall take them to a home, then eventually back to our Centre. In this situation, we have to provide almost everything to these SWEET CHILDREN! Any donation we receive from GG goes along!!! Be blessed, as you bless these helpless kids

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