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Our mission is two-part: 1) To provide non-formal primary education through a creative, well-designed curriculum to Pakistan's underprivileged working children, thus empowering them to become responsible citizens as well as readying them for vocational or secondary education. 2) To assist the Government of Pakistan in reforming state schools and curricula so as to bring them at par with the challenges of present time, so that the majority of the country's youth that studies in them can get an equal opportunity at a bright future.
Jun 26, 2012

Kainat, a rising star from the Paid to Learn programme for working children

Kainat at school
Kainat at school

Kainat Amin graduated in the top 10% of the class from Zindagi Trust's primary education programme for working children. As a reward for her great academic performance, Zindagi Trust pledged financial support for Kainat's continuting education. She was placed in the 6th grade at the Government Girls High School of Tench Bhata, Rawalpindi where she continues to flourish sa a student.

A star student at our non-formal school for children forced to work, she has maintained her good academic record at her new school, this time competing well against "regular" children in a mainstream school. She obtained the 4th position in the Annual Examination and was promoted to the 7th grade.

Her teachers are very happy with her. Her class teacher wrote in her monthly student evaluation report that Kainat was a willing and active student who performed well in all class activities. She is doing well at Science and Mathematics and is also a good player of cricket. Kainat is confident that her hard work and eagerness will help her achieve her ambition in life: to serve her people as a doctor.  

Kainat lives with her parents, one brother and three sisters in a humble neighbourhood. Her parents work on daily wages but are striving hard to make their children's dreams come true. Kainat is a practical girl - she realizes her family financial issues and is hopeful for a brighter future. She is thankful and proud of Zindagi Trust for supporting her and many other "Paid to Learn" graduates in achieving their goals in life and becoming better citizens of Pakistan. 

Kainat doing domestic chores
Kainat doing domestic chores
Kainat at work
Kainat at work


Jun 25, 2012

New admissions, new menu, new costs!


A big thank you for your continued support. I hope you are enjoying the summer.

Since you last heard from us, the number of smiles in our school has grown! The student strength in the two kindergarten levels has increased to 310 with admissions this year taking in a bigger class. We're looking forward to nurturing a bigger class and introducing them to fun courses in art & craft, PE and mind sports. 

An increase in food costs has resulted in a change in our menu and budget for the next year. This, along with the increase in our class size means our overall costs have increased overall. The following is a break-up of the Average Monthly Cost of the Breakfast Programme:

Item | Cost in Pakistani Rupees | Cost in US $

Milk (26 Cartons of 12 Pkt each) Rs. 21,996 | $232.76

Rooh Afza (Rose-flavouring for milk) Rs. 1,280 | $13.54

Fruits Rs. 3,600 | $38.10

Eggs Rs. 5,500 | $58.20

Bread Rs. 1,560 | $16.51

Butter Rs. 1,500 | $15.87

Potatoes Rs. 525 | $5.55

Ketchup Rs. 160 | $1.69

Cooking Oil Rs. 175 | $1.85

Salt Rs. 20 | $0.21

Black Pepper Rs. 120 | $1.27

Clove Rs. 110 | $1.16

Tissue Paper Rs. 440 | $4.66

Garbage Bags Rs. 1,900 | $20.10

Dishwashing Soap Rs. 100 | $1.06

We hope that you will continue to support our breakfast programme. Your donations make it possible for us to keep our little stars energized enough to take on the challenges of a fun-filled education!


Jun 12, 2012

North Region organizes Inter-Schools Sports Day

On behalf of Zindagi Trust I would like to thank our donors for their generous support. Your commitment to helping paid-to-learn-schools children is sincerely appreciated. Your generosity is making a huge difference in the lives of working children. It is evident from the report below of the inter-schools sports day.

Sport activities enhance the morale of students and enable them to utilize their talent in a befitting manner. Every year PTL schools across Pakistan hold sports day in their schools. It is the first time that North Region PTL schools organized an inter-schools sports day activity. It was between Chah Sultan and Temaspabad Schools’ children, held in the school premises. The Regional Coordinator with his team supported the event.

It was a fun filled event for both, teachers and children. The event comprised of sports, games and fun for 9 year old to 13 year old children. The games included; three legged race,  frog race, tug of war, musical chairs, basket ball, spoon race, jumping the rope, sack race, bangle wearing, balloon and putting balls in water pot & basketball.

It was finally time for basketball. The Basket ball match was between Chah Sultan and Temaspabad schools children. Both teams fought well against each other. It was a breath-taking match ending with Chah Sultan success.

It was a proud moment for PTL schools’ children as they were rewarded with prizes. It was an extremely memorable day for the children, teachers and regional team of north schools!

Thanks again to our donors for their generous support!

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