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Our mission is two-part: 1) To provide non-formal primary education through a creative, well-designed curriculum to Pakistan's underprivileged working children, thus empowering them to become responsible citizens as well as readying them for vocational or secondary education. 2) To assist the Government of Pakistan in reforming state schools and curricula so as to bring them at par with the challenges of present time, so that the majority of the country's youth that studies in them can get an equal opportunity at a bright future.
Mar 27, 2014

Hi from Fatima Jinnah School's Breakfast Program

students in the breakfast room
students in the breakfast room

Breakfast time has long been an attraction for the toddlers at SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School. It not only gives them nourishing food but also an opportunity to socialize and organically learn to be disciplined by coming to breakfast rooms from their classes and lining up for breakfast.

Thanks to your generous donations, our students have become more regular at school, more attentive and more active physically and mentally. This is in contrast to the days before the daily breakfast program was introduced and complaints of children fainting in the morning assembly or remaining blunt and dull during school hours. The students are visibly more energetic and lively and their daily average attendance now stands at above 98%.

On an average day, the students drink milk with Horlicks (an energy booster), bread and butter, instant noodles, boiled eggs or potatoes, biscuits,etc. During the winter we added chicken corn soup, fruit salad and raw vegetables like carrots and peas which they ate very fondly. The students also report that they have managed to convince their parents to prepare breakfast for them on Sundays, when school is off - for most of them, breakfast was not a regular practice at home before this.

Eating breakfast is an essential part of healthy living and thanks to GlobalGiving, our students have learnt at school which they will hopefully carry forward to their families and communities in the future.

kindergarten students having breakfast
kindergarten students having breakfast
Mar 26, 2014

Zubair's story - persevering through poverty

Zubair is an attentive student in class
Zubair is an attentive student in class

Zubair was born in a small village in Pakistan where his father, Gul Rehman Khan, earned his living by collecting scrap material & selling it to recyclers. To ease his father’s burden, Zubair helped his father by carrying the scrap material to the market instead of spend his days in a classroom like children of his age do and should. When Zubair was ten, his family migrated from their home village to the city of Rawalpindi where he was enrolled as a student at a seminary within a mosque where he spent his days dreaming of going to school.

One day, Zubair was collecting scrap on the street when he saw children from his own neighbourhood going to a Zindagi Trust School located at their doorstep. He became anxious to join the school with his friends and neighbours and requested his father to let him study in this school which provided free education till Matriculation. Gul Rehman had studied till the 4th grade and realized the importance of education in transforming the future of his children. He attended a community literacy awareness session at the school on the right to education and the very next day enrolled Zubair and his four siblings into Zindagi Trust's Tehmaspabad – Rawalpindi school.

In the very first term Zubair proved himself to be a quick learner and caught up with the syllabus in a short span of time. He was always eager to demonstrate his love for school and commitment to education to his teachers. Despite there being no electricity in his slum dwellings, he regularly completed his assignments under a teashop street-light nearby. He finished the accelerated primary education programme with an A+ grade and, with the support of Zindagi Trust's donors like yourself, he has continued this journey of education by enrolling in a private secondary school  - Al-Huda Education System School in Rawalpindi. He reported excitedly to our academic coordinator that he got the 2nd position in the 2nd term examination and will appear in the annual examination this month where he is also hopeful of a good performance.

Zubair is keen to have his character developed by education through the coming years and aims to join the Pakistan Army as a soldier. Students like Zubair who show incredible academic progress are role models and a source of pride for Zindagi Trust. 

Zubair working on an in-class assignment
Zubair working on an in-class assignment


Feb 24, 2014

Meet Javeria one of the stars from our schools

Javeria at work
Javeria at work

Javeria is studying in the 5th grade in Zindagi Trust's Paid to Learn School for working children in Manzoor Colony. During her primary schooling here, she has consciously worked hard and showed remarkable academic progress. At a very young age, Javera has realized the value of hard work in enabling one to succeed and charms her teachers with statements such as "there is no substitute for hard work!"


Javeria belongs to a Punjabi family. Her father is a rickshaw driver. The eldest in her family, she coaches her siblings and her neighbors in the evenings. Apart from teaching, she wants to teach personal skills to groom the children of her community - most of whom are street children. Learning from her teachers, she interacts with her own "students" by using polite words like ‘Please’ ‘Thank You’ to teach them how to be polite and soft-spoken.

Javeria has a clear passion for education and takes her studies seriously. She has maintained an excellent record at school, a summary of which is as follows:


  •          Kindergarten:  2nd Position by 97% and attendance was 80% in her class.
  •          Class One: 2nd Position by 96% and attendance was 76% in her class.
  •          Class Two: 1stPosition by 98% and attendance was 81% in her class.
  •          Class Three: 1st Position by 94% and attendance 72%  in her class.
  •          Class Four:  1stPosition by 91% and attendance 84% in her class.   

Javeria also loves to read and her favourite kind of book is one which helps her travel the world through words and stories. Her future plans involve teaching at the same  Zindagi Trust school where she is studying now. She also wants to examine the basis of children learning, an impressive research goal for a fifth-grader.

She spends some time at home every day doing embroidery till the wee hours, to help with the household income. She never takes things granted. A committed and dedicated student, she takes pride of being the first child in her family to go to school and later opened the door for rest of the children of her family to receive an education. It is also a great  achievement of Zindagi Trust’s academic team who motivated her  family to send their daughters and sons to Zindagi Trust school.  We wish her all the best and hope that Javeria and other bright young children like her continue to get such opportunities through your support.

Javeria in school
Javeria in school
Javeria's School Report


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