Network for Ecofarming in Africa

Empowering communities towards realization of sustainable livelihoods, access to empowering education and information, food security, as well as attainment of enhanced culture and environment. It values respect for people and nature; commitment and efficiency; honesty, accountability and transparency; positive socialization; enhancing visionary leadership and governance and being ambassadors of peace. It facilitates access to information, education, skills and appropriate technologies
Jun 10, 2013

Improve Livelihoods of 225 HIV-affected families

This project is becoming very inspiring and many people are admiring the beneficiaries for the positive progress they have made so far.  Although some challenges here and there, they are optimistic and willing to help others in such conditions but still affected by stigma.  Through the support groups, they are encouraging one another and more so advising each other.  During their support groups meeting, they discuss on importance of taking balanced healthy diets to boost their bodies’ immunities and the project beneficiaries are used as role models.  Their income generating activities are really attracting many and the community is now appreciating their efforts and considering them as their members they socialize and promote their businesses.  Currently the group is discussing on possibilities of starting project/s and with support from well-wishers they are optimistic the can manage. After receipt of the disbursement some members benefited from the organic fertilizers and seeds supplied to them to enable them improve their vegetable productions and also try other types of crops.  Some of the members have received clothes for their children and they appreciate very much. “Thank you to the donors for your kind support and considering us in many ways”, words from one beneficiary.

Jun 10, 2013

Protect 1800 people on Kokwa Island from Malaria

The campaign to conserve Molo River is still on and the community is very optimistic that this will result to improving their health conditions and more so they will now look forward to more sustainable activities.  Due to increased flooding previously, fear developed in them due to losses they encountered as a result of flooding.

 The community is now practicing the use of neem tree powder which they say its really improving their health condition.  They appreciate the value addition concept they learnt during capacity building sessions and they are ready to work with other neighbouring communities to share with them the importance of the neem tree and the purpose of value addition.  500 hundred people more benefited with the bed nets distributed in April/May 2013 and they said the timing was very perfect as this is the period they received heavy rains which on the negative aspect increases the multiplication of mosquitoes but they were really happy to receive these nets during this period and appreciated the good support from the well-wishers may God bless them.

Jun 10, 2013

Help Educate 330 Mukinyai School Orphans, Kenya

Even after attaining good results in 2012 KCPE, some pupils did not make it to secondary school as their parents/guardians could not afford to raise their school and some of them were lucky to receive sponsorship from the Equity bank of Kenya.  Those who received the sponsorship were very happy but those who didn’t felt very discourage despite their efforts.  However we try to encourage them and inspire them by showing them that  this is not end of living as they have other opportunities and by grace they can still get an opportunity to pursue their studies.  We encourage them to join local polytechnics which are not very expensive and they can help raise their school fees through income generating activities like rabbits and poultry keeping.  Recently pupils have been taken through training on waste management and specifically on recycling some waste materials to make other valuable items e.g. they have been trained on use of waste papers to make necklaces, rings and bangles.  This will not only help them to earn incomes but will also help them make use of leisure time as well preparing them to be responsible of clean environment.  Some girls from the school have also received sanitary towels and 2 students received school uniforms.  Thank you for the continued support.

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