Network for Ecofarming in Africa

Empowering communities towards realization of sustainable livelihoods, access to empowering education and information, food security, as well as attainment of enhanced culture and environment. It values respect for people and nature; commitment and efficiency; honesty, accountability and transparency; positive socialization; enhancing visionary leadership and governance and being ambassadors of peace. It facilitates access to information, education, skills and appropriate technologies
Jan 24, 2014

Improve Livelihoods of 225 HIV-affected families

This has been a very good pilot project for us and we thank our partners, friends and donors for enabling us achieve a lot in this project. We are happy that we have achieved most of our goals and we are ready to move on and if possible increase the number of beneficiaries as well as accommodating more simple projects that beneficiaries can adopt and implement. We are also planning that this year if we fundraise enough resources we will start community kitchen gardens which will be used as demonstration gardens for the community. The health situation of our beneficiaries has really improved and it is difficult to know if they are affected we are happy of this initiative and we look forward to going ahead more steps this year. Thank you for all those who have contributed towards this project and making it successful.

Jan 24, 2014

Build School for 80 Students in Arid Kachiuru Keny

At the beginning of this year the headteacher informed us that he has admitted more new students in this year which is a very positive move. The school had improved in appearance after building new classrooms and also the number of students has increased therefore giving the community much hope. Some well-wishers have visited the school this year and provided scholarships to the very needy students and they have been doing this every year to ensure that these students atleast access the basic needs and attend school. They are wishing to increase the number of beneficiaries and they are calling other well-wishers to join hands in helping these needy children. A lot has been achieved and we are optimistic that we will achieve even more when we join hands and support this community.

Nov 25, 2013

Protect 1800 people on Kokwa Island from Malria

It is sad to report that this community unfortunately has been greatly affected by the current flooding of Lake Baringo. To our surprise the community dispensary and maternity wing has been covered by water to the top and currently there is no temporary structure to be used as the dispensary and unfortunately they did not manage to save anything from the dispensary therefore worsening the situation. This is a great concern as now community health is not guaranteed. On the other hand many have been displace and most of their belongings washed away by the floods. We have not lost hope and we are focusing on supporting them and encouraging them to rise up again and carry on and encouraging the community health worker to play a big role in assisting in every way possible. Most of their projects have been affected including their kitchen gardens leaving them with little or no hope. It is too sad because in our previous report we were optimistic that this year they won't be affected as the campaign to save the Molo River was being done but unfortunately it was not enough and the rains persisted. We have organized meetings with the affected community to plan on the way forward together and we have agreed health worker should be there for the community despite all the challenges they are currently facing. We are optimistic that our well-wishers together with our government will come to rescue and save this community we will continue with our initiatives and restart those affected by the floods to ensure that the community rises up again. We thank you for this far and your continued support toward Kokwa community's health needs and we invite you to join us once more as we continue to support them.

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