To raise the socio-economic status of the poor, downtrodden and less privileged people in the society by providing affordable health care, mobility to the handicaps and training to the needy to save them from social injustices.
Jul 16, 2012


Rabeya Khatun
Rabeya Khatun

                                     PROJECT REPORT               

                                             July 15, 2012

39 Cataract patients got back their eye sights following cataract surgery during the last 3 months in our hospital. The unusual feature during this period is we got three patients from other districts, who came here for cataract surgery. They are poor patients and could not afford operations in hospitals in their areas. When they came to know about Karmirhath hospital performing cataract operations on poor patients free. They contacted us. We gave them accommodations for free to stay at the hospital for surgery next day.


Tale of Khodeza Begum:


Khodeza Begum (70) is a widow who lives about 35 kilometers away from Gaibandha town. She has been suffering from eye sight complications for about 4 years. A local physician diagnosed her having cataract in both eyes. Khodeza is marginally poor. She cannot arrange subsistence for her family of three members. She and her family members live on irregular doles given by a local NGO and could not manage fund for surgery in clinics in her area. Later she came to know about Karmirhath hospital in Gaibandha town. When she attended Karmirhth hospital, cataract surgeon removed her cataract from one eye. After two weeks of operation in one eye, the second eye was operated on. Khodeza was very happy with the removal of cataract from both of her eyes when her full eye sights were fully restored.


Story of Rabeya Khatun:


Rabeya Khatun (75) is a domestic help. She is a widow and only breadwinner of her family. She developed cataract long ago, but could not get treatment for want of fund. Knowing from a neighbor, she came to Karmirhath hospital last month. After examining her and a few tests, she was given a date when operation was to be done. On the appointed date, cataract operation was performed successfully. Rabeya Khatun with her eye sight restored went home happy. Picture of Rabeya Khatun is attached.




  1. Mrs. Shirin Akhtar (45), wife of Dulal of village Jamalpur, District Jamalpur:

I am from the neighboring district of Jamalpur. I was almost blind with cataract for the last three years. I could not manage sufficient funds for my operation in my district where it is very costly. A few months ago I came at the residence of one of my relations in Gaibandha. My relation informed me that Karmirhath hospital performs cataract operations on poor patients free. So he took me at the hospital. The Manager arranged for my operation free of cost. I am really grateful to Karmirhath and others who made it possible for my free operations.


    2. Abul Kashem (75) of Lalmonirhat District. I am a poor old man.

       I have none to support me. I had been suffering from low eye

       sight for long. I could not get treatment for want of money.

       Knowing that Karmirhath hospital takes care of poor patients I    

       came here and to my utter surprise, I got my affected eye    

       operated for cataract. I am now able to see without any

       problem. Thanks to Krmirhath and to their donors for helping



 Event: A big camp for screening Cataract and Diabetic patients will be held in September at the upo-zilla head quarter at Sadullahpur.





  1. Rabeya Khatun 
  2. Cataract Operation Going on in OT 
  3. A Patient after Operation
Cataract Operation Going on in OT
Cataract Operation Going on in OT
A Patient after Operation
A Patient after Operation


Jul 12, 2012


Zaheda Khatun
Zaheda Khatun

        About 5.7 million people, among a total population of 150 million, of Bangladesh are suffering from diabetes according to a survey conducted by the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh. The prevalence of the disease in the district of Gaibandha is well above the average as it is, unfortunately, one of the poorest districts of the country. Karmirhath Hospital started Diabetes Section in 1998. 16,549 diabetic patients so far received treatment at our hospital. We had been experiencing difficulties arranging finances for the treatment of our patients. The hospital received a boost when Karmirhath started raising fund through GlobalGiving Foundation. 

We held a Diabetic Screening Camp in the rural area last month. Before holding the camp, wide publicity was made so that more and more people attend the camp. About 300 people attended. 40 were detected having diabetes. These patients later attended our hospital. Necessary tests were conducted, Guide Books given and Diabetes Awareness lessons were given to them.

A total of 1400 patients attended our hospital during the last 3 months; among them 40 were new patients.

A Case History: Zaheda Khatun (70), wife of Alek Mia lives in a village named Jugibari about 20 kilometer from Gaibandha town. She is very poor and has been suffering for the last 4 years. Her husband is a physically disabled person and cannot earn. He lives on begging. So Zaheda Khatun could not afford to consult a doctor for want of money, let alone buying medicines. One day one of her neighbors informed her that Karmirhath Hospital at Gaibandha town provides free treatment to poor patients. With the help of some neighbor she came to Karmirhath hospital in the first week of May, 2012. She was examined at the hospital and diagnosed as a diabetic patient. All necessary tests were conducted and prescription given. Medicines were provided free of costs. Since her first visit to the hospital, Zaheda Khatun has been improving. Some sympathetic neighbors of her provide costs of visiting the hospital, initially, every week and now every fortnight, to keep a close watch on her progress.

Zaheda Khatun is now very grateful to Karmirhath and GlobalGiving for arranging her free treatment. Picture of Zaheda Khatun attached.


Patients’ Comments:


  1. M. A. Rahman Dakua (70): I started taking treatment for my diabetes about two years ago. After following the treatments given by doctor here my blood-sugar level has stabilized and other complications have subsided. I feel much better now. I take insulin regularly and I am given it free.


  1. Halima Begum (63): I came here at Karmirhath hospital about three years ago with

     lots of complications. After taking treatment continuously, I feel much better now.

    I can attend to my normal routine works. I get free medicine including insulin from the hospital.

    Thanks to Karmirhath for their help.




Paramedic Taking Weight of a Patient
Paramedic Taking Weight of a Patient
Doctor Examining a Patient
Doctor Examining a Patient
Diabetic Patients Waiting for Their Turns
Diabetic Patients Waiting for Their Turns


Apr 11, 2012

Project Report_April_2012







                                            PROJECT REPORT


                                                   April 11, 2012.


Diabetic camps in the rural area could not be arranged during the months of February and March 2012. A total of 531 diabetic patients, both new and old, attended the Diabetic Section of Karmirhath Hospital during this period.

A very nominal fee is taken from new patients. Guide book is given free to new patients. Insulin is given free to poor Chronic Diabetic Patients. Poor patients are given medicines free. All new patients along with their attending relations are given awareness training in classes.

Karmirhath Hospital Authorities are grateful to donors who donate to “Help Treat 1200 Poor Diabetes in Bangladesh”.


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