Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) was founded in 2002 by author and conservationist Linda Tucker as a non-profit organisation with the dual mission: to conserve the critically endangered White Lions, and to preserve the rich cultural heritage which reveres and celebrates these magnificent animals.
May 7, 2014

LionStar Eco Cubs

Animal puppets created from recycled material
Animal puppets created from recycled material

Dear Donors

2014 has kick-started with great enthusiasm and uplifting new projects with our schools.!

In this remote poverty stricken area, most of the learner’s first languages are either Tsonga or Sepedi, and most of them speak very little to no English. Through our English empowerment education, we nourish the learners’ creative writing skills based on the conservation knowledge they’ve obtained. Through teaching them the valuable skills of art and performance art (acting, posture, articulation, projection of voice etc) in a playfull and explorative environment whilst compiling a performance piece, they discover unknown talents and new abilities which boost their self-confidence tremendously. This they showcase with enthusiasm in front of international visitors to the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT). These theatrical pieces showcase not only their artistic talents, but portray their interpretation of the environmental knowledge they have obtained through the project. It is a powerful cross-cultural experience; not only broadening the horizons of the learners, but the horizons of well travelled international visitors.


As the learners’ environmental conservation knowledge broadens and grows, so does each learner’s self-esteem and hope for his or her future.


Chi Nguyen, GlobalGiving!’s In-Field Representative recently visited 3 of our schools; a Primary School, a crèche and an orphanage, and was blown away by the “LionPower” (as she termed it) of the children (see her project report).


  • This year we have appointed a warm-hearted and enthusiastic young man, Vusi, as part of our Global White Lion Protection Trust team who will assist driving the school projects. Your donations assist in a percentage of his monthly salary as well as covering fuel for transport to-and-from the remote locations of the schools.
  • This year we are adding 6 schools to our LionStar Eco Cubs project.
  • In addition to teaching the learners about their White Lion Heritage ,we are incorporating the theme ‘Nourish through Knowledge’. We will be teaching learners on the importance of maintaining their endemic environment: the importance of trees, Indigenous Trees.
  • Through this program we are launching a waste clean-up in and around the schools and community, creative re-cycling usage of this waste, teaching the learners and educators on permaculture, assist them in creating vegetable gardens, plant indigenous tree seeds, create new poetry and drama pieces through this new obtained knowledge and skills, create new craft and puppets through the re-cycling program.
  • By end this year, we aim to plant 100 000 young and strong newly grown Indigenous trees, (which the learners have nourished themselves from seed throughout the course of the year), in-and-around the schools and local district.


Your donations are making it possible for us to further develop this powerful project of re-connecting our children, our future leaders, with nature. Through this process they re-connecting with their own LionHearts, recognizing that it does not matter how desolate their circumstances may seem, but that each has the potential to rise above and Roar their Truth and Pride into the world and create their own future.


Thank you for your continued support!


Lion Roars


The LionStar Eco Cubs Team

Igniting LionHearts in young and old
Igniting LionHearts in young and old


Apr 29, 2014

Lion Power

This postcard is written by Chi Nguyen, our In-the-Field Representative for Southern Africa. Chi will be traveling to the nine countries of Southern Africa, visiting and assisting our current partner organizations.


On Wednesday, April 16th, I had the privilege of visiting Global White Lion Protection Trust's several project site locations, a few being a primary school, a creche, and an orphanage. At the first school, we were able to witness a beautiful display of song, dance, and play from the children, demonstrating all that they have learned about the importance of conservation. They showed that we must respect the lives and habitats of the white lion and all of its friends in the kingdom, and they left nothing but smiles on every audience member's face when the play concluded. It was quite the production - the children were well-versed in their parts and in their knowledge of conservation. It was pure pleasure to see the children so engaged and excited to show all that they have learned.

After we visited the primary school, we were able to see a creche where the children were just waking up from their naps and were eager to play with all the volunteers. After touring the creche, we left the sleepy environment for the orphanage, where our vehicle was bombarded with smiling children. We hadn't walked two steps out of the car before they all surrounded us, asking our names, where we're all from, and other such various questions. They showed us to their main hall, where we all engaged in a bit of dancing before breaking for some biscuits and fruits.

By the smiles on their faces, you wouldn't have ever suspected that any one of them were orphans. They were so blissfully happy with the visitors, the dancing, and the cookies. They looked like any other group of children you might run into in any other part of the country. It was enough to bring tears to more than one member of the visiting group. 

Dec 12, 2013

A Tsau Holiday Update

Darting and Release of New Lioness
Darting and Release of New Lioness

Dear Donors,

Happy holidays! We have some exciting new updates on behalf of the Tsau Lion Pride. The Tsau Pride is doing fantastically with the integration of a wild tawny lioness (Tswalu) with the two white lion males (Matsieng and Zukhara), and the new arrival of another wild tawny lioness that was donated to the project after her pride was shot and killed by unethical neighboring farmers. Thanks to the GlobalGiving donations, the following was possible:

  • Veterinary Care was provided to treat an injured white lion male, to fit new radio-collars to two lions, and a new lioness was darted and relocated to the Tsau Conservancy [R 33481.70, USD 3,219.36];
  • Lion Research Equipment was purchased: 3 x new radio tracking collars [R 5244, USD 504.22];
  • Electric Fencing Energizer was repaired to ensure the lions are protected from being trapped (snared/poached) [R 3867.29, USD 371.85]; and
  • Additional funds supplemented lion monitoring twice daily.
The remaining funds will continue to cover costs for management of the Tsau protected area (approximately 1,800 acres), veterinary emergencies, protection from trophy hunting threats, anti-poaching security, scientific research and daily monitoring. We are so grateful for your support, without which, the success of our project and the wellbeing of the lions would not be possible! If you are interested in supporting another WLT campaign over the holidays, please consider donating to our Eco-Cubs community conservation education effort. 


The White Lion Pride

Radio Collaring New Lioness
Radio Collaring New Lioness
Happy Couple
Happy Couple


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