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Mar 31, 2014

A house is the only thing I need now !

KUBO concept is ready to be launched
KUBO concept is ready to be launched

Dear friends and change-makers,

4 months after the hit of Yolanda typhoon, our team which helps in Bantayan Island, has to sadly acknowledge the evidence of insufficient government’s support which is coming drop by drop to the victims. Right now, the survivors don’t have their house repaired or rebuild yet.

The area where we decided to rebuild the houses is inhabited by people surviving in a donated tent for the luckiest ones and the rest is protecting under a stretched tarpaulin roof…

We have conducted several community meetings with affected inhabitants and obviously the major problem remains the same. How to finance the construction of their home, while the economy is recovering very slowly and who will support the work and overseeing the development there?

Fortunately after some weeks of conceptualization our team responsible for the design of a typhoon resilient and affordable native house and has finally come up with a model that can meet the constraints and requirements of the project’s challenges. We call this concept KUBO whose particularity is combining a house made of local and raw materials (bamboo, limestone, coconut lumbers, pandan, coconut rope … and an “Agri-tecture” garden to provide a source of incomes with vegetables for sale and for personal food at a hand distance.

A KUBO house unit might cost around PHP 50, 000 (USD1200) materials and handy labor works, given it would be cheaper if the purchaser aids to construct.

We do not encourage donation but micro -finance in order to reinvest the repayments to finance another KUBO house development and also to actively maintain the sense of ownership of the beneficiaries and have limitation of dependency.

Financial assistance to purchasers would be around PHP 20,000 (USD 460). The PHP 30,000 remaining will be collected within a biweekly repayments worth of PHP400 ... borrowing rate will be reduced to a minimum to cover essentially the costs of supervision, tools purchase and training.

Therefore the house will be fully paid in more or less 5 years.

As of now, we have also received donations to cover the exceptional recovery assistance of income-generating activities (pandan leaves weaving, gardening, breeding, canteens foods). Without the revival of economic activity among its families, return to "normal" life of the entire community is not possible. Today, emergency NGOs are no longer there so that is the real survival time which really begins now.

A group of 10 chosen women will now benefit from the pandan weaving re-launching program activities which are including financial assistance, training and marketing support from ANP organization. That would surely help them to become autonomous within a working year.

As a preliminary bill of materials details, our current donations received through the generous donors of Global Giving should enable it to finance as a beginning 8 houses to be built in the affected areas... And a prototype house in order to validate the concept and overall costs estimation of the KUBO under construction process.

He have 3 identified areas as targeted areas, Purok Okoy and Pooc in Santa Fe municipality and one really remote in Mambacayao Diot Island from Bantayan municipality.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who has tirelessly been working to find a solution of innovative home and tailored to local and post- disaster contexts typhoon and for their commitment to help the victims to overcome the typhoon damages and economic poverty.

Also thank you to GlobalGiving representatives for granting us with a USD 15,000 donation to make this participative and generous concept of socio -economic reconstruction project comes true!

All the best,

People still don
People still don't have a place to stay
Community meeting, feedbacks are welcome
Community meeting, feedbacks are welcome
Pandan weaving activity is back and will be nicer
Pandan weaving activity is back and will be nicer
Limestone bamboo coconut lumber... raw materials
Limestone bamboo coconut lumber... raw materials


Mar 21, 2014

One of the brightest stars

Capoeira ! Hold my hands my friend !
Capoeira ! Hold my hands my friend !

Dear Donors and friends,

Our listening and helping work to these children continues and the deployed energy intensity from the volunteers and partners does not seem to fade out, quite the contrary.

Daily work is not easy but hope and passion are still here. Even though resources are sometimes limited, motivation and imagination sometimes can do real miracles. We must show them a way and never falter, these children do trust us and we cannot let them down. There is always a solution and most important is to believe.

They are being continuously given attention and consideration from members of the civil society organizations involved in that process of giving them hope and a future. Recently, we were able to provide new sports trainings such as Basketball and Capoeira, coached by appointed and motivated teachers. They love it! A chest activity is being put in place at the center. May the best win!

We are striving to trigger any interest from them for particular sport or activity and we are pleasantly surprised to discover real talent among these children. It is very encouraging to see the results achieved in a few sessions! Why nobody did offer them this opportunity before? Of course, playing sports and having fun is not enough, although we have improved and intensified School (ALS). Now are 3 half-days a week regardless of their level or age and compulsory for all of them. Don’t make them spoiled!

Our team begins work to renovate the main dormitory that will accommodate thirty children now in decent conditions and build an outdoor kitchen made in bamboo and raw material.

The next step would be to complete the sports room and have the last dorm renovated so that all children can sleep peacefully in a cozy and clean bed. Aside, we pursue other previous activities like hygiene and medical check-up, waste management, organic garden, sanitation awareness, fellowship, values lecture … and so on. We are also working on a dance, music and cooking training school ... One of them may become the new tomorrow star and nobody will remember where she/he came from ... except him/herself.

“And they'll say told you so. We were the ones who saw you first of all. We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars”

Thank you for your continuous support to that project through Global Giving.

Teacher leaves the kids alone ! :)
Teacher leaves the kids alone ! :)
Monsanto are you here? Of course not it
Monsanto are you here? Of course not it's organic
Last night a deejay saved my life
Last night a deejay saved my life
There is joy and no snow for Christmas !
There is joy and no snow for Christmas !


Mar 4, 2014

Sweet home Paris - French Bistrot is opening soon

Can you imagine the Parisian terrace there !
Can you imagine the Parisian terrace there !

Here we are! After several months to find the good venue for our future French Bistrot, we finally found it inside a giant supermarket’s compound. The Bacolod Robinson Mall will help us to start our project by facilitating the first rentals. Thanks to them for their encouraging support.

The place is a 110 m² area with a kitchen sized of 20m² where apprentices will develop and simmer delicious French menus to our next customers in Bacolod. But there are still many renovations and investments to be obtained to complete the desired Parisian Bistro feeling ... comfortable sofas, ceiling-lights, chairs and wooden tables, the zinc bar and of course the beautiful white tablecloth.

The remaining necessary budget is still about PHP 860,000 (USD 20,000) but a Belgium Microfinance Foundation (Crédit-Sud) would be willing to join us in this adventure and is ready to give a loan without interest worth of USD 14,000 ... and some generous supporters from Bacolod as well. Thank you to them to lend us the money to start the project very soon.

We have 2 interior architect volunteers, one from the Philippines who is drawing the first layout in cooperation with one from Paris, and both are helping us for remodeling and decorating ... looking forward to see the first result of plans and realistic 3D rendering !

A French Chef volunteer is about to arrive in Bacolod to help us to finalize the first menu of recipes that will hopefully bring over many connoisseurs and appreciators of the popular French cuisine. Any “recettes” would you wish to try? Soupe à l’oignon, œufs de cailles pochés ou œufs mimolettes, crêpes Suzette, croque-monsieur maison, quenelle sauce Nantua, bœuf bourguignon, blanquette ? … And don’t forget the red wines.

We are still looking for a French Chef who could invest himself/herself in a longer term in Bacolod City to attend and follow the rising operation of the Bistro and bar and make the necessary improvements to make it even more attractive as productive. Are you tempted to join? At your toques and let’s excite our papilla!

Now, the first apprentices in the kitchen and service team are being recruited, they are either former street children or young adult who have successfully undergone social rehabilitation program and let’s kick off this initiative as the first French restaurant solidarity-oriented in Negros. They will be receiving a preliminary training with a partner cooking training school (BACA) in order to teach them with ABC of catering skills, and then they will have a bit more specific and extensive training with the French Chef lively at the “French Touch Bistrot”.

Perhaps other similar projects may rise up later? This concept already works very well in other countries in Asia, why not here in the Philippines, particularly in Bacolod with more than half a million inhabitants...

Thank you to our Global Giving’s donors for allowing us to perpetuate this social enterprise.

Please do support us with the costs of the beneficiaries’ training so they can learn a trade for a brighter future. The street will just be a bad memory to them and only a rest story of their difficult past.

Thank you so much !!!

I am ready to start the cooking training session!
I am ready to start the cooking training session!
It doesn
It doesn't look like Parisian Bistrot yet !
Humm what a messy kitchen isn
Humm what a messy kitchen isn't it !


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