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Our mission is to improving the health, education and food security of families in Indigenous and rural communities in Latin America. We seek to strengthen vulnerable families by serving women and children, with an emphasis on Indigenous peoples in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala and other rural, coffee-growing communities in Latin America through integrated, school-based health & education programs. Pueblo a Pueblo was founded on the belief that meaningful and sustainable change requires the commitment and active involvement of the individual, community or organization that will benefit from that change. Pueblo a Pueblo strives to deepen values such as personal responsibility, se...
Jul 23, 2012

Books are in Bloom!

Each year, the Guatemalan public schools arrange Olympic Games that are played in each school district. After lots of practice and preparation, the students compete in team sports and individual events, and the whole community joins in to root on their team.

At the Chukmuk School Library, we have taken advantage of this downtime by cataloging our incoming book donations. In previous months, when we are also leading literacy activities for the students, we have averaged 100 books catalogued each month, but in June we catalogued 100 books per week! We also had time to advance on our Literacy Activities Manual for the teachers, with a working first draft nearly completed. This manual will guide teachers through lesson plans and literacy activities that they can implement in their classroom.

A volunteer group helping us during two weeks in June worked at the library two mornings, painting and varnishing the old, little tables and chairs that the school donated for library use.  Not only does the space look better, but it will also help us reinforce to the students respect towards the educational materials they have at the library and at the school. We have rearranged the existing furniture to create a better space, separating out areas for children’s stories, silent reading and independent research for the older students, and a floor area for games. We also made an assessment for needed furniture which is already in place! We look forward to continue building a space that will be comfortable and useful, as well as filling our shelves with more books!

Jul 6, 2012

A little paint and some light bulbs go a long way

Panabaj Primary School was fortunate to have a group of undergraduate students from Ohio State University raise money to paint the school. The volunteers provided a much needed face lift to the school, which sat idle since 2005 after damage from Hurricane Stan forced the school community to relocate to a provisional building. The group kept busy over the course of two weeks, painting the bathrooms and the exterior walls. They took advantage of the two week inter-school sports tournament so as not to interrupt classes.  Teachers , students and parents then finished up inside the classrooms the following week. Teacher Jaime Martin Chipir Sajquiy spoke about the volunteers: “It is a surprise that they have painted a school stained by Hurricane Stan and that they came to give life to a healthy and pleasing school.”

Before the volunteer group arrived and just in time for the rainy season when dark clouds block the sun and make classrooms dark, we completed repairs to the school’s electrical circuits, bringing lights to classrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.  Kids and teachers are excited to finally be able to light their classrooms. In addition, several of the classrooms that were missing doors have now been secured with sturdy metal doors. Window frames have also been fixed, securing the school property from possible break-ins.

Many thanks to the Ohio State University students and all of you who have contributed to rebuilding Panabaj Primary School. Your help is creating a safe and beautiful learning environment for over 200 students!

Jun 28, 2012

Teaching healthy alternatives

The June Maternal and Child Health educational session consisted of teaching the women about two natural methods of birth control: lactational amenorrhea method and Cycle Beads Lactational amenorrhea, otherwise referred to as MELA in Spanish, focuses on the importance of exclusively breastfeeding and provides the women with an easy and free method of birth control for 6 months after a birth. Cycle Beads encourage women to bring their spouse or partner into the discussion of family planning, focusing on using the woman's own cycle to calculate fertile and non-fertile days.


Women listened intently while Chonita, our health educator, spoke in T’zutujil about the importance of family planning and brought the women into the conversation, allowing them to ask questions and participate. The women then completed an exercise where they got to practice using Cycle Beads to ensure they understood the proper way to use this method. The women were eager to learn and participate, having chosen family planning methods as a topic of specific interest to them. They left well informed and happy.


Two weeks ago, we also welcomed a group of undergraduate students from Ohio State University who were connected with Pueblo a Pueblo through Peacework, another NGO that leads trips with groups of volunteers. The students spent the school year in the United States raising enough money to provide ten ONIL stoves to our mothers. Once they arrived in Santiago they were excited to meet the families and help install the stoves in each household.

Through this relationship we are able to provide stoves to more families at a lower cost. This project also provided an opportunity to teach the families about how smoke inhalation affects their health, as well as how saving trees can help the environment around the lake where deforestation is widespread.

A big thanks to all the students from OSU’s Global Health Initiative for their support of our programs. We look forward to partnering with more groups in the future in order to continue providing these valuable stoves to more women in our program.

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