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Our mission is to improving the health, education and food security of families in Indigenous and rural communities in Latin America. We seek to strengthen vulnerable families by serving women and children, with an emphasis on Indigenous peoples in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala and other rural, coffee-growing communities in Latin America through integrated, school-based health & education programs. Pueblo a Pueblo was founded on the belief that meaningful and sustainable change requires the commitment and active involvement of the individual, community or organization that will benefit from that change. Pueblo a Pueblo strives to deepen values such as personal responsibility, se...
Apr 10, 2014

Promoting Literacy in More Communities!

As we begin replication of our Pathways to Literacy Project into the community of San Antonio de Chacayá, our local staff is working hard to ensure a smooth period of phasing this project out of the Chukumuk Elementary School, where over the past three years we have built a fully functional, sustainable school library.

In addition to building literacy skills and training, the focus of our efforts has been to empower teachers and administrators to take complete ownership of library and its resources, thus embedding literacy activities in the fabric of the school and its classrooms.

Our project goals goes hand-in-hand with a government-led initiative in Guatemala called Leamos Juntos (Let’s Read Together), which requires every teacher at public primary schools to design a year-long literacy plan for their students.

Whereas teachers in urban communities often receive more government attention, teachers in vulnerable schools such as Chukmuk have received little training on how to develop a plan for literacy activities. To fill this gap, Pueblo a Pueblo recently led a workshop for ChukMuk teachers on how to develop an effective, age appropriate literacy plan. Our project not only provides critical training and skills for rural school communities, where the government efforts often don’t reach, but establishes a great example for other schools in the area.

“It was inspiring,” said Montse, our Project Manager. “Every teacher in the school was inside the library searching for appropriate books for their students, using the school library database, and comparing ideas for activities.”

The next step is to schedule a second training later in the year, after which, according to the school principal, the teachers will travel to the town of Santiago to present their literacy plans with other schools.

Mar 11, 2014

Starting the Year Strong

Sponsorship students from Panabaj with supplies
Sponsorship students from Panabaj with supplies

Over the past two months our Primary Education Scholarships project staff has worked tirelessly to equip this year’s selection of scholarship students with the first wave of school supplies, personal support, and medical vouchers that will allow them to stay in school until graduation in October. 

“It’s hard to articulate how valuable this support is for families,” says Johanny Quiejú, our Project Manager. “Imagine that a father goes to cut coffee for a day and earns 15 quetzals, which is all the income that a family will receive, but school supplies cost 150 quetzals for each child.  What do you do if you have three children?” 

It’s a vexing question, and one that parents in Santiago struggle to answer on a daily basis. To mitigate financial pressure on these families, all 108 of our sponsored students this year are benefitting from a three-pronged support system.

First, they receive periodic deliveries of notebooks, pencils, markers, pens, pencil sharpeners, paper, folders, binders, crayons, and othermaterials required by the school. Teachers are actively involved in the deliveries to ensure that they meet the students’ needs as effectively as possible.

Each student also receives an identification card that guarantees free access to medical care at a local health clinic, including the costs of appointments for dental checkups and medications.

Finally, as the year progresses, our staff conducts home visits to all students at risk of dropping out or failing a grade, providing these students and their families with the encouragement that they need to get back on the right track and finish the school year as proud graduates.

With your support, we’re positive that we can translate our resources into a generation of educated, literature children in communities across Guatemala.  Thanks so much for all you do, and we hope you’ll continue to take part in our work. 

Johanny addresses families at our office
Johanny addresses families at our office
Mar 6, 2014

Eighty New Students with Access to WASH Facilities

Students wash their hands at Nueva Providencia
Students wash their hands at Nueva Providencia

Pueblo a Pueblo is proud to have added a new school partner to its Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools Project! Nueva Providencia Elementary School is now equipped with a brand new set of bathrooms and hand-washing stations, as well as a state-of-the-art septic system.

We started work late last year to construct facilities for more than 80 children from grades K - 6. We inaugurated the new bathrooms and hand-washing stations at a recent celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony that was attended by the Pueblo a Pueblo board of directors on a visit from the USA.

Sandy Mendoza, the WASH Project Assistant, said about the new development, “This project is important because it finally helps cover the needs of the school in Nueva Providencia. Before there was a poor sanitary facility open to the entire community, and with so many people from the school and outside community using the bathrooms, maintenance was nearly impossible. Some days the kids would come to school and find their bathrooms completely unusable.”

“And it’s not just about construction,” Sandy continued. “We’re trying to promote good health habits in other sustainable ways. By giving hygiene classes to students in partner schools, we’re giving them knowledge they can use to lead healthy, happy lives. Our hope is that these hygiene habits will spread from the students to their families, and eventually to the entire community.”

Of course, this project wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity and support of people like you. Now that it is complete, please consider donating to support future WASH projects in other school communities where we work!  

Administrators stand by the new facilities
Administrators stand by the new facilities
Rosemary, our Executive Director, cuts the ribbon
Rosemary, our Executive Director, cuts the ribbon
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