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Vision of Hot Sun Foundation: Social transformation through art and media. Mission: Identify and develop youth talent in East African slums to tell their stories on film. Rapid urbanization in East Africa and lack of options leads to wasted talent and frustration among the youth. Training in filmmaking enhances their creative potential, creating role models and cultural leaders from within their communities.
Dec 23, 2013

Why is it?

Douglas Mwangi, Kibera Film School trainee
Douglas Mwangi, Kibera Film School trainee

Why is it?

That many youth living in urban slums in East Africa continue to aspire to be filmmakers despite the fact that there are little or no opportunities for them to learn filmmaking?

We at Hot Sun Foundation have been working with talented youth in East African urban slums (also known as "informal settlements") for many years. 

We know that many many youth, female and male, aspire to be filmmakers but there were NO opportunities for them to get hands-on training to do so.

With your support, Hot Sun Foundation offers the opportunity for many urban slum youth to become filmmakers!

Listen to what  Douglas Mwangi has to say

When did you first think of becoming a filmmaker                                                            

Frankly, I can't say there is a time I ever thought of becoming a filmmaker for the first time because I have always seen the world in terms of pictures.

I have always wanted to capture every moment of it, so I feel I was born with a desire of wanting to be a filmmaker. 

How did you find out about Hot Sun Foundation's Kibera Film School?                   

Through the Internet.

What do you like best about Kibera Film School?

Their approach of imparting practical knowledge to students

What is the biggest challenge facing Hot Sun Foundation?

The limited admission spaces to Kibera Film School.

Why should people support Hot Sun Foundation?

So that they can continue developing talents of people who otherwise would never have a chance to become who they wish to be.

Happy Holidays to All!

Your support makes a difference for many young people in urban slums in East Africa.

We appreciate it. 

Douglas with Ivy, a Kibera Film School trainee
Douglas with Ivy, a Kibera Film School trainee


Dec 17, 2013

We made the move

Kibera Film School trainee moving files
Kibera Film School trainee moving files

Thanks to you and all our supporters, we DID IT!

We made the move. 

Hot Sun Foundation has now relocated to a new office behind the chief’s camp in Olympic, Kibera.

It took the entire Hot Sun Foundation family more than four days to settle down in our new location, including planning, packing and transferring all furniture, files and equipment.

The equipment department was very keen during this activity that no loss or damage occurred.  Our sound room is already reinstalled and ready for use.

Thanks to our trustees for cooperation and swift action to enable successful relocation and to our staff, volunteers, and Kibera Film School trainees for their commitment and determination to make this a successful relocation.

Our first community activity will be an open air community film screening dedicated to Nelson Mandela. 

Thanks to all Global Giving supporters.

Special thanks to all who made recent donations. 

Remember us during this holiday season.  Donate at

Asante Sana!

Happy Holidays!

Roy Okello, Program Coordinator, Hot Sun Foundation

P.S. You can buy some of our DVDs online at

Hot Sun Foundation loading truck for move
Hot Sun Foundation loading truck for move
Hot Sun Foundation unloading truck at new office
Hot Sun Foundation unloading truck at new office


Dec 10, 2013

How is it possible?

Kibera Film School trainees carry equipment
Kibera Film School trainees carry equipment

How is it possible for urban slum youth to travel across Nairobi, Kenya, a congested city with notorious traffic congestion to show their films in an open field?

How is it possible?

With your support!

Community Film Screening

Hot Sun Foundation working with K Youth Media did it! 

Youth from Kibera rented a mini-van, filled it with equipment and their enthusiasm  to bring their short films to youth in an urban slum on the other side of town

Over 3,000 people from the Kariobangi urban slum attended the screening of short films made by youth at Hot Sun Foundation. 

 Feedback from audience 

A young woman commented: I can’t believe it’s you people that made these films. They are inspirational. How can I join you?  

The audience asked Hot Sun Foundation to organise more screenings because they feel their slum has been left behind in filming  and audio-visual story telling. 

You can make MORE community screenings possible

Hot Sun Foundation working with partners like K Youth Media has to fundraise for every community screening they do. 

Each community screening costs $530 for transport, generator fuel, flyers, benches, and rental of the grounds.

Hot Sun Foundation charges NO screening fees for their films nor do they receive any payment for their services. 

Your support

Your donation makes it possible for urban slum youth to make and see films by and about themselves.

During this holiday time, donate to to ensure that MORE community screenings can happen in the urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

For a unique holiday gift, you can purchase our DVDs on

Thank you for making a difference!

Happy Holidays!

From Hot Sun Foundation staff

Crowd gathers Kariobangi community film screening
Crowd gathers Kariobangi community film screening


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