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Vision of Hot Sun Foundation: Social transformation through art and media. Mission: Identify and develop youth talent in East African slums to tell their stories on film. Rapid urbanization in East Africa and lack of options leads to wasted talent and frustration among the youth. Training in filmmaking enhances their creative potential, creating role models and cultural leaders from within their communities.
May 30, 2012

Connecting with Youth in East Africa

Audrey, trainee at Kibera Film School
Audrey, trainee at Kibera Film School

Greetings from Nairobi! 

We have a great opportunity for you to connect with youth living in East African slums.  

Youth like Audrey Peavey, Eric Siriama living in Nairobi want to tell their  stories on video.

People everywhere can learn and enjoy from their stories -  if Audrey and Eric have the opportunity to open up their creative vent and share their stories with the world through digital video. 

Audrey and Eric are trainees at Hot Sun Foundation, where they are attending a five-month intensive film school.Audrey  and Eric are paying 4% of the actual costs of the Hot Sun Foundation Film School.

How is that possible?

Because of people like you who are ensuring a better life for youth like Audrey and Eric in East Africa through supporting Hot Sun Foundation.

All you have to do is give up one lunch at a restaurant once a month.  Consider making a small sacrifice to nourish the creativity of youth in East African slums.

Sign up for a recurring monthly donation of USD30 or more at http://www.globalgiving/3632.

Audrey and Eric will send you a personal thank you.

Do it today. 

Your monthly sacrifice makes a difference for  young people like Audrey and Eric.

And for your own well being every single month. 

Start your own virtuous circle of generosity. 

Connect with Audrey and Eric every month.  

Spread the word on facebook, twitter, blogs.

Thanks for all you do.

PS If you can't make a monthly connection, your donation is still very much appreciated.  

Eric, trainee at Kibera Film School
Eric, trainee at Kibera Film School
Trainees at Kibera Film School
Trainees at Kibera Film School


Apr 9, 2012

At a Crossroads

Felix and Francis Kibera youth volunteers
Felix and Francis Kibera youth volunteers

For youth living in East African slums like Kibera, their journey to become filmmakers is a bumpy dirt road with lots of potholes.

After a long journey,  youth in Kibera have reached a crossroads where Hot Sun Foundation is becoming self-sustaining.

Filmmaking training is expensive in terms of equipment, time and human resources.

To keep the Hot Sun Foundation programs going, young filmmakers in Kibera have decided to work three days a week as volunteers.

Youth are donating their time and sharing their skills to help train other youth at the Kibera Film School, film community stories for Kibera TV and provide media services, including sound recordings for local musicians.

Hot Sun Foundation has become an arts and media center supported by the slum youth themselves. 

To pay their living expenses, young filmmaker volunteers work in the informal economy, in local businesses, such as beauty salons,  or do odd jobs on the other four days of the week. 

The youth of Kibera have stepped up to the challenge. 

They are inviting you to join them to support Hot Sun Foundation, their community arts and media center.

Your support is more crucial than ever at this crossroads. 

Hot Sun Foundation is requesting small monthly donations, the equivalent of a dinner at a restaurant once a month, to ensure the continuity of our programs.

Together with the funds raised by the youth themselves through community media services, Hot Sun Foundation will continue to provide opportunities for youth to share their stories through digital video. 

Join the donate-one-dinner a month club. 

Support the youth of Hot Sun Foundation.

Spread the word through facebook, twitter, blogs.

Although monthly donations would be the most useful in sustaining our media programs, any donation is welcome.

Thank you for what you do.

Rebecca, Wicky: Join Donate a Dinner a Month Club
Rebecca, Wicky: Join Donate a Dinner a Month Club
Audrey, Erastus: Invest in the Future
Audrey, Erastus: Invest in the Future


Mar 13, 2012

Following a dream: Matthew's Story

Kibera Film School class, filmmaker Allan Aligula
Kibera Film School class, filmmaker Allan Aligula

Did you ever dream of becoming a filmmaker?

What if you had this dream from childhood, but grew up in Kibera, one of East Africa's largest slums?

Matthew Kigen, age 24, who grew up in Kibera, held on to his dream of becoming a filmmaker. 

Matthew faced many challenges.  His mother wanted him to become an accountant and get a good-paying job.  His heart was not in it. 

When the company he was working for collapsed, Matthew welcomed the defeat as a blessing in disguise.  He went back to his original dream - to tell his stories on film.

Matthew came to Hot Sun Foundation and worked diligently as a volunteer for several months, without telling anyone about his dream to become a filmmaker.  

With quiet determination, Matthew passed the rigorous admissions process to Kibera Film School.  He will join the class that begins 12 March for the five-month Foundation in Filmmaking course.

Matthew's message to Hot Sun Foundation supporters:

Here in Nairobi, when you tell someone you are from Kibera, there is prejudice. We want a chance to prove what we can do. With your support, we will succeed.

Matthew pays only $24 per month for filmmaking training that costs $400 per month per trainee. 

To continue to offer the Foundation in Filmmaking five-month course to talented East African youth like Matthew, Hot Sun Foundation needs your support.

Wed. March 14 is GlobalGiving MATCHING DAY.  On this day, 30% of your donation to is matched. 

Mark your calendars! 

Tell your family and friends on facebook, twitter, blogs.  

Make a donation of any amount on Wed. March 14  Global Giving Matching Day at

Start your day  by making a donation EARLY on Wed. March 14 before matching funds run out.   

Matthew has pursued his dream of becoming a filmmaker.  Now it's up to you! 

Thank you.

Kibera Film School trainee Matthew Kigen
Kibera Film School trainee Matthew Kigen


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