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Humanity Healing International is a humanitarian, nonpolitical, nondenominational spiritual organization promoting Spiritual Activism as a means to foster Healing for communities around the world. Our Mission is to seek out and identify specific projects worldwide and to implement definable and sustainable solutions. Our initiatives are not broad mandates, but targeted undertakings created to restore Hope in the lives of children and communities that have lost it.
Mar 24, 2014

Short Term Success with Long Term Hopes

Uwase Grace (middle front) concentrates in class
Uwase Grace (middle front) concentrates in class

It has been three months since Humanity Healing International launched the Albino Rescue project and it has grown.  We have added 5 more children to the project and the 14 school age children are all happily attending classes in safe environments.

The 15th child is a 3-month old baby, Evelyn, whose 18 year old mother, Florence, was driven from her home for birthing an albino child.  They needed immediate treatment at a medical center, but are now healthy, safe and happy.  Three of the other children, Annette, Brian and Mary, also needed medical attention, which your generous donations made possible.

For many, getting an education in Uganda is not free. If a child cannot afford a uniform, tuition, school supplies, or accommodation; classroom doors are often slammed in their face.  Even the smallest requirement, such as the ability to purchase a pencil or a book, prevents children from going to school in Uganda every day. 

These challenges are worse still for a child with albinism, because they bear the added burdens of fear and discrimination. 

13 of our 14 albino children in school are sitting their first term exams and each child has pens, erasers, and pencils in their hand because of your donations.  Thank you.

Please consider a $30 reoccurring monthly donation to fully sponsor a child staying in school.

Our oldest child, Annette, has resumed her studies at the University for a Bachelor of Public Administration and Management, and she wants to use her skills after graduation to save other children living with albinism from systemic deprivation, stigmatization and fear. 

What we have found is that the children we are currently helping are just the tip of the iceberg.  We have touched on an entire sub-culture that lives in fear and discrimination because of their albinism.  Our intention is, with your support, to grow this program to provide a safe secure environment for children with albinism to gain the education they need to overturn the current cultural view through their own example.

Our sincere Gratitude for your continuing support!

Annette Tumushime learning computer skills
Annette Tumushime learning computer skills
Evelyn and her mother Florence
Evelyn and her mother Florence


Jan 9, 2014

Transforming Our Project

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support for our Pads for Schoolgirls Project - the Keep 1000 Ugandan Girls in School Project here on GlobalGiving.  We have successfully been able create an impact for many girls by providing the tools and the training to learn the skills needed to fabricate their own reuseable pads to allow them not only to stay in school during their periods, but also to help other girls stay in school.

We have learned quite a bit with this project.  One of the more important lessons is that we can make a bigger impact by breaking this project down into modules of 1 instructor, 5 sewing machines and material, and connect with a larger number of schools to place the modules.  Please keep an eye out for us here on GlobalGiving when we add these mini-projects.

I would also like to share with you our latest project here on GlobalGiving, which deals with the horrendous reality of many albino children in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, where ritualistic sacrifice of albinos is still a reality.  We were able to save 10 albino children from traffickers and are working to relocate them to safe areas and schools in a different region of Uganda.  If you can, please help us to help them.  The new project can be found at:

Thank you again for your generous support of our projects here on GlobalGiving.  The Humanity Healing Team sends you our Blessings for a New Year of Health, Happiness and Prosperity!


Christopher Buck


Oct 8, 2013

Successful Completion

Sewing Machines at Future Victory School
Sewing Machines at Future Victory School

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have successfully completed our Pads for Schoolgirls Project at Future Victory School and will closing this project here on GlobalGiving.  Our deep Gratitude to each of you for your generous contributions that launched Pads for Schoolgirls Program of Humanity Healing International.

As we have worked to create this new paradigm for vocational training in developing countries, we have learned a tremendous amount on how to create a self-perpetuating vocational program that not only solves an immediate problem (helping keep girls in school by supplying them with the feminine hygiene pads they need), teaches a marketable skill (seamstress and tailoring skills) and, most importantly, teaches the value of selfless service (the girls donating pad kits they have made to other girls in need).  We have realized that several smaller programs impacts a greater number of girls than one larger program.

Building on this knowledge, we will be announcing two new Pads for Schoolgirls projects shortly here on GlobalGiving: a second in Uganda and one in Pakistan.  We hope you will continue to partner with us in these new endeavors.

May the Blessing you have shared with others return to you a hundredfold.

Much Metta,

Christopher Buck, CEO

Humanity Healing International


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