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A Spring of Hope is a non-profit organization that provides schools in sub-Saharan Africa with sustainable water sources for drinking, sanitation, irrigation, and food preparation to improve health conditions, combat poverty, promote education and create self-sustainability within each of its partner schools. Through partnerships, A Spring of Hope strives for the long-term success of each school through increased school attendance, graduation rates, and community involvement.
Feb 26, 2014

Mahashe Secondary School

To date we have only raised 115.00 on Global Giving, but we are hoping to receive donations at our annual gala this March 21st matching any funds received on Global Giving through the end of March. 

Mahashe learners are patiently awaiting word from us when drilling may begin. However, Mahashe Secondary School is forging ahead and doing their best despite the hard circumstances forced upon the. With neatt and tidy school grounds, and passionate educators, the water issue is a topical one of the school--and they have high hopes of expanding their vegetable should they receive sustainable access to water.   Please consider making a donation to bring them the gift of water.  Thank you kindly.

Sep 11, 2013

Leap School/Jane Furse/Completion of Borehole

Leap School
Leap School

Our sincere gratitude to all the donors who helped make this project a success.  A special thank you to Martin Brody with the Fort Lauderdale Rotary for their donation of $5,000.00 to complete this borehole.  Everyone will be receiving an email copy of the plaque which will be placed at the school recognizing their heartfelt support of A Spring of Hope. Thank you all so very much for helping the Leap School!



                                                 Thank you for the precious gift of water!
Global Giving, Martin Brody/Fort Lauderdale Rotary,Jeanne Stagloff, Mark LaVigne, Michael Bassett, Nancy Lopez, Larry and Sue O'Donnell, Geetha Rajan, Clifford Bean,Jane Koltsova, Warren Diamond, Elizabeth Caldwell,Dan Fisher,Karen Waters,Callie Davies-Gooch,Jerry Glantz,Angela Bean, Rebecca Harmon, Heida Thorne,Michael Lahey, Samual Ryder, Patrick Ryder, Barbara Kittler, Nicola Abrams, Chris Ryder,Susan Cavaliere, James Barnwell, Jody Jamieson,Brian Yudelson, Michael Sacks, Matthew Lief, Bonnie Ghetler,Sharon Dezenzo, Cynthia Baker,William Marlow,Simon Griffiths, Christina Del Carpio, Laura Lee, Robert Berg, Dennis Eckstein,Kenneth Goldberg, Marika and Marton Zuberecz, Noreen Vigilante, Allison, Aaron, Ryan and Cori Kasten, Gerald Chaimberg,Hallie Wolfe,Debra Mulry,Marjorie Schlenoff, Sarah Jones, Aristides Navarro,Katelyn Mulry, Derek Shooster,Clara Hall, Phildon Huffaker, Candace Kopel, Jan Musinsky
                                 A Spring of Hope and the children of the Leap School/Jane Furse 
                                                                        August, 2013



On August 7, 2013 A Spring of Hope drilling team was successful in finding water at the Leap School in Jane Furse, South Africa.  On August 23, Andrew with the A Spring of Hope borehole construction group placed the pump, tank, stand and piping at the school.  Please read the following report from Raphael Mukachi, principal of the Leap School:


Thank you message from LEAP Science and Maths School Jane Furse Limpopo

On behalf of the Leap Science and Maths school and the Jane Furse community, I would like to thank the Spring of Hope orgainsation for the gift of water we received in the form of a borehole at the school. Your team has been fantastic staring with surveying team (Didi and Kobus), the drilling team (Michael) and the installation team (Andrew and Exodus) . Our gratitude also goes to you Joanne, James Buck, Marjorie and others who worked behind the scenes- Martin/Rotary Fort Lauderdale, Global Giving Organisors and Fundraising team.

This gesture of giving the needy is a lesson we have learnt from your organisation as well, we promise to use the gift to produce more gifts that will be shared and celebrated in the Jane Furse community for many years to come. There has been shortages of municipality water for a few days but because the borehole came at the right time we did not feel the effects of the shortages. We had enough water for both drinking and watering school grounds and farm.

The community is so excited as we have encouraged them to form a co-operative where members would come in and work in the farm and take the produce for themselves, we will continue to support them with implements and technical know-how. The school will use part of the farm and continue producing for our students' meals at school and taking some home once a week and give to other people in the community who may need support in the form of hand-outs especially the elderly. We hope continue transforming the community of Jane Furse educating the young and empowering the community members with technical skills to fend for their families.

Our students sends their love and appreciation to the organisation and promise to better their lives and the community at large becoming the agents of change; they believe they are the change that they want to see in future and clearly understand that not only will they achieve this by sitting behind the desk but by getting up and take action in building the country "together we can do more" has been the moto in the school. You will see in the pictures that they are committed and would want to do something and thanks to you for getting us the borehole.

Leap School
Leap School
Leap School
Leap School
Leap School
Leap School
Jun 11, 2013

Leap School/ Jane Furse / South Africa Update

Leap School-Jane Furse
Leap School-Jane Furse

Thank you all so very much for your help towards our goal of providing a borehole for the children of the Leap School in South Africa.  To date we have raised $5510.00 of our goal of $10,000.  We are scheduling to drill this July at the school, but need the additional funding to complete the project. 

Here is part of the report on the school by our project manger, Kobus-

The learners have started their own hothouse to produce compost and seedlings for the garden, and we saw the newly transplanted sweet potatoes as we followed our tour guides, two Grade 10 learners, Hazel and Happiness.  These two young women spoke outstandingly good English, were articulate and clear in their beliefs about the benefits of LEAP schools and their hopes for their futures.  Entrance into these schools is by competitive examination and they were both quite proud of having been admitted.

After touring the facilities and talking with Hazel, Happiness, Raphael and another teacher, Mr.James, Kobus began talking about the best site for the borehole.  The diocese had offered a field outside the fence, downslope from the building.  Kobus noticed several trees in the back courtyard of the school which were notably larger and healthier than others nearby.  He was able to locate two likely formations which cross in the courtyard immediately behind the school buildings on land that is clearly part of the school. We definitely recommend that A Spring of Hope fund the borehole for this school.  The dedicated teaching team and enthusiastic students will use the water, will support themselves and will support their community in a different and altogether South African way.


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