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Dream A Dream is a registered charitable trust which seeks to empower children from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated.
Jan 19, 2013

New Year! New Hopes!!

Volunteers at 1st day of Mentoring training
Volunteers at 1st day of Mentoring training

As we usher the New Year with lots of excitement and Dreams, we appreciate your sincere support that has helped us in motivating many young people over  the years. This milestone was only possible with your belief in our work.

We offer our thanks and wish you peace and joy throughout the New Year.

To start the year with happiness and hope, we would like to share this story from this year’s program. 

Meet Gowri  (name changed) from our Life Skills Through Creative Arts Programme:  Story as narrated by our facilitator. 7th standard, Stella Mary’s School, one of our partner schools.

Gowri has been in our Life Skills Through Football Programme since last year and this academic year she opted to be part of our Life Skills through Creative Arts.

Gowri’s father is a policeman, she is very proud of him and her mother is a housewife.    When Gowri started attending our life skill programme this year she was negligent in the sessions during the first month, she would only get along with close group of 3 to 4 friends and would not participate fully in the session or interact with facilitator.

Changes after being in our Programme:

After a few weeks, she started to enjoy the sessions.  She started to ask questions and take leadership.  This change in her was evident in one reflection circle, a time where young children discuss and share about how they felt being part of the activity in the day’s session and reflect on their thoughts, very few students were participating; then she said – “lets all talk, lets share our feelings so that we can also learn from your experiences as well, so come up and speak”.  She also started to help others who needed help with understanding. 

In her words: “Dream life skill showed me a new life; I learned that we should not be selfish and partial to others. I understood what is my real life, dream life skills have made me realize what is my real life. I learned good habits, good discipline and good manners, how to respect the others. Now, I really understand my goals and aims, etc. I understand my friends habits, hobbies, character, likes, dislikes ,etc. the sessions taught me how to face challenges. I had a lot of stage fear earlier, now after coming to Dream life skills programs, I have no stage fear; I can speak anywhere. Earlier, I used to shiver with fear when any teacher asked me any question. I used to get tense about thinking whether my answer will be right or wrong. But now I am in a position to answer to any questions asked by the teachers without any fear. I visited my relative’s house in the Dasara holidays, where all relatives planned to make a game. I took the leadership of one group in that game and we won the game at the end. Everyone started praising me. I felt overwhelmed! Everyone asked how I became so active as opposite to my earlier nature of being a silent girl. I told them its due to dream life skills. Not only at my relative circle, but in classes and at house also, I am mingling with others with ease, and I make a lot of friends now.”

 “I want to become a fashion designer in my life; else I will become a doctor.”


Organization and Programme Updates (November 2012 – January 2012):

  1. We continue to deliver our core life skills programmes –114 batches are run across 18 locations in Bangalore - 51 batches in Life skill through Arts and 63 batches in Life skill through Football.  Young people from our football program participated in SPT tournament and the team won 4-0 there.
  2. Two Outdoor Experiential Camps were conducted engaging 80 children.
  3. 154 young people were benefited from Life Skills for Career Development training at our Dream Connect Center, which offers the tools and foundational life skills necessary for career development.  We are also happy to share with you that Girish, one of our graduate and employee, has been selected to be part of 1 year course in US through community college initiative conducted by the US consulate.
  4. A 2-day training session was organized with Play for Peace to train our Life skill facilitators and lead facilitators with different ways and mediums like puppet making to interact with young people to make sessions more effective.
  5. Dreamers Unlimited – A volunteer evening was organized to get the volunteers to interact and appreciate their time and efforts.   Everyone left inspired to do more to give back to the community.  Read more about the evening in this blog post http://dreamadream.org/2012/12/volunteer-evening/
  6. 50 excited volunteers have signed up to attend the second cycle of our mentor training which started on 13th January and 4 volunteers have signed up to become mentor trainers and the training started on 16th January.
  7. Unlock 10K smiles – A fundraising campaign was launched on Jan 1st with the intention to make 2013 - A year of happiness.  We urge you to make a small contribution and unlock smiles.

We look forward to your continued support and enduring relationship!

P.S. - Both links attached below

  1. Dream A Dream’s 10K Smiles campaign was featured in the Hindu. Check out the article through the attached link
  2. To unlock smiles click on the link below.  

Thank You!!

Volunteers bonding through celebration
Volunteers bonding through celebration
Snapshot from Gowri
Snapshot from Gowri's Creative Arts session


Nov 29, 2012

Thank you for your Invaluable Support!

"Man is made by his belief.  As he believes, so he is." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Around 4000 young people from Dream A Dream Life Skill Programmes are on their path to strengthen their belief in themselves by realizing their potential and explore various opportunities for their future.  Thank you for helping us continue this journey.

Meet Ravi (name changed) from our Life skills through Football Programme:   Story as narrated by our facilitator.

Ravi has been in the football programme for the last one year.  Initially when we started the programme with the structured sessions, he did not understand what was being taught to him.  He never used to mingle with any of the other young people in the sessions; he was also very naughty and often used foul language.  I used to try and exclude him for some time during the sessions for bad behaviour and even one of his school teachers came and told me to exclude him from the session. His parents also complained about his behaviour saying that he was being disrespectful, taking money from them without their knowledge and fighting with his brother. He would also lie to them, telling that there was a sports programme and arrived home very late. After we excluded him from a few sessions, he came to classes and pretended to behave.

Change after being in our Programme:

One day, the young people had a structured session with the topic being ‘Dealing with Parents’. All the young people spoke about their parents and everyone spoke positively about their relationship with their parents, explaining that they loved their parents and their parents in turn also loved them. I then shared my personal story. I used to disobey my parents and as a result, faced a lot of difficulties in my life. This story had a lot of impact on Ravi and he understood the importance of respecting his parents. His behaviour gradually improved both in the sessions and at home.

Sharing personal stories and building a personal connection with young people with authenticity helps build trust in them.

Organization and Programme Updates (September - November 2012):

  1. We continue to deliver our core life skills programmes –114 batches are run across 18 locations in Bangalore - 51 batches in Life skill through Arts and 63 batches in Life skill through Football. 
  2. Three Outdoor Experiential Camps were conducted engaging 116 children and 17 volunteers. A quote from Asma, who was at our camp "I wish that this whole world should change like this, each one should have respect, appreciation, care, and say kind words to each other then there will never be any ill or bad air in nature." ~ Asma, 9th standard, EES Bommanahalli
  3. 271 young adults successfully completed their Life Skills for Career Development training at our Dream Connect Center, which offers the tools and foundational life skills necessary for career development.
  4. We have completed our 6-week Facilitation training in partnership with PYE Global-Partnership for Youth Empowerment where 16 Lead Trainers were trained and prepared to deliver trainings across the country.
  5. Mr. Vishal Talreja, Cofounder and Executive Director presented the Dream A Dream model and its journey to students at IIM Ahmedabad on 19th November 2012.
  6. Volunteer Survey 2012 rolled out to study the personal, social, economic, and cultural impact of volunteering on volunteers through an online questionnaire.
  7. As part of our scale plan, 2 life skill facilitation workshops for adults were conducted to teachers from our partner schools and Salaam Bombay Foundation.  We also had, 2 life skills facilitation trainings for Dream A Dream staff.

Your support has repeatedly played a key role in continuing our programmes with young people from vulnerable backgrounds realize their potential to take over life’s challenges with confidence.

P.S. - Both links below

  1. To know about our aspirations from Last Year, please check our Annual Report 2010-11.
  2. We will be recruiting mentors periodically, to know more about mentoring program, please watch our video "Be a caring adult.  Be a mentor."  If you wish to become a mentor please write to volunteer@dreamadream.org.

Thank You!!

Life Skill Facilitation Workshop for Teachers
Life Skill Facilitation Workshop for Teachers


Oct 15, 2012

Small Steps to Big Success!!

Fun in Learning
Fun in Learning

Its rightly said “The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for” ~  Allan K. Chalmers

Thank You for adding these Something’s to the life of many young people from vulnerable backgrounds through our (Dream A Dream's) Life Skill Programs by giving them hope for the best from their future and also by bringing in a caring adult into their life in the form of a life skill facilitator or a mentor.

One such Hope and Aspiration is of Raju's (name changed). 
Raju has been a part of our football program for the last two years.  He is currently studyig in 8th standard at our partner organization.  When he came into our program, he was not very interested. He used to do what the coach told him, but he was very lazy in all the activities and used foul language during the session.  With regular attendance to the sessions, he gradually started improving both his football skills and even in his behaviour.  He used to help the facilitator and soon started building strong relationships with the other members of the team. From then on, he was happy. He told the facilitator that he would listen to everyone and respect his elders. When asked, whether it was the program that had led to these changes? and if so, why had he changed. He said that the program had previously been focused on learning football skills but now the focus is on teaching life skills as a part of the curriculum.  He said that the team agreements helped him to make changes in his behaviour both inside and outside the game.  He started to take initiative during the games and behave responsibly during the sessions.  If he had any doubts, he would clarify them in the session itself and he often came out with some very powerful and relevant questions.  “I feel like I too have changed through my involvement in the program.  I learned better ways to behave with my elders and with younger children, responsibility, how to take initiative and most importantly, I learned how to be a leader and I’m really happy I learned this because it is a very good quality to have.  I have learned that I have to be a good soccer player and the importance of relationships, not only in soccer but also in my life outside of the game. The football program has made a lot of changes in my life and I know how to work hard to achieve a bright future for myself.”

He also quotes:  “I have never seen this kind of program and it makes me feel good. The first session is one of the most memorable days of my life.  I have been playing football since I was 10 and I used to play very selfishly.  Once I lost a game due to my selfishness and this made me realise that being selfish is very bad and you can’t score a goal if you behave like that.  After going to some sessions, I have become much more honest, my football skills are a lot better and there have even been changes in my life. Thank you Dream A Dream!”

Organization and Program Updates:

  1. We have now reached out to 3152 children enrolled in our core life skills programs – 1737 in Life skills Through Sports and 1415 in Life skills Through Arts.  Over 108 batches are run across 17 locations in Bangalore - 48 batches in Life skill through Arts and 60 batches in Life skill through Football. 
  2. Two of our young adults were selected for a 1-year Professional Dance Development Certificate Program which is a scholarship by Lourd Vijay Dance Studio.
  3. Four Outdoor Experiential Camps were conducted engaging 122 children and 23 volunteers. This is what one of our volunteer had to say after the camp “Still contemplating all the amazing things I have experienced this weekend... thanks Dream A Dream for giving me the opportunity to volunteer for one of your Outdoor Experiential Camps! Loved it!”
  4. 300 young adults successfully completed their Life Skills for Career Development training at our DreamConnect Center, which offers the tools and foundational life skills necessary for career development.
  5. 60 young adults attended our very first Alumni Meet at the DreamConnect center. It was overwhelming to see the excitement and enthusiasm that the youths had upon learning about the different educational/career opportunities available to them. Everyone walked home with a smile and hope in their heart.
  6. We have started our 6-week Facilitation training in partnership with PYE Global-Partnership with youth empowerment where 16 Lead Trainers are being trained and prepared to deliver trainings across the country.
  7. Mr. Vishal Talreja, our Cofounder and Executive Director represented Dream A Dream at the StreetFootballworld and Sony European Graduate Program which happened in Libson, Portugal. Dream A Dream is a network member with Streetfootballworld Network has been one of the two organizations selected for the SONY European Graduate Programme Enterprise Project. As part of this project 5 of SONY’s Graduate Students have been selected to support Dream A Dream with establishing a strategic partnership with a sports based club, association or company to further Dream A Dream’s scale plans. The graduates will be volunteering offline with Dream A Dream between September 2012 – January 2013 on this project as part of their leadership development.
  8. Ms. Suchetha Bhat, our Head-Strategy was featured in the local newspaper, Bangalore Mirror, where she talks about our Dream Mentoring program.  Please click on the link to read the article http://www.bangaloremirror.com/article/81/20120922201209222022029779692d076/Wanted-not-teachers-but-awakeners.html

All this has been possible only due to the undying commitment and support from donors like YOU, who have helped us, Dream A Dream, to continue to reach out to many more young people in helping them unleash their potential and take over the life’s challenges with confidence.

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