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We empower women and children living in rural communities to overcome social injustice, disease, illiteracy, and poverty. Our small-scale interventions enhance their social and economic well being and help them reach their potential.
Dec 9, 2013

Be patient until February

Alice: I was in Onura Dec 1 2013
Alice: I was in Onura Dec 1 2013

Thanks for your long term support to Give a Village Drinking Water in South Sudan project.
The project has reached its budget goal. The money is now available to do the work. 

We approached the water for life company to drill and install a Hand Pump Water Well in Onura village. The drilling truck came but cannot make to the site due to heavy rain this year that made the road nearly impossible to use. The truck tried to Onura but got stuck four times on the way. The chief of Omilling is organizing the villagers to repair certain bad places on the road, Alice said who was in Onura with a guest visiting Omilling from our new partner.

The two organizations then re-structured the plan to drill in February 2014 when it stops raining, and save for big truck use Omilling's bush road. We are appealing to our donors to be patient until February, but in case this happens before you will be informed.


Dec 9, 2013

MALARIA:is an enemy to children in a World

a Village mid-wife is appealing a microscope
a Village mid-wife is appealing a microscope

Thanks for your long term support to Save People from Dying from Malaria in South Sudan.

Few months ago, your donation has helped purchased a microscope for malaria testing in a village clinic. Thank you GlobalGiving! Thanks our donors! Thank you! But still a microscope is needed, and  we need your help to order for  a unit!

HopeOfiriha feels this cause is a life-saving cause deserve Global support, but for unknown reason the cause has not attracted supporters. However, HopeOfiriha and the recipients remain optimistic that a miscroscope will come one day from our donors because malaria is an enemy not only to children in South Sudan, but to the rest of the world.

The funds you donated is treated in our account as "restricted fund" The money will be used to buy a microscope once a total amount has been achieved.


Dec 9, 2013

Monkey:Destroyed 500 bee hives

Beekeeping manager - Denis Ochanda
Beekeeping manager - Denis Ochanda

Thanks for your recent generous gift to Combat Malnutrition with Bee-keeping in South Sudan project.

Our beekeeper says he is disappointed when the monkeys destroyed Langstroth beehives from the project site on the foot hill of Itohok Mountain last week. The monkeys destroyed the hives in the night and following day it rains longer.  

Denis Ochanda visited the site on Friday afternoon to find 500 beehives containing African Queen Honey Bees were destroyed, and honey eaten. These monkeys moved from northern Uganda looking for food in Omilling mountainous areas. In a dry season, this is a usual trend. They destroyed food crops, and anything eatable. The monkey falls down hives, open it, eat honey, and finally destroyed the hives at the spot.

He said: The beehives had been doing exceptionally well, and we were getting honey and money from them. I came last week with a volunteer from Czech Republic -Caritas Internationalis who had come to replicate a project. But when we arrived we found 500 hives were destroyed by the monkeys. The destroyed hives are repairable but need modest investment.

Denis said; we will keep the project going, and re-stock 10 beehives in the yard on the foot of Itohok Mountain. We are planning to repair the destroyed shortly. The watchman and four dogs will be deployed in the site 24 hours a day in a dry season. The dogs will be used to detect and scare the monkeys away.

Denis Ochanda provided this information through a telephone call from Magwi County.


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