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We empower women and children living in rural communities to overcome social injustice, disease, illiteracy, and poverty. Our small-scale interventions enhance their social and economic well being and help them reach their potential.
Sep 3, 2013

Your medicines Are Saving Lives In Omilling

Return on your donation - medicines!
Return on your donation - medicines!

Your investment is saving lives in southern Sudan! Children are strong and happy!

Thanks for recent generous donation to Fund Healthcare & Medicines in South Sudan project.  Your responsibility to support the villagers get  healthcare is truly appreciated by our board of trustees and those who will benefit most - off course the Children!

What is next? Your donation brings the under -mentioned medicines to the clinic: a box Terbinafine/hydrochloride, three boxes Daktacort, a box Clotrimazole/hydrocortisone, and nine small boxes malaria tablets.

We are appealing that you continue to support this cause, so HopeOfiriha delivers the essential medicines to the villagers which without your investment there are no  other ways for the clinic to get medicines for treating them.

We will be sending quarterly field report, so you get to see how your investment is impacting the lives of the lives of women and children, and men in Omilling.

Sep 3, 2013

No Problem!

Return on your investment
Return on your investment

You are saving lives of  Moms and their Babies!

Thanks for recent generous gift to Stop Moms from Dying in childbirth project. Your commitment to stop Mothers Dying in Childbirth is really appreciated by our board trustees, and those who will benefit most - off course the babies.

Also to  address these issues, the Traditional Authority passed a by-law requiring mothers to give birth at a health-facility with a Skilled Birth Assistant.

What is next? With your donation HopeOfiriha supplied the Maternal Maternity Clinic with the following items: 5 boxes cotton wool, 10 pieces Syringes & needles, and  8 birthing mats. A new order is placed with our supplier and is expected to arrive soon.

Since this project is still under implementation, we will be sending you the quarterly report. You will get to know what your donation has helped  impact and what has been achieved.

Thank you  GlobalGiving for Helping in Omilling!
Thank you GlobalGiving for Helping in Omilling!
Sep 3, 2013

Education: Is only tool to overcome Poverty!

Quarry stones for building Mario Primary School
Quarry stones for building Mario Primary School

Do not give ready-made food to children - give them education  so they fish for themselves!

Thanks for your recent generous donation to Educate Children & Fight Poverty in Southern  Sudan project. Your commitment to help  build Mario primary School is certainly appreciated by our board of trustees,  and those who will benefit most - the children!

What is next? Work is progressing well! But due to heavy rainfall the production of interlocking soil block has been temporally  stopped until October. The villagers managed to produced 7500 of soil blocks using 50 bags of cement. There are also 40 bags of cements stored at the site, and are to be used once the rain ends.

Instead, the villagers have shifted in making the local materials and collected approximately 100 tonnes quarry stones, lake sand, and hard-core stones manually. The local materials are still needed since water cannot melt them away. This rainy season will be used to produce tonnes. The children, women, and men are motivated to build Mairo Primary School as most now understand the importance of educating their children than before.

This project is still a long way from completion we will be sending you the quarterly report, so you get to know what your subscription has helped influence and what have been achieved from the ground.

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