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We empower women and children living in rural communities to overcome social injustice, disease, illiteracy, and poverty. Our small-scale interventions enhance their social and economic well being and help them reach their potential.
Aug 14, 2014

Beekeeping - necessary to boost the rural economy

project beneficiary, Honey is important to us!!
project beneficiary, Honey is important to us!!
Thanks for your recent generous gift to Combat Malnutrition with Bee-keeping in South Sudan project.

Few months ago the wild monkeys destroyed the bee hives, which pushed the project to zero level. The loss was too much for the villagers who benefited from the activity. However, they have accepted the reality and looked forward to starting the project from the beginning.
With your contributed a carpenter had made 25 new beehives to deploy in the foot of Onura hill to attract bees to make honey. The project wanted to do more: rebuild destroyed hives but it lacks the resource to pay for reconstruction activity.

Hope Ofiriha is looking for a truck to deliver these hives to the project site, but since social unrest broke in Juba last December 2013, it had been difficult to hire a truck to drive to Omilling due to insecurity concern. We are hoping to get a lorry very soon.
Beekeeping - necessary to boost the rural economy:
While beekeeping is a small industry, it is an important one that plays a significant role within the agricultural sector in rural south Sudan.
Beekeeping is essential, not just for honey and other hive products such as beeswax, but also for the pollination. It is a potential income generation enterprise, and honey is regarded medicine in a rural south Sudan. The importance of honey and bee is endless.
In the next quarter, a new field update report will be posted so that you get to know what impact your contribution has helped create in Omilling South Sudan.
Aug 14, 2014

Fruit tree is important for future generation

This is what Omilling expects in future!
This is what Omilling expects in future!

Thanks for your recent generous gift to Give Fruit and a Greener Environment project.

Your contribution has helped purchased - ten banana seedlings, ten passion fruit seedlings, five jackfruit seedlings, and eight eucalyptus seedlings. The Traditional Authority has granted a large area of land to the project to use as a tree nursery.

Fruit trees are grown from infancy in special partner fruit tree nursery in Uganda so that our staff can manage the delicate budding and grafting process. From there, these seedlings are transported to South Sudan to go to one of three places -  Fruit trees planted in improved local fruit orchard, Fruit trees given to community to grow, and plant, and Fruit trees given to families as part tree planting project.

The fruit trees are for the benefits of Omilling, in time and with proper care will produce enough fruit for the members to eat, and to sell for profit. The project will also attract commercial activity in the area that will boost the local economy and infrastructures.

In the next quarter, a new field update will be posted so that you get to know the positive changes your contribution is making in Omilling south Sudan.

Aug 13, 2014

Gathering wood is risky

Returnee making clay stove to make a living
Returnee making clay stove to make a living
Thanks for your recent generous gift to Stop Cook stoves from Killing in South Sudan.
Since December 15, 2013 when social unrest broke up in South Sudan, women from Magwi County returned to Namboole and Kibuli, an area in the outskirt of Kampala city. These returnees settled in places they had lived before to engage income generation activity to provide their families with basic needs and pay school fee to educate their children.
With the fund from Deki (our microfinance lead partner) Hope Ofiriha had granted loans to twenty clients who are in the business operation of making and selling the clay wood stove. These clients are living in exile in Namboole, Uganda. More returnees will get loans as well.
With a contribution from GlobalGiving donors, Hope Ofiriha is funding the training of five returnees who are living in exile around Kampala city. The aim is after they had finished skill training, they will operate a business of making and selling clay stove to support themselves and their families. In the next quarter, four women from Omilling will be sponsored to attend skill training in clay stove making in Uganda.
In south Sudan, the shortage of firewood for cooking is one of several problems faced by many. Gathering wood women's duty that is fraught with dangers; they gamble with life-threatening attacks during the search for firewood in order to feed their families. In certain areas around Juba, firewood are depleted, leading women to travel further or dip up tree roots, eliminating any chance of the trees growing again. Even if women survive this, they are still exposing themselves and their children to potentially deadly smoke fumes.
The practical solution to tackle this issues is through the use of clay stove, which are both affordable and easy to use and make; cutting the amount of risky trips for firewood and allowing more trees the opportunity to grow. Subsequently, burning smaller amounts of firewood means less smoke will engulf homes and their lungs.
In the next quarter, a new field progress report will be posted, so you get to know what impact is your contribution is making in the lives of people in the ground.
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