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SEREP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization situated in Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The area is ranked as amongst the least developed nationally, with limited infrastructure, high birth rate, high unemployment, as well as a high level of HIV/AIDS transmission and widespread poverty. This distressing situation prompted the formation of SEREP in 1997 with an aim of addressing the social problems caused by such and to Serve the underprivileged ones without boundaries. We work in several projects which are identified in accordance with the felt needs of the people and friendly to the environment. Orphaned and Vulnerable children's education remain our top priorit...
Oct 24, 2014


Here again is another progress report. These women have continued to enjoy and pulling  on very well with their palm oil project. Another Group was added last month and everything is going on well.

As reported in our last report, we have over Thirty five  women groups and only 5 are currently benefiting from this project because of insufficient funds to buy  the Palm Oil in Bulk to distribute to more groups.


I am glad to report that all the members in these groups are responding very well and little profit that is being made is saved so that at the end of the year, we will control and see how much they themselves have raised as proceeds from the busines. This will inturn be re-investment into the business as their group's. capital.

We will continue to lobby for funds in order to expand our project to other groups which have not yet started benefiting. We have the honour to assure all the donors that their money is being used judiciously and for the project which was meant for.,

Thanks to all  the proevious donors and those to be in future. Investing in a woman is investing in the family and for the improvement of the rural lively hood.


We pray that more funds should come our way for the this project to become more vibrant.

Oct 7, 2014

Progress Report on Water project in Cameroon prevent Cholera

So far, this is the first report on this project and we wish to inform our readers that we are located in a rural  zone of the highlands in Cameroon.  We have had alot of electricilty cut off and internate supply which delayed our project report.


However, since the inception of this project, the community had been working very hard  to see that the catchment is completly prepared for building.


All the digging has been done and we have garthered stones  at the catchment area.  What is holding on the project now is the meanse to purchase cement.  Ones the cement is bought we will start  with the construction of the catchment and then ge on to the chamber from where the water will be connected to the small existing thank.

The current small thank can supply few taps and we are looking forward to  constructing an additional ctachment to increase the volume of water and to also construct another thank which will be able to distribute water to to the Health Centre, the CBC School, Government Technical college and to other quarters in the village.

This is the right time wo work on this project the dry season is almot at hand.  The community is providing enough lanour and our only problem is the meanse to buy the Cement, sand and some PVC pipes.

So far we have raised 10 dolars and we would be grateful if any one could help to promote this project which is aimed at providing clean water, and preventing all water related deseases especially Cholera.

Our next report will come with pictures of the project and current activities.


Thanks for reading and possibly helping to donate or to promote.

Sep 11, 2014


Bricklayers  cementing the class floor
Bricklayers cementing the class floor

Dear all,

The project is going on very well. We have completed the plastering of the outside, cemented the floors and fitted the windows.

The pictures attached tre the plastering/cementing works.We are now left with the painting of the ceiling.

We thank all the supporters of this project. Schools have re-opened and the pupils will be happy getting into thier classrooms which are well plastered and cemented.

All the above work took place during the long vacation. We will be left with completing the cementing and plastering of all the other classes. Afterwhich painting will take place before the kids can fully enjoy thier classrooms.

We are still appealing to all the supporters of this project to continue with thier work as God loves a cheerfull giver.

Yours faithfully.

cementing of the classroom floor
cementing of the classroom floor
view of the front school already plastered.
view of the front school already plastered.

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