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SEREP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization situated in Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The area is ranked as amongst the least developed nationally, with limited infrastructure, high birth rate, high unemployment, as well as a high level of HIV/AIDS transmission and widespread poverty. This distressing situation prompted the formation of SEREP in 1997 with an aim of addressing the social problems caused by such and to Serve the underprivileged ones without boundaries. We work in several projects which are identified in accordance with the felt needs of the people and friendly to the environment. Orphaned and Vulnerable children's education remain our top priorit...
May 6, 2014

Progress report on provide Education

The knockings and the tall list  facial board
The knockings and the tall list facial board

Special greetings from Cameroon. Here I am presenting another progressive report.  This Project has remained a project that is changing lives eventhough in progress. We have moved a giant step again after our last report.

We did not only depend on funds from Global giving but we  also tried to do some local fund raising and also  with some special support by some of our volunteers, we have again done much.

We have been able to complete the roofing of the upper section, completed the facial board with Tall list allimuniun  and have started putting the ceiling Boad round the building.  Much has been done and the project is really being appreciated by the priority beneficiaries beside the who Mbve community.

We are very grateful to report that those who have been supporting this project should read our report and share with others because when this project shall be completed it  will be the pride of all. 

For us to complete this project  we still need your prayers and financial support.  The objective of this project is to provide quality vocational education to orphaned and vulnerable children in Cameroon and at least 100 yearsly.  It is therefore a project that will help generations after generations.   Investing in this project is even inveting for the unborn less priviedged ones and as a legacy for life.

I can not end this report without very much appreciating those who have been supporting and even coming back to support again after following what is happening in the project.  Our volunteers continue to teach and also taking part in the project seriousely.

The attached pictures are meanly to sure you where we have reach and with your support.

If you want to support this project do so without any doubt of where your  hard earned money is going and for what.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Tall list round the back part of the upper section
Tall list round the back part of the upper section
An orphaned enjoying playing during short break
An orphaned enjoying playing during short break
Carpenter receiving a chicking after roofing.
Carpenter receiving a chicking after roofing.
Carpenter busy puting the knokings
Carpenter busy puting the knokings
Apr 7, 2014


ovcs in school
ovcs in school

Dear friends and supporters of Gift the gift of education - sponsor an orphaned child.  If all of you who have  been supporting this project could visit these children, you would  really know that your hard earned  money is doing much. This time the children have acquired much especially  as we gained partnership with the International Bon - Germany and they supplied two teachers to re-inforce our teaching staff. Original volunteers  Uk has also continued sending us volunteers to teach and the children are really gaining much knolwedge from your surppot.  They have most of their educational needs just because you  were there to help.  Thank you immensely

ActivitiesWe organized a programme where some of them gave terstimonies on how  SeRep and Global giving have really given them hope for life.  One of the attached pictures   is for the one that went to Yaounde to talk on HIV AIDS and how they have  wiped out stigma in their school through our stready and sustainable lessons.

Also attachech is a picture of  one of our volunteers seriously teaching  in class.  Another one is a group picture in the assembly during moral lessons where we teach them much on various ways to avoid Sexually transmited deases and above HIV.  We have also  done alot to the trainees coaching them to  carry on with abstence if atall they could be able to control themselves.

Infact the project is one of the best projects we are enjoying as we see children studying, growing, gaining emplpoyeent and even becoming responsible.

We really want to say that this project is ongoing and at this moment, we have identified more  of these children to admite in September. I am glad to annoucne that formally we did not have space but we have been able to construct three other class rooms, an office, a computer lab and LIbrary. Hopefully  by next years all will be set for use.

Thank you very much for giving a a perant  gift  which remains in  these children  for life.  Let me call you attention on the fact that these chidren had lost hope and now they are happy and more are still in villages  still waiting for our support  in the aspect of being admitted in September 2014.  

Any support  from now will be able to sew new Uniforms,  buy other school needs for the new ones and then support some of the children who are already receiving training as they will be going to their news classes  after  promotional examins next month..

Giving a gift of education is really a  gift for life.   Let your hard earned money do something in  someones life esepcially this class of children.

We promise to keep helping them and most especially with your support. We pray that you  should really be blessed and also share your cause with others.

OVC giving a testimony of how SeReP has helped her
OVC giving a testimony of how SeReP has helped her
Volunteer teaching OVCs English Language in Class
Volunteer teaching OVCs English Language in Class
Apr 3, 2014


Ladies and  genetlemen,

In our last report it was  reported the prices skyrocked  and  the supply was greately reduced making the beneficiaries to expeirence  some scarecy problems.  I am glad to report that since laslt month, the rpices have droped and this month we were able to buy up to 400 litres of Oil and the five groups are really satisfied with adequate supply and  low priveces compared to the one in the market.

One  more group  was then added to the groups that were shotlisted and have been benefiting from the project. There is hope that when the project will have enough funds,  anough Oil shall be bought when the prices are low and stored to be issued to them  during the scarecty periods like the months of Nov, Dec, Jan. and February.

The Mbororo group of Mbohsha have consintued to use this project as a uniting fource to  bring together many Mboro women who are always in the grazing  hills  behin cows.  Now we have been giving them a lot of education, hygien, basic accounting and the need  for social gathering and pulling of resources together.

The Project also enabled many women to participate in the celebration of the womens; day in Kumbo.  We hope to continue adding more groups to benefit  from this empowerment project as funds continue to increase gradually.

Thanks to those who have in the past supported this project.  Rest assured the money is helping the present groups very well and they very much appreciate our efforts while sending your appreciation through us.

May God continue to bless those who would want to support this women empowerment project  becuase it helps bu the entire families and not only the women.  (Educating a woman is educating the nation).

Respectfully submitted by

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