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SEREP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization situated in Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The area is ranked as amongst the least developed nationally, with limited infrastructure, high birth rate, high unemployment, as well as a high level of HIV/AIDS transmission and widespread poverty. This distressing situation prompted the formation of SEREP in 1997 with an aim of addressing the social problems caused by such and to Serve the underprivileged ones without boundaries. We work in several projects which are identified in accordance with the felt needs of the people and friendly to the environment. Orphaned and Vulnerable children's education remain our top priorit...
Dec 15, 2014


German volunteer in class (Sarah Muenzner)
German volunteer in class (Sarah Muenzner)

Thank you for visiting our report page again.  For your information, we are based  in the rural part of Cameroon - Africa and our elctricity supply is not very reliable.  This makes us to delay in our reports. However, we happy to have another opportunity to report at this moment.

This first term  whis occupied the period of September up to this moment was a very busy and exciting one in the school as new orphaned and vulnerable ones were increasingly admitted to join the old ones.  

We noted that there was a great change in those who came in from very interio areas and have ben well integrated inot the school system.

I am delighted to report that our IB German volunteer is doing her best especially with the new intake who could not read and write on admission.  

We just finished writing the first semister exams and are preparing for a Christmas party.  In this Christmas party, Miss Sara has prepared them with songs and Dramas to presented on  the 18th of December before giving them a Christmas break.

We are very grateful with those who have continued to support this on going project and giving hope to those who must have lost in the aspect of education and care.  Your donations are doind a wonderful job as we continue to ensure qualy provision of education to those you are helping through Global giving and us.

May God continue to bless you as you sensitize other relatives and ffriends to support your cause.


Remain Blessed.

Sidonie is an OVC  in the 3rd.  very happy now.
Sidonie is an OVC in the 3rd. very happy now.
Students play during short breaks.
Students play during short breaks.
Ann Marie use to  be depressed but is happy now.
Ann Marie use to be depressed but is happy now.
Dec 15, 2014


Again, here is another  brief report of the Help Takijah build a Nursery school.   It has been a wonderful time seeing the work in progress.  We are looking forward to completing the cementing of the verandas  to have the the structure protected from erosion come  the rainy season in March.

The Children have continued to have the anxiety to see the completed cemented from  within and without painted. It is hour hope that once we are through with the cemennting the verandas round, and putting the ceilings, we willthen move to painting.

I really very much want to thank the supporters of this project and to iinform that only alittle push is left for us to complete and put the nursery school up the taste of the time.

We look forwards for a final push for all everyone so that we can complete the project before June 2015.

Pictures willbe available in our next report showiing the veranders cemented and other works.


Remain blessed.

Nov 7, 2014


The Mbohsha women health centre is doing wonderfully well in servinging the absolute rural people of  the area.   This time around,  we joined other  Health Units in  Kumbo and desciminated enough information on the creation of awarenes of Ebola.   The entire villagers including those of the neibouring villages received enough health education through the existence of the Health centre.

It has continued to provide primary health services  in the area without any difficulties exccept the lack of a good and condituce structure which we are struggling with it. There is a lot of emprovement in the number of children being brought for weighing, and antenatal clinics.

The rain was too much  and we were not able to carry some construction material to the village.  At this moment, the  rain is giving way and we are preparing to  buy some cement and more sand to complete the flooring in and outside and then look forward to painting.

The polio vacines and others were administered in this health post and families or parents who brought their chidlren for the purpose also received health talks including HIV/Aids Ebola and the emportance of routine vacines to children 0 - 5 years.

If by the grace of God we complete the building and get on to furnishing the health centre, it will really improve the entiere community as far as health, Hygien and other primary health care services are concerned.

Pictures of activities shall be presented in our next report because our lines are very very slow and it is difficult for us to attach them.

 If  there is any one who wish to help this poor and less privildged community in relation to health, it can be don without any doubt.

We thank you all for reading.

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