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Restoring young girls through the power of a dream. Transitions provides comprehensive restorative aftercare for girls rescued from sex trafficking. Each girl at Transitions receives personalized care to heal her past and provide opportunities for her future. A girl who finds her home at Transitions finds a new beginning. She finds hope, and with holistic trauma therapy, life skills and sustainable career training, she finds a dream for her future. We help girls transition, through the power of a dream, from darkness to light, from victim to survivor to world changer.
Aug 14, 2014

All Girls Pass Ninth Grade Exam!!

Some of the girls at Transitions go to public high school where they were in ninth grade this year. In Cambodia, public schools have exams at the end of ninth and twelfth grade, meaning it was time for these girls to give it their all!  This year at Shine Career School we developed an intensive tutoring program to help our students get ahead. They worked hard, studying subjects like math, English, history, geography, physics, and chemistry in order to pass their ninth grade exam. We are happy to announce that every one of the girls passed and will move ahead to tenth grade! It took two whole days to complete the national exam, but they all did it, while learning the value of perseverance and hard work.  After the the exam we held an end of school party with puzzles, card games, movies and special snacks.  We are so proud of what they have accomplished and what the future will bring!

May 22, 2014

A Transitions Mother

Motherhood is defined by selfless and unconditional love. To be a mother is one of the greatest gifts a woman can experience but also one of the most challenging. Maly, knows this firsthand. Her story was first shared through Abolition International's TO BE FREE film last year.  All Maly knew before her rehabilitation was violence and neglect. She says she never had the chance to experience an abundance of love and care from her family. But for her son, Maly is choosing to give him a different life. At 22 weeks, Maly’s boy is growing quickly and showing her what it means to love and to be loved in the most innate and amazing way.

    Maly and her husband have been slowly building a life together. She teaches yoga at a local studio and they’re both working hard to support and provide for their new son. They are well aware of the sacrifice and the undivided attention a child requires.Maly wants so much more for her son than what she was given when she was young. She dreams of a great education for him and wants to set him up for a life of opportunity. Amidst the busy schedules, Maly and her husband are completely enamored with their son. They enjoy coming home after a long day and spending time together as a family. It’s the tiny moments that are continuing to define and create a beautiful life that is completely their own.

   Maly is a woman who has overcome unspeakable adversity. She is strong. She is beautiful. She is loved. And she loves hard. She is a mother. What a blessing she is to the world and to her son.

Mar 6, 2014

An Update From Ratana at the Dream Home

I’ve been up to a lot in the last six months! I completed an internship with Skateistan a few weeks ago. Learning how to be a leader and a teacher was so fun. My confidence really grew and I got a lot more comfortable being in a position of authority. It was hard at first; I had to get little kids to listen to me and I had to try to teach them how to use a Skateboard without hurting themselves. At the end, however, I was having a lot of fun! It felt good when the kids listened to me and learned something new.

After I was done with my internship at Skateistan, I started an internship at a café and bakery. This was a whole new experience and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turns out that working in a bakery is a really fun job! They are teaching us how to makes cupcakes and other pastries, as well as how to use a cash register and take orders. I really enjoy being there because it’s such a fun environment! When I’m done with the internship, they want to hire me as an employee. I am so excited for this because it’s a really good opportunity and I would make a good salary!

During the Cambodian holiday of Pchum Ben, I went to visit my family. I got to tell them all about what I’ve done recently and how I like working at the café. It was so nice to visit with my brother and other siblings. It was a nice time to reflect and realize how far I have come. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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