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Mar 26, 2012

Expansion and Optimization in the North

Presenting Gadyen Dlo at World Water Day
Presenting Gadyen Dlo at World Water Day

Our strategy for this year focuses on optimizing how Gadyen Dlo chlorine is delivered to families.  The mix of marketing, household visits, and sales mechanisms vary among each location where Gadyen Dlo is offered.  In the coming months, with the help of CDC and graduate students, we will be evaluating the effectiveness of these different models as we attempt to optimize how families have access to chlorine.  We are excited about the opportunities to improve our work and increase the number of families who treat their water correctly and consistently.

A particular focus in the coming months is on northern Haiti.  Through partnerships with UNICEF, DINEPA, and Cesvi, we will be expanding to 13,000 families (estimated 65,000 individuals) in the communes of Milot and Plaine du Nord.  We have hired two new Field Supervisors and are in the process of identifying and training over 50 chlorine resellers and health agents.  After families receive an initial free bottle of chlorine, the resellers will make refills available to these families.  The trainings will be accompanied by radio spots, promotion in schools, community events, and household visits.  We are excited to bring the lessons we have learned about community mobilization and promotion in other sites to guide our campaigns in Milot and Plaine du Nord.

Promoting Gadyen Dlo during Carnival in Leogane
Promoting Gadyen Dlo during Carnival in Leogane
Sep 12, 2011

Partnerships to Promote Household Chlorination

Registering families to receive Gadyen Dlo
Registering families to receive Gadyen Dlo

Long-term impact requires strong partnerships at all levels.  DSI has always focused on identifying existing strengths and collaborating with local partners.  Our recent activities have led to close partnerships with large-scale actors like UNICEF and DINEPA (the Haitian government’s Directorate of Water and Sanitation) as well as local community leaders, health agents, and vendors.  DINEPA has established a goal of providing all families in rural areas with access to an approved, affordable chlorine product to treat their water at the household level.  Gadyen Dlo, DSI’s locally produced chlorine product, is the product of choice for the third phase of DINEPA’s chlorine distributions.  Our partnership aims to provide 260,000 families, or over 1.2 million individuals, with Gadyen Dlo.


To accomplish the initial distributions, DINEPA is mobilizing local community leaders that will be trained by DSI agents and will distribute Gadyen Dlo in their communities.  This will simultaneously help DINEPA reach their goal of providing safe water and allow DSI to reach its goal of increased coverage of Gadyen Dlo.  The first distributions took place in the northwest department in late August, as shown in the pictures.  In the future, it is expected that these local leaders will also gain opportunities to generate income through ongoing sales of Gadyen Dlo.  We are working on a strategy that focuses on promoting household chlorination through a combination of mass media, community events, and one-on-one household visits.  In the coming months, your support will be targeted toward ensuring that families who obtain Gadyen Dlo through the DINEPA distributions receive messages about the importance of ongoing household water treatment and information about where it is available.

Training on how to use Gadyen Dlo
Training on how to use Gadyen Dlo
May 27, 2011

Lasting Impact on Safe Water in Rural Haiti

DSI Supervisor testing a family
DSI Supervisor testing a family's water

The effects of the earthquake are still being felt over a year later.  DSI’s model of locally driven social enterprises has shown itself to be both scalable and sustainable.  The past year has allowed us many opportunities to enter new communities, forge partnerships with institutions which will be fighting unsafe water for years to come, and learn lessons about how best to make our efforts sustainable.  Despite fluctuations in aid that has been available to communities we serve, our Haitian agents have continued providing access to safe water.

Our current programs serve over 40,000 families with chlorine on an ongoing basis.  Not only do our efforts save lives, but the increased operations have provided jobs for over 260 Haitians to produce and distribute bottles of chlorine.  In order to sustain these economic opportunities and make continued health impact, it is critical that local agents promote healthy behaviors and use of chlorine to treat drinking water.  Your support is greatly appreciated as we empower these agents to strive for change that will become a part of daily life for rural Haitian families. 


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