SANTI (Social Association for Nourishment, Training & Improvement )

SANTI is a result oriented charity organization based in rural setting of Ranibandh, Rajgangpur, Odisha, India. SANTI was established in 1995 and is very active in local area. Children education is the flagship program for the organization including vocational training for women, small business training for women, eliminating child labor, training for sanitation etc. Provide education to needy and poor children. Provide support to Women to generate their own income.
Nov 13, 2013

Thank you for your support

Dear Friend,

Hope you are doing well and thank you very much for your donations and support to our children. We are excited to tell you the progress of our 25 children in our SANTI Child Care Center.

Last three months activities:

  • In order to boost the quality of education, we appointed Miss Shanti Bhengra as a private tutor to teach all students in the evening time. As we wanted to bring the best out of our children this additional teaching will be very helpful to students who are currently struggling in school. We focus our best to teach these children and hence will be successful in future.  
  • We recruited Roshni Tirkey as a new warden to take care of all of our children, previously served by only Balmati Nag. Now both the warden will be taking care of our 25 children.
  • To re-emphasis patriotism, we celebrated the Independence Day by hoisting the flag in SANTI Child Care Center.
  • Children made their own Rakhi (see Picture) and tied to each other on Rakshya Bandhan Day. This will create stronger bonding among the children.
  • Ganesh Puja was observed in the school and also Nuakhai – a festival to have new rice- was celebrated.
  • We also conducted regular medical checkup by a Doctor Visit to ensure children are doing well.

Two interesting Anonymous donors:

  • An Anonymous donor wanted to donate money so that all children will be able to visit to a nearby city for Durga Puja (a Hindu Festival) celebration. This was a very touchy moments for those children because they had never been to these kind of festival. They had a great time with food, Park visit and the City trip. Of course, they were not interested to come back home in the evening. They wanted to have more fun.
  • Another anonymous donor didn’t accept her birthday gift. She donated her Birthday Gift equivalent of money to celebrate the Birth Day of 4 SANTI children. Four children Sobhati, Jashita, Jawara and Seema celebrated their Birthday on 23rd October 2013. You can enjoy the pictures - sorry the cake is gone.  

Issues in front of us:

  • We need to complete the half built new building for the SANTI children. Currently we cannot accommodate new children as we have maximized our capacity. We will run a charity drive in next year to collect the funding for this initiative.
  • We need help to rebuild our website so please tell us if you are interested to be a part of the team.

 Thanks to all of you for your donation and support. The smiling faces of these children are made possible only by your support. We are proud to be with you.

Thanks again,


Sep 25, 2013

Children in our school


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued support and interest in improving the life of these children. We are determined to stop the child labor in the Barupada village of Odisha. We have achieved few milestones in the past few months and we are excited to share with you.  

The day time child labor school started for 50 children with an aim to teach standard 1 to standard 5 courses with vocational training as our primary goal.

We initiated various vocational training classes such as sewing and ornaments making. But later, we realized that children should focus only in one area to get good grasp of one area of the expertise. These children were hungry before and also never studied, but we are asking them to do well in class and also to do a professional job - seems like too much to ask for - Currently we only focus on Sewing or tailoring. We have put many hours in teaching these methods to the children and will be continuing to do so for next couple of months. We will bring local professionals to evaluate the results of the work done by these children. A few children are performing really well but not to the level of expectation. We need to put more time in in the area of sewing, so that they can achieve the satisfactory level and meet our goal.

We have divided their study and vocational training hours. In morning children are focusing heavily on studying the class work for grade 1 to 5 to clear the examinations set by the board. We have instructed these children to clear all exams required by the board of education. In the afternoon, children are focusing on vocational training.

Children are really happy studying and enjoying free lunch during day time. We have attached few pictures of our recent activities, hope you like them.

In addition to this, your support helps to employ five people in SANTI – two educational instructors, one vocational instructor, one clerk cum accountant and one cook cum peon. So your contribution not only supports these children but also the staff of SANTI.

Challenges we are facing –

Yes! There are few children still pressurized by their family members or by their financial situation, forced to join the labor work. They are unable to attend our training program on a regular basis. It is a continuous challenge to bring them to our school and pursue the curriculum. We need to educate their parents and also the society about the importance of our child labor school. We need to explain the urgency to attend the child labor issue. Very soon we are going to organize a rally and meeting with parents of these children who are not able to cope up with our effort.

So stay tuned and please continue your donation.

What do you think about our work?  

Thanks again for your great heart.

We are thankful
We are thankful
Thanks !
Thanks !


Aug 14, 2013

Children are saying Great thank you for your help

Dear friend,

Thank you very much for your contribution. Without your help we wouldn’t have travelled this far.

What have we done till now?

  • 2011 year end, we were disheartened to see many orphan children who need helping hand in our locality. I personally felt a sense of urgency to help these children, and truly my heart was in a different state.  We were thinking about doing something. I and Mr. Sarat Pati sought out to find a solution for these children. A dream for these children, we thought to materialize. We laid out a plan to rent a home and provide home for about 10 children, God helped and fortunately the plan worked.
  • On 2012 Jan 1st, we rented a home near SANTI and enrolled 10 orphans or needy children to the register of SANTI. An ambitious goal for 10 to 15 years – a system to help these children from grade 1 to the point when they are self sustained and ready to stand on their feet. We started to provide shelter, food, education, medical treatment and many other fun activities to these children. This is possible just by your support and donations.
  • Needless to say, children are happily staying with us since then and we have continuously resolved various problems and achieved many milestones. My trip to SANTI last year was a memorable experience. I got a chance to spend time with children and participated in various activities. When I was there more children and their parents visited and asked me to adopt their children in SANTI. You can imagine my situation, and at that time I wanted to help but was restricted with my limitations, yes our limitations – needed more fund to support these children. Then came back to my work place with a thought to help them in future.
  • I discussed my plan with few friends and Globalgiving. This time I was personally thrilled to see Mr. Sunil Wagh joining our SANTI team on a lead role, although he was involved with SANTI from the beginning. I told him many children approached me during my SANTI visit. He instantly said we should take more children. We put our thought about how to help these few more children. He took it by heart and brought many great people like you to adopt few more children.
  • With your help and Sunil’s never give up attitude helped us to take 15 more children. So we are now total of 25 children in our SANTI home.
  • This is just because of your donations and great help. Without your help a plan is a plan and wouldn’t have successful to this great extent.

Few notable activities –

  • Many children are doing well in their educational activities and we are proud of it.
  • Children have taken part in a walk to show the awareness for Right to Education initiative.
  • Two of our children have taken part in cultural activities in local school and achieved appreciation for their effort.
  • We have added one more warden to help recently adopted children.
  • Also we have started conducting extra classes or personal attention to help children who are struggling in school.

Issues in front of us –

  • Your donations helped to us to educate 25 children. Now more children need help. More often than before, recently many children or their poor parents have been approaching us and asking the same big question as last year, “Can you allow my child to take under your roof?”. Can we adopt more children?  What will you say?
  • A tough choice - I wish I can say yes “let’s take them”. But unfortunately NO - we have exhausted our capacity in current home. We don’t have enough space to take more children. This time we are facing space issues.
  • Do we have a solution? YES but sure will be a challenging one. We need to finish the incomplete house of SANTI. In past, we started to build a home for SANTI but couldn’t finish building the house. If we can finish the house, surely we can take more children and help them better. This is the only way to solve this issue. So we have a new challenge to finish the house. We will be getting back to you later on this issue. I have attached the unfinished house picture.

Please keep donating for betterment of these children and help them to lead a good life. Also send this message to your friend and family to help these children.

Your thoughts are welcome and thanks again for your great heart to help these children,

Ashok Dandpat

Chairman, SANTI

All adopted children
All adopted children
Incomplete SANTI home
Incomplete SANTI home


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