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Sep 8, 2014

Running into a war zone

As our team gets ready for our trip to Lebanon in October and the region becomes more unstable, it’s interesting what goes through your mind and what your loved ones ask you to consider and reconsider.

When there we will be staying with families and visiting to the American Community school in Beirut and unnamed refugee camps daily, to work with the girls through our Elements of SUCCESS program, and help them to gear up for the Beirut Marathon of peace!

“In Lebanon there is one gunshot a year that isn’t part of a scene of routine violence: The opening sound of the Beirut International Marathon”

The girls in our program will also be participating in their own 5 and 10 K races! Because on this trip we have partnered with Sarah Jamison and Run4aCause who is helping us to fundraise and facilitate! We have connected with May Khalil the founder of the Beirut Marathon and will hopefully be interviewing her for our documentary series. Check out her amazing Ted talk here and learn about this amazing race!

Even though I understand why my loved ones are asking me not to go, once you have met girls living in real danger every day, who's circumstances would bring stinging tears to your eyes and you have heard their stories and seen all their shining possibilities, you realize how brave they are and how little we actually rick to help them!

If I knew that I could possible be raped on my way to the only water supply or toilet area in my township, if I knew that I would be grabbed teased and molested on my way to school each day that I left my slum village and was out of my parents sight, or if I knew that my fate was to get married at 13, even though my hearts desire was to go to school and become a teacher and support my family. I might not be able to do it! I’m not brave like that at all!

But I can certainly get myself on an airplane and deliver life altering tools and knowledge to girls who deserve for us to care, they deserve to be heard and acknowledged for how amazing they are and to have a light shone on their value and possibility in the world. 

With your help Global Sorority has been able to visit 6 different countries outside of North America, to bring self-esteem, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills and leadership education to girls, along with resources to help them stay in school.

Every time you make a donation to Global Sorority programming you enabling a fully volunteer staff to dedicate their time and sometimes risk their personal safety to reach a population of beautiful, inelegant, valuable human beings who hold the potential to change their lives, communities, and countries if we give them a fighting chance!

From now through September 10, a generous donor is providing a one-time, 100% match for all new recurring donations on GlobalGiving. Whether big or small, the gift you make today will have twice the impact.

So don't wait, double your donation and support a girl somewhere in the developing world to make a difference and change the world!


Tia Kelly 

P.S. Do you love to run? Stay tuned for your opportunity to run or walk with us the day of the race November 9th no matter where you are in the world you’ll get to add your miles to our campaign with your Fit Bit, Run Keeper or other tracking devises,  

P.P.S As a way to reach more women who care about making this world a better place I have produced a speaker series called Women Changing the World with 30+ dianamic speakers. If you'd like to check it out you can here

P.P.P.S We have a new website! it's still under some construction but please come check it out and say hi!:) 

always watching as we passed her house in the slum
always watching as we passed her house in the slum
Little girls feet
Little girls feet
Ruby finally up and hit her father with a pan.
Ruby finally up and hit her father with a pan.
The girls all got to choose their sock monkey
The girls all got to choose their sock monkey
Chances are she will be married in 12 more years
Chances are she will be married in 12 more years
worrier princess!
worrier princess!
"I did it myself" she said
"I did it myself" she said
Aug 20, 2014

Bring girls together to create change

Positive me dolls
Positive me dolls

As Global Sorority continues to grow, it's our goal to offer more opportunities for girls right here at home. 

It is true that in the developing world many girls don’t have the same opportunities or access to education and equal rights as girls in the united states have, but we’ve seen that girls are suffering here in very real and tangible ways that society has been ignoring.

We look across the globe and see women forced to wear burkas, not being allowed to go to school, girls going missing in India before they are even born, girls being married before they are grown and girls being kidnapped from their schools. These events are all tragic and Global Sorority works hard to support girls in all of these places around the world, but we don’t want to look so far away that we miss girls right here who are suffering from, eating disorders, sexual objectification in the media, they lack confidence and are starting to self harm in alarming numbers. This shows up in way of cutting, substance abuse, and other risk taking behaviors.

Girls all around the world can benefit from our programming and it will ripple out far and wide when a girl right here finds her confidence, her voice and her passion to make a difference. We want girls here to gain the tools and inner resources that it takes to become a great leader so that she can continue on in helping girls around the world to have the same! 

With your continued support Global Sorority would like to start its first US chapter in San Diego California and partner them with a sister chapter in Mexico.

Bringing girls together from around the world to create sustainable change for us all!

Jun 24, 2014

Bringing Leadership education to girls and peace for Lebanon

Let’s give girls in Lebanon an opportunity to shine and bring their communities together in peace!

Each year the country of Lebanon holds the Beirut Marathon of peace, when thousands of runners from 49 countries come to participate and show their support for the idea that running can be much more than a flight response to war.

Right now there are an estimated 915,145 refugees from the Syria living in Lebanon, a country that has always been torn between ongoing conflicts in the region. 

We are bringing Global Sorority’s Leadership education course to Lebanon in partnership with the American community school, Run4aCause and the Beirut Marathon.

We will be delivering leadership education to groups of young women as well as giving them an opportunity to run in a 10k race in conjunction with the Marathon

You can help make this all possible by participating in GlobalGiving’s Youth Spark donor matching event on June 25th starting at 9:00 AM PST or 12:00 PM EDT.

Each dollar you donate to global sorority’s education and community fund will be matched at 100% That’s right! Your donation gets doubled! So we can help twice as many girls find the confidence inside themselves to lead a brighter future. Please set a reminder in your calendar or log in early because matching funds will run out quickly

Gaining these leadership skills and internal tools will be an empowering and life-changing opportunity for the young women you support. But running in this race will also boost their self esteem, and make a loud statement that girls can do anything they set their minds to!

In Lebanon and some other parts of the Middle East girls actually have equal access to education, (progress worth celebrating!) Although education alone is not having as much of an impact on society as would be imagined. What is missing from the equation is a girl’s ability to see herself as equal and capable of contributing alongside her mail counterpart. 

“In Lebanon, for example, women make up 54% of university students, but only 26% of the labor force and 8% of legislators, senior officials and managers, according to the United Nations Statistics Division.” 

“Although women have found opportunities in all fields, few have achieved senior positions in their fields. For example, women comprise 90 percent of the workforce in banks but account for only 19 percent of bank general and assistant general managers”

Leadership development is a key component to girls actualizing their educations and contributing their strengths and abilities to their own society in ways that build on stability and economic security.

If we want peace and stability in the world, we believe women need to step into rolls in their societies in a more collaborative way and co-create the solutions for peace. 

Every dollar donated to Global Sorority goes toward delivering high quality and comprehensive leadership education to girls in parts of the world that most need it. We are an all volunteer staff and work tirelessly to make your contributions count! 

Thank You!

PS. To learn more about the Beirut Marathon and it’s bridge to peace, check out the attached inspiring link.


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