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To promote and bring about amicable change, emphasise togetherness and co operation amongst individuals in order to bring about a positive transformation of the community and as a result reducing ignorance, poverty levels, conflicts and corruption within the society, as well as introducing a healthy and manageable society within the state, and ensuring sustainable environmental management.
Feb 7, 2014 i come again

A blessed New Year 2014 to all our donors friends and well wishers.  Thank you for your support through 2013. 

After an interesting year of travel abroad and training, One offer to kick start the new year is already in. I am expected to attend a 6 week (3 Modules) traning at the trade policy training centre in Africa, Arusha Tanzania. It is always a ajoy for me to take time off and go to different places and network for the Foundation. I will be delighted to go if conditions and circumstances allow. I have attached the admission to the training course. I hope i get a comfirmation for the scholarship soon. I can onl go if am given full or partial scholarship. 

It is very important to take part in these rainings because i benefit alot from the exposure. It is equally imprtant for me to attend because i represent the Foundation and talk about what we do and stand for whenever i find myself. It is for this reason that i am grateful for whatever help you can extend to this project more so if i am given a partial scholarship and need to fork out something. I am always willing to make the time and attend. I I am also happy to apply what i have learnt from the training to my work and organisational context. I am grateful for your help. 

Happy 2014 Once again

Jan 14, 2014

Happy New Year to Our Donors

Happy New Year to all of you our donors, friends and well wishers. Thank you for making 2013 possible and we look forward to your continued support.

About 8 months ago, Kilembe Community came to a standstill because of the floods that devastated the area. It is good that the violent floods that devasted the are took place in the early hours of the morning. Had it not been like that, Kilembe Community would have lsot many lives in just a single sweeping. 

The floods were terrible, the pictures say it all. Some three people lost their lives and houses were swept away. All these negative consequences had a bearing on people's lives and day today activities. What is most unfortunate is that, it is the less fortunate who were grosssly affected. Like they say, time is the best healer. The survivors have since moved on and with help from different corners of the country, the community is coping again. The hospital is operational but would still do with some help, the schools are open again and the infrastructure like roads, running water and electricity have since been worked on by the government. The challenge however remains, there are people who lost everything and can still benefit from your support. The best example of these are the old women who sell food stuff in the local market and support their families. They need some business capital to get themon their feet again. Kindly help us achieve this objective with your support. 

On a brighter note, i have attached two picrures, both showing the same area, one taken immediately after thefloods and the other showing the same area during the road works. There is definitely a ray of hope. It is our sincere hope that you continue to support this project so that we can empower those that were affectd by the deadly floods.

Best Wishes of the New Year once again. 

Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

It is true, the year 2013 is gone and i would like to welcome our well wishers, friends and donor to the New Year 2014. We are so grateful for your support, generosity and kind contributions towards our project in 2013 and request that you keep the support coming through the New Year. We are begining the new year on a high note and are looking forward to your continued support. 

The project did not achieve much in terms of donations and work done BUT we are happy that our first beneficiary is happy and comfortable in her home and forever grateful for the assistance. One of her grand children had a baby boy on the 21st December 2013, another addition to the family and that was always going to happen. It is very difficult for these old grand mothers to look after their orphaned grandchildren and provide for their basic need and before you realise it, as the children grow older, they tend to fend for themselves, albeit the hard way. And while we are of help to the family, we can not do everything for them, the more reason why we thought that giving them a home and keeping them together was of main interest, and yes, they are all in the house we provided for them. 

We have managed to put together the donations that we received in 2013. We are planning to spend the money on doing some finishing work on the outside of the structure. The metals in the pillars are naked because the house was not properly finished. Tha plastering work on the outside was not finished and so was the verandah. We can handle one of these at a time at our own pace and the available resources and complete this job. In the meantime, we are fundraising for the remaining two homes. These old women need our help and support because of the circumstances they are in. I pray you help us achieve this objective. 

I have attached a picture of the Old home and the House that replaces it, the new house highlights some of the unfinished work that we are hoping we can start on in 2014.

I thank you once again. Kindly keep the support coming. 

I wish each one of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014

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